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G Suite at Universities: Possible Benefits and Risks
Macek, Martin ; Haupt, Jaromír (referee) ; Ellederová, Eva (advisor)
Cílem této bakalářské práce je popsat a porovnat informační systémy čtyř českých univerzit, konkrétně Vysokého učení technického v Brně, Masarykovy univerzity, Univerzity Tomáš Bati ve Zlíně a Mendelovy univerzity v Brně. Práce se zaměřuje na celkový vzhled a design popsaných informačních systémů, se zaměřením na organizaci, přehlednost a navigaci mezi moduly a aplikacemi systémů. Navíc se bakalářská práce zaměřuje na konkrétní moduly informačních systémů, zejména na rozvrhy, emaily a zprávy, úložiště souborů a systémy řízení výuky – tyto moduly jsou analyzovány a hodnoceny studenty daných univerzit v praktické části práce. Dále práce analyzuje a popisuje Google Aplikace, jejich bezpečnost a soukromí a praktická část také zjišťuje užívání Google Aplikací v osobní a univerzitním životě. Práce rovněž diskutuje a soustředí se na synchronizaci a konverzi informačních systému s G Suite vyplývající z výsledků kvantitativního výzkumného šetření.
Automatization of User’s Data Backup in Danaher Motion s.r.o. Company
Macek, Martin ; Duroň,, Jiří (referee) ; Kříž, Jiří (advisor)
This Bachelor thesis focuses on creating centrally managed application, which will be deployed on client’s laptops and workstations of all employees of Danaher Motion s.r.o. company in Brno. Its main purpose is to automatically backup email archives of Microsoft Outlook application represented by PST data files to a network storage equipped by hard drive fault-tolerant system called RAID. The application is created in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition C# environment.
Species diversity of vascular plants in alpine vegetation of the Western Carpathian mountains on different spatial scales and its connection to soil pH
Anderlová, Nikoleta ; Sklenář, Petr (advisor) ; Macek, Martin (referee)
Alpine regions are hotspots of species diversity and are therefore at focal center of scientific interest. The research aiming to understand the influences and patterns that shape this unique environment, is complicated by mulitple metodological issues stemming from unclear definitions of used terms as well as the existence of various methodological approaches and their constrains/limitations. The breadth of the topic of species diversity, which can be viewed from multitude of perspectives, is also adding to complications. This work summarizes the most important information in available literature and addresses important correlations and trends in environmental variables and species diversity of alpine meadows in the areas of Malá Fatra, Nízke Tatry, Roháče, and Belianske Tatry. At the center of attention is the widely accepted theory of higher species richness in areas with basic, calcareous substrates compared to areas with acidic, silicate substrates in Europe. To confirm this theory at different spatial scales in alpine environment, hierarchical sampling was chosen. A total of 96 samples containing data on the presence/absence of plants and relevant environmental factors, including pH measurements, were obtained. The structure of these data was visualized using ordination techniques such as PCA...
Summary Research Report
Brůna, Josef ; Wild, Jan ; Hederová, Lucia ; Klinerová, Tereza ; Macek, Martin ; Urbanová, Renáta
The result has mainly a documentary and supporting role for further use of the main result - the microclimatic map. It documents the conditions of its creation and contains other valuable data. The research report will serve as a basis for evaluating the impact of microclimate on forest regeneration, protected species and forest habitats.
Influence of understory light on diversity and composition of forest vegetation in the České Středohoří Mts.
Macek, Martin ; Kopecký, Martin (advisor) ; Černý, Tomáš (referee)
Light is essential component of forest ecosystem, as limited light availability in forest-floor restricts herb and tree seedlings growth. Importance of light availability for maintaining plant species diversity and community structure wasn't sufficiently evaluated in the Czech Republic. This study focus on the ecological relevance of light availability on both landscape and local scale. Relationship of light to cover, diversity and species composition was quantified in the thesis. Dominant tree species affected light availability and its spatial variability. Light availability was along the soil reaction and slope most influential factor for large-scale species diversity. Within-site light variability affected plant diversity more than soil reaction variability. Measuring light by means of hemispherical photography seems to be an appropriate for studies like this. Light availability influnence on community compostition is weak in comparison with other environmental gradients.
Population dynamics of cushion plant Silene acaulis in the High Tatras
Krchová, Emma ; Münzbergová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Macek, Martin (referee)
This diploma thesis is studying population dynamics of endangered species Silene acaulis in the High Tatra Mountains in Slovakia. Silene acaulis is a species of extreme alpine habitats creating cushions that provide a microclimate acting as a facilitator of establishment of other species in the alpine communities. This dome-like structure has one woody taproot making it easier to distinguish each individual. It is thus a perfect model species for determining the population dynamics drivers. The findings help in understanding future behaviour of the species and whole alpine ecosystems. Population data have been collected since 2013 or 2014 in two valleys in the High Tatras providing a database suitable to study various effects on species performance. Data collection includes marking, measuring, counting of flowers and capsules, viability and new seedlings recording, gender identification and comparison of vegetation structure within and in close proximity of a cushion. The data on vegetation were analysed using CCA ordination and the population data were analysed using Integral Projection Models. The results show that the breeding system of Slovak S. acaulis is gynodioecious and the gender affects the size of cushions, individuals with both female and hermaphrodite flowers being the biggest. The...
Methodology of microclimate measurement with TMS microclimate stations
Brůna, Josef ; Wild, Jan ; Hederová, Lucia ; Klinerová, Tereza ; Macek, Martin ; Urbanová, Renáta
The methodology of microclimate measurement contains procedures for creating a representative network of stations on the examples of networks installed in the area of the Šumava National Park. It also deals with procedures for correct data acquisition and processing. The methodology will enable the NP Šumava Administration to continue data acquisitions from the newly created network after the end of the project, or to facilitate the creation of their own network for the study of other research questions.
Methodology of processing hemispherical photographs
Brůna, Josef ; Wild, Jan ; Hederová, Lucia ; Klinerová, Tereza ; Macek, Martin
The methodology of processing hemispherialc photographs is a complex set of activities, starting with the creation of an image with a fish-eye lens, image editing in graphic editors and ending with analysis in specialized software. The obtained data indicate the amount of radiation falling into the undergrowth and the method of processing affects their quality. The procedure developed by the GIS and Remote Sensing Department of BU CAS integrates methods from various programmes into a script in R.
Patterns and processes in spatial distribution of plant species across scales
Macek, Martin ; Wild, Jan (advisor) ; Lepš, Jan (referee) ; Zimmermann, Niklaus E. (referee)
In this thesis, I aimed to identify factors shaping plant distribution at different spatial scales, correlate them with environmental heterogeneity, identify causal processes and test general hypothesis on the nature of response curve shapes and species richness patterns. General review of the topic is introduced in the first chapter, followed by five chapters presenting three already published studies and two manuscripts. The first study deals with processes responsible for creation of fine-scaled spatial pattern of spruce seedlings and saplings, emerging after bark-beetle disturbance in mountain spruce forest. Aggregated pattern, replicating previous generation of spruce trees, emerges in consequence to microsite-dependent mortality, as was surveyed through repeated monitoring of the fate of individual seedlings. The second study explores spatial variability in forest understory temperatures at the landscape scale and its relevance for understory plant distribution. As the main source of variability in understory communities we identified seasonal maximum temperatures. Using GIS modelling approach, we created spatially continuous prediction, which outperformed state-of-art climatic grids used currently by ecologists. The third study on the shape of species responses along elevational gradients...

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