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The Abandoned Settlements in the District Bruntál (Physically Disappeared after the WW II) in the Context of the Development of the Landscape Structure
Mašíček, T. ; Peřinková, V. ; Vavrouchová, H. ; Lešková, A. ; Kovařík, David
The article deals with the issue of the the landscape structure change in a place of abandoned settlements in the district Bruntál from 1945 to the present.
Krajinárska štúdia vybraného územia
Lešková, Andrea
This landscape study focuses on the recreational potential of the cadastral area of the town Lipany, east Slovakia. The work assesses the recreational potential of the place according to methodology Bína (2010) and according to methodology of Carbol (2010). Next, according to analysis of the place, the work defines its values and problems. The next part of the work is to propose changes in the study landscape consisting of several concepts taking into account the urban and demographic development as well as sustainable development of the area defined by three pillars. The individual elements of the proposed changes in the country are polyfunctional, they do not only increase the recreational potential of the area, but they also increase ecological stability, production potential of the country, protect and revitalize the values of the area and eliminate identified problems in the area. The proposed changes are described in detail, some of them are also simulated in visualization. Next, it is then re-evaluated recreational potential of the area, taking into account the proposed changes in the country, which shows that the potential increases of one degree in both methodologies. Proposed landscape design of recreational area near polder is elaborated in detail. The aim of the work is also to improve marketing, which consists of a draft of brochure describing the most interesting places and values of the contry.
Conclusion of education at primary school - Project of pupils from 9th class ZŠ J. K. Tyla
Lešková, Andrea ; Kasíková, Hana (advisor) ; Vincejová, Eva (referee)
The topic of this thesis is the completion of compulsory education at elementary school. The goal of the theoretical part of this thesis is detailed description of specifics which relate to 9th grade. It can be useful to teachers who are, at the moment, teaching this grade and could help them to realize all the factors that influence their work. They might also find some new options how to improve their work. The practical part of this thesis is focused on a case study of project that is realised at Elementary School Josefa Kajetána Tyla, Písek. It is the 9th grade student's prom. The main focus is on what are the students learning, whether and how it influences their teaching and what does organizing this kind of event entitles.
The Gradebook and its Change over Time
Lešková, Andrea ; Kasíková, Hana (advisor) ; Tvrzová, Ivana (referee)
8 Abstract This thesis is focused on a characteristic of a gradebook. The purpose is to find out when it was imposed to schools in the Czech republic, whether it is legislatively provided, what kind of structure does it have, how is it used and what new trends are there. The benefit of this thesis is compacted view on a gradebook which consist of the characteristic of the first gradebooks from 50's which were used in the Czech republic and for comparison there is also a characteristic of a gradebook on 2014/2015. Next, there is a chapter about evaluation in the gradebook. The thesis contains a summary of questionnaires to understand the opinios of children, teachers and parents in gradebooks. Key words Gradebook, electronic gradebook, student evaluation, functions of gradebook, history of gradebook

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3 Lešková, Andrea
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