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The term accident in Benjamin Bratton's book The stack
Malecha, Matěj ; Šlerka, Josef (advisor) ; Koubský, Petr (referee)
Matěj Malecha, Akcident ve Stacku Abstract (in English): The master thesis explains the notion of "accident" in the book The Stack: On Software and Sovereignty by Benjamin H. Bratton. First, it identifies suitable mental models within the fields of complex systems theory, philosophy of technology and theory of information. The models inform subsequent analysis and interpretation of the Stack showing that Stack's accidentality (1) is an inevitable consequence of the functional principle of digital technologies, and that (2) the accidentality differs qualitatively depending on whether it manifests at the level of a layer or within the whole. The last part examines how Bratton's remark that the book is a design brief, and the fact that the Stack is not used solely by people affects the role of designer.
The Influence of Copywriting on E-mail Newsletters Effectiveness
Malecha, Matěj ; Klabíková Rábová, Tereza (advisor) ; Shavit, Anna (referee)
This bachelor's thesis describes the influence of copywriting on email newsletter effectiveness. The theoretical part is dedicated to circumscribing the role of copywriter, specifying the value of copywriter's work and summarising available linguistic means for producing commercial texts. Given the interdisciplinary character of the topic, the thesis is mainly based on literature covering topics such as theory of communication, creativity research, linguistics, rhetoric, e-mail marketing and professional literature for copywriters and marketers. At the beginning, copywriting is set into the context of theory of communication followed by a brief description of the creative process and linguistic means strengthening persuasive effect, such as stylization, arguments and rhetorical figures. Specific recommendations adapted from professional literature are supplemented with the available findings of the scientific studies that tested them. In the last section of the theoretical part, the developmental process of commercial communication is described in seven steps. The practical part examines the hypothesis that the texts written by a copywriter are more successful in satisfying given goals than those written by an amateur. The case study at the end includes an interpretation of the results of two split...

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1 MALECHA, Matyáš
1 Malecha, Martin