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Analysis of biological significant substances
Maděránková, Denisa ; Rychtárik, Milan (referee) ; Roleček, Jiří (advisor)
Selected methods of Raman spectroscopy, like surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy and single molecule Raman spectroscopy, are described in this diploma work. The basis of two methods for numerical modelling of optical properties of micro- and nanoparticles are prefaced. The methods are Discrete Dipole Approximation and Finite Difference Time Domain. Micro- and nanoparticles are used in surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy and other nanospectroscopic methods. Further, the main instrumentation needed for Raman spectroscopy is described. The first part of experimental section of this work is numerical modelling of photonic nanojet that occures behind dielectric microparticles. This phenomenon leads to a new technique of confocal microscopy with Raman spectra measuring. The second experimental section contains results of Raman spectra measurement with beta-carotene and surface-enhanced Raman spectra of beta-carotene in silver-sol solution.
Modelling of ion currents of isolated heart cells
Mrázek, Jiří ; Šimurda, Jiří (referee) ; Rychtárik, Milan (advisor)
Bachelor alaureate work features us to the problems simulation ion current insulated heart sentinel node. Is articulate to the four capitol, where first chapter implies historical evolution simulation actions on membrane cell. Alternative chapter deal with metering these actions, describes method imposition tension, impressed current plus resulting method "path clamp." Last two chapterstreat of simulation actions on membrane cell, toto everyone mock - up was created user's environment GUI in programme MATLAB 7.6.0 (2008a).
Neural networks and evolutionary algorithms
Vágnerová, Jitka ; Rychtárik, Milan (referee) ; Hrubeš, Jan (advisor)
Objective of this master's thesis is optimizing of neral network topology using some of evolutionary algorithms. The backpropagation neural network was optimized using genetic algorithms, evolutionary programming and evolutionary strategies. The text contains an application in the Matlab environment which applies these methods to simple tasks as pattern recognition and function prediction. Created graphs of fitness and error functions are included as a result of this thesis.
Detection of cardiac cells in microscopic image
Musikhina, Ksenia ; Hrubeš, Jan (referee) ; Rychtárik, Milan (advisor)
This work is devoted to problem of detection of cardiac cells in microscopic picture. All possible means of preprocessing and segmentation were considered with the aim to choose the most suitable method for further classification. Different methods of classification were be testing: method of objects attributes and classifier based on neural network. As a result was obtained the number of living and dead cardiac cells and percentage of them. The electivity of classification methods was calculated by sensitivity and specificity. The user’s interface was created for improvement of clearness classification in MATLAB environment.
Analysis of EEG signal using principal component analysis (PCA)
Walczysko, Martin ; Vítek, Martin (referee) ; Rychtárik, Milan (advisor)
In the beginning of the bachelor’s thesis is dealt with the measurement of EEG signals in the laboratory of Department of Biomedical Engineering at FEEC BRNO and following processing in programming environment Matlab. The aim of the thesis tries to demonstrate the analysis of EEG dates using the principal components analysis. There are shown the using possibilities for reducing the dimension of input’s dates. It is considered the lay-out of electrodes, the duration of recording or existing artifact. There is also conducted a study of highlighting the abnormalities contained in EEG in order to easier detection. In the end are outlined the possibilities of using the ICA for analysis of EEG and eventually for removing unwanted artifacts.
Measurement of the respiratory sounds
Gottvald, Martin ; Rychtárik, Milan (referee) ; Kolář, Radim (advisor)
Respiratory sounds measurment This thesis deals with respiratory sounds analysis and measurment using digitalizing measuring cards and LabView environment. The anatomy of respiratory system is described, including each of its fractions and disturbances related to the respiratory system. The design of respiratory sounds amplifier is described, but wasn´t used considering the interferences of measured signal caused by the power-line frequency which results in substantial distortions. That's why, the previously recorded respiratory sounds were used for analysis in Matlab. The measuring program was designed in LabView, which alows signal recording from using acquisition card input and further processing.
Evalution of Frequency-Admittance Characteristics from Meausured Patch Clamp Data
Podhorský, Jiří ; Kičmerová, Dina (referee) ; Rychtárik, Milan (advisor)
The goal of diploma these is ‘Calculation of frequency-admittance characteristics from measured patchlamps dates’. Calculation is made on the basis of study of mentioned problematic measure ion current cell membrane by patch-clamp method and its using for measure frequency-admittance characteristics. After it selected method of calculation was realized in software calculator Matlab.
Map of terrain lighting in GIS
Blatný, Michal ; Rychtárik, Milan (referee) ; Čížek, Martin (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis describes fundamental terms in lighting and deals with street lighting intensity measurement. The text describes an outline of the future work focused to comparison of the measured values with ČSN EN standards using GIS.
The Measurement of Isolated Cardiac Cells Conctraction and Their Viability
Kaválek, Ondřej ; Provazník, Ivo (referee) ; Rychtárik, Milan (advisor)
The master´s thesis deals with research of viability and contraction measurement of cardiomyocytes. The work is divided into two main areas – theoretical and practical part. Theoretical part is aimed at electrophysiology of cardiomyocytes. Practical part includes detection of contractibility based on eccentricity in program Matlab. For research of viability, were used several media for example DMEM and MPRI.
Pulse Oxymeter in LabVIEW
Fojtík, Tomáš ; Rychtárik, Milan (referee) ; Čmiel, Vratislav (advisor)
Topic of bachelor thesis is the design and implementation of a system for measuring blood oxygen saturation and heart rate measurements. Is used for scanning optical probe is made by hand and amplifier made on a universal printed circuit board . The measurements used measuring NI USB card 6221. Custom design program is being implemented in the programming environment of LabVIEW Version 8.2

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