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The use of numerical representations in processing of nucleotide sequences
Košíček, Adam ; Maděránková, Denisa (referee) ; Kubicová, Vladimíra (advisor)
Conversion of DNA sequences for appropriate representation is important task before initiation of analyzes and further processing. The main goal of this work was to get familiar with types of numerical and graphical representations and their application for DNA analyzes. In consideration of great volume of methods and procedures, only a few were chosen for this work. Some methods can not be classified only as numerical or graphical representations, because of option allowing them to be converted into both of these representations. These methods were classified as graphical representations. Phylogenetic trees were programmed for chosen methods to compare its precision. Outcome of this work is summing up the results.
Pozitive and negative selection of mitochondrial genome
Svoboda, Matěj ; Škutková, Helena (referee) ; Maděránková, Denisa (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with positive and negative selection detection in mitochondrial genome of invertebrates and vertebrates. The component of this paper is to interpret the theory of evolution and evolution models. The main objective of this bachelor thesis is to formulate the algorithm package for a positive and negative selection detection in a program environment, RStudio. Consequently, outcomes of algorithm are compared to values acquired by tool PAML.
Fourier transformation for exon prediction
Rusina, Michal ; Škutková, Helena (referee) ; Maděránková, Denisa (advisor)
In this bachelor thesis there are described the methods of the prediction of exon. The first part is aimed at the difference between the prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms, the description of the DNA structure and the explanation of the terms exon and intron. The second section of the theoretic part includes four methods of the prediction of exons namely dynamic programming, neural networks, hidden Markov models and discrete Fourier transform. In the practical part there was created the program called Predikce_exonu that searches exons in nucleotide sequences and works on the principle of the Fourier transform. This algorithm together with 3 freely available programs was tested on 25 sequences and the success of their prediction was described by sensitivity and specificity.
Direct assembly of genome signals from nanopore sequencing
Karmazinová, Inna ; Maděránková, Denisa (referee) ; Sedlář, Karel (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to search for overlaps between signals from nanopore sequencing using MinION device version R9. The theoretical part deals with methods used for genome assembly - greedy algorithm, overlap-layout-consensus (OLC) and de Bruijn graphs. Oxford Nanopore Technologies introduced the MinION device, which simplifies sequencing using the current change, which occurs while the DNA is passing through the nanopore. The error rate of the device is still high, the accuracy problem occurs during the base-calling. Using the difference signal, possibly also the dynamic time warping, it is possible to find overlaps between the individual signals. Signal analysis and genome assembly using the MinION signal could provide better accuracy.
Methods for phylogenetic supertree reconstruction
Kosíř, Kamil ; Maděránková, Denisa (referee) ; Škutková, Helena (advisor)
The Phylogenetic reconstruction has seen great development in the last 30 years. Computers have become more powerful and more generally accessible, and computer algorithms more sophisticated. It comes the effort of scientists to reconstruct the entire tree of life from a large amount of phylogenetic data. Just for this purpose are formed phylogenetic supertrees that allow the combination of all information gathered so far. The aim of this work is to find a method to construct supertree that will give correct results.
Bioinformatics of human genome
Kupková, Karolína ; Provazník, Ivo (referee) ; Maděránková, Denisa (advisor)
Bachelor thesis deals with DNA segments containing only adenine and guanine. The theoretical part describes the structure and composition of deoxyribonucleic acid, chromosomes and genes. There are basic informations about chimpanzees and the human genome and conformations of the chains containing adenine with guanine. The practical part consists of a program that searches for the required sections in sequence, it displays and saves it. The thesis includes analysis of genes which are common for humans and chimpanzees, which were analyzed to determine randomness, functionality a preserving of these sections.
Analysis of biological significant substances
Maděránková, Denisa ; Rychtárik, Milan (referee) ; Roleček, Jiří (advisor)
Selected methods of Raman spectroscopy, like surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy and single molecule Raman spectroscopy, are described in this diploma work. The basis of two methods for numerical modelling of optical properties of micro- and nanoparticles are prefaced. The methods are Discrete Dipole Approximation and Finite Difference Time Domain. Micro- and nanoparticles are used in surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy and other nanospectroscopic methods. Further, the main instrumentation needed for Raman spectroscopy is described. The first part of experimental section of this work is numerical modelling of photonic nanojet that occures behind dielectric microparticles. This phenomenon leads to a new technique of confocal microscopy with Raman spectra measuring. The second experimental section contains results of Raman spectra measurement with beta-carotene and surface-enhanced Raman spectra of beta-carotene in silver-sol solution.
Whole genome alignment using suffix trees
Klouba, Lukáš ; Sedlář, Karel (referee) ; Maděránková, Denisa (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to create an algorithm that allows the alignment of the genome of two organisms by means of suffix structures and to implement it into the programming language environment R. The thesis deals with the description of the construction of the suffix structures and the methods of whole genome alignment. The result of the thesis is a functional algorithm for whole genome alignment by means of suffix structures implemented in the software environment R and its comparison with similar programs for the whole genome alignment.
Detection of car accident and collapse by Android smartphone
Repčík, Tomáš ; Ronzhina, Marina (referee) ; Maděránková, Denisa (advisor)
Bachelor thesis “Detection of car accident and collapse by Android smartphone” describes theoretical basics of a collapse and a car accident. With help of 23 volunteers, data has been collected from daily tasks, simulating collapses and driving. Based on that a model with capability to classify a car accident was created. The detection of collapse uses neural network with accuracy of 86 %. The detection of car accident uses accelerometer and GPS. To indicate the car accident a high acceleration created by the accident and absence of moving car is required. Next, the application was tested by all available data and by the volunteers in daily life, who used the application for 520 h.
Methods of DNA tandem repeats analysis
Havlík, Kryštof ; Sedlář, Karel (referee) ; Maděránková, Denisa (advisor)
This work clarifies basics of the repetitive DNA and evaluates thee tandem repeats finders, which are accessible to public free of payment. Second part describes an algorithm used for searching tandem repeats, based on converting DNA string into numerical signal. Then follows signal processing using short-time Fourier transform, formation of spectrogram and analysis for evaluating position and content of repetitive areas. Result of this work is comparison of outcomes provided by public accessible programs with results of created program and review of advantages and disadvantages.

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