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Hardware Acceleration of Header Field Extraction
Polčák, Libor ; Martínek, Tomáš (referee) ; Kořenek, Jan (advisor)
Most network devices need to obtain specific packet header fields belonging to different network protocol headers for correct functionality. This work aims to create an efficient unit capable of application-specific packet header analysis and data extraction. The proposed unit deals with protocols used on L2, L3, and L4 layers of ISO/OSI model including tunneled protocols; it is possible to specify protocols which are to be supported. Data analysis is based on right linear grammar transformed to finite automaton. Hardware acceleration has to be exploited in order to achieve data processing of all traffic exchanged over high-speed networks. Using FPGA technology it is possible to achieve both fast and configurable data processing. The designed unit is able to process data on up to 40 Gbps networks. On-the-fly configuration of extracted header fields is supported.
Parser and Validator of Data Models in YANG Language
Vican, Pavol ; Kekely, Lukáš (referee) ; Kořenek, Jan (advisor)
Computer network administrators need tools for configuration and monitoring of network devices. Therefore, NETCONF protocol was designed for remote devices configuration and YANG modelling language which describes the structure of the configuration data. The aim of this thesis is to extend the libyang library with syntax parser, that processes models written in YANG and stores them into internal structures. This parser is generated by bison and flex tools.
Use of Photovoltaic Power Plant with Batteries for Warehouse and Office Spaces
Kořenek, Jan ; Vojtek, Martin (referee) ; Mastný, Petr (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the photovoltaic power plant in Zlín. Power plant is used for electricity supply of office building and stock. For better self-sufficiency there is designed battery system as storage for electrical energy which the object can not consume itself. In the theoretical part there are described development of photovoltaics and components used in power plants. Further there was described the building, construction of photovoltaic power plant and eventually also a subsidy program by which the project was financially supported. Main task in the practical part was to develop scripts in Matlab for evaluation of online measured data. Next point was an energetic evaluation of power plant operation. In the end there was calculated power plant return with subsidy support and without support. These calculations were done in PV SOL software. Eventually, there was evaluated how the system works and how the power generated by the photovoltaic power plant is used. In conclusion, there is summary of the measurements and calculations.
Time Synchronization in Computer Networks
Matoušek, Denis ; Kořenek, Jan (referee) ; Martínek, Tomáš (advisor)
The master's thesis deals with design of a solution for time synchronization in computer networks that is a crucial problem of many network applications. Based on analysis of protocols for time synchronization, PTP protocol was chosen as an appropriate candidate. The thesis describes the implementation of the design for a special network interface card and demonstrates features of the solution in several tests. A part of the solution processing precise timestamps was implemented in FPGA chip on the network card while PTP messages are processed in a software application. Values of configurable parameters of the application were determined based on analysis of the network card properties and results of particular tests. It was achieved accuracy in order of tens of nanoseconds.
Hardware Accelerating of Encryption Algorithm
Hradil, David ; Martínek, Tomáš (referee) ; Kořenek, Jan (advisor)
The goal of this thesis is to design a hardware realization of circuit which will implement the AES algorithm. A motivation was to make an acceleration against the classic software encryption. The acceleration is achieved by special designed parts of the circuit, which correspond to particular operations of the AES algorithm. First, there was necessary to design the circuit. In the next step there was a need to describe the designed circuit by the VHDL language. Then the circuit was simulated and synthesized. Due to comparing the circuit with software processing a software implementation was created. Both implementations were created for the FITKit platform. The hardware implementation is made by the FPGA technology and the software implementation is realized in a microcontroller. The result of the thesis is almost one thousandfold acceleration against the classic software encryption.
Library for Fast Network Traffic Processing
Vokráčko, Lukáš ; Viktorin, Jan (referee) ; Kořenek, Jan (advisor)
This thesis is focused on time-critical operations in context of computer networks. Processed operations are packet classification, specially one-dimensional classification, longest prefix matching using binary search on prefix length and TreeBitmap, pattern matching using Aho-Corasick, regular expression matching and packet header analysis and extraction. Purpose of this work is to design API for library implementing these operations. Implementation speed of these operations is measured on Intel and ARM platforms.
Comparing Speed of the Modern Systems for Regular Expression Matching
Trávníček, Jan ; Kořenek, Jan (referee) ; Kaštil, Jan (advisor)
This thesis describes how to compare the speed of modern tools for regular expressions matching. To compare the speed of each tool is used set of regular expressions from the Snort - Intrusion Detection System, which are specified in the PCRE notation. These regular expressions are evaluated by difeerent tools and the results are compared with each other. In this work is also solved difeerence between mathematical and practical perspective on the term of regular expression and transfer Perl regular expressions in POSIX regular expressions.
Distributed Processing of IP flow Data
Krobot, Pavel ; Kořenek, Jan (referee) ; Žádník, Martin (advisor)
This thesis deals with the subject of distributed processing of IP flow. Main goal is to provide an implementation of a software collector which allows storing and processing huge amount of a network data in particular. There was studied an open-source implementation of a framework for the distributed processing of large data sets called Hadoop, which is based on MapReduce paradigm. There were made some experiments with this system which provided the comparison with the current systems and shown weaknesses of this framework. Based on this knowledge there was created a specification and scheme for an extension of current software collector within this work. In terms of the created scheme there was created an implementation of query framework for formed collector, which is considered as most critical in the field of distributed processing of IP flow data. Results of experiments with created implementation show significant performance growth and ability of linear scalability with some types of queries.
The Analysis of Databases Suitable for IoT Environment
Kohout, Petr ; Vrána, Roman (referee) ; Kořenek, Jan (advisor)
In recent years, the volume of data stored in applications of all types has increased. As the volume of data grows, the demands on databases increase. The classic relational databases are no longer suitable. Therefore, it is switching to new, non-relational storage (called NoSQL). During this work, NoSQL databases focusing on processing large data volumes were analyzed and compared for their performance and system requirements. In addition, requirements for new sensor data storage for IoTCloud project were specified. Driver for database Cassandra was implemented and integrated into the IoTCLoud project.
Street Lighting Control
Kořenek, Jan ; Krbal, Michal (referee) ; Štěpánek, Jaroslav (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals in a theoretical part with the origin of the light, his features and lighttechnical quantities. There are also characterized light sources, which are currently most used to control street lighting. There are further described basics of the street light and currently most used ways of street lighting control. Further part of this thesis is focused on practical control of different types of light sources and monitoring their parameters, such as luminous flux, power, efficiency or correlated colour temperature during voltage reduction. These light sources are high pressure sodium lamps, halogenid lamp, fluorescent lamp and high pressure mercury lamp. Main conclusion from measurements are several cross characteristics, where is possible to monitor behavior of the parameters during voltage reduction. The last part concerned about practical street lighting control in Bezděkov, which is a village located near Havlíčkův Brod. There was connected the dimmer. On the street was created net of points according to the standard. In these points were measured illuminance for voltage 230 V and then for lower voltages 210 V and 190 V. These values were processed and average and minimum value was compared with the value defined in the standard.

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