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An Interactive Simulator for Data-flow Graphs
Kovařík, David ; Smrčka, Aleš (referee) ; Charvát, Lukáš (advisor)
Data-flow graphs are often used by hardware designers. Such graph representation is also very useful for performing deeper analysis of a design (including functional or formal verification). Simulator presented in this thesis is a support tool for verification environment HADES. The goal of the simulator is to decrease necessary time and increase quality of the verification process. To perform a simulation efficiently, a specific simulation algorithm which saves computation time by eliminating redundant evaluations has been introduced. The simulator is equiped with several output interfaces connected to a single simulation core. One output interface provides direct simulation output in text format. The second is also textual, but allows user to control the simulation. Finally, the third forms a graphical interface that visualizes simulation results.
Automatic Template Pattern Recognition
Kovařík, David ; Lengál, Ondřej (referee) ; Šimková, Hana (advisor)
Spam se typicky nevyskytuje ve formě samostatných zpráv, ale často bývá sdružován do takzvaných kampaní. Ty bývají automaticky generovány pomocí šablon. Díky tomu jsou jednotlivé zprávy sémanticky, ale ne syntakticky, ekvivalentní. Cílem práce je navrhnout algoritmus schopný z množiny zpráv jedné kampaně zpětně extrahovat šablonu, ze které tyto zprávy byly generovány. Práce se zaměřuje na spam v SMS komunikaci, ale navržené postupy jsou dostatečně obecné pro širší použití. Algoritmus je postaven na metodě zarovnávání dvou sekvencí, používané v bioinformatice pro nalezení podobných oblastí proteinových řetězců. Výstupem je regulární výraz popisující šablonu dané kampaně. Součástí řešení je také nástroj pro vizualizaci šablony pomocí HTML.Řešení bylo ověřeno na přibližně třech stovkách skutečných kampaní z celého světa. V naprosté většině případů je poskytnutý výsledek postačující pro identifikaci kampaně.
Information System Selection
Kovařík, David ; Pezlar,, Zdeněk (referee) ; Koch, Miloš (advisor)
The thesis focuses on the selection process and the implementation of the new information system (hereinafter "IS") in a manufacturing company. This is achieved by detailing characteristics of all individual phases and steps of the selection and implementation processes in the context of one appointed company. The characteristics analysis identifies key factors which need to be managed well by the company in order to accomplish a desired outcome. The thesis also includes a generic and coherent framework and it concludes with a comprehensive proposal which can be used as a tool for a successful selection and implementation of the new IS.
Architecture and Art
Horáková, Alžbeta ; Kovařík, David (referee) ; Hora, Jan (advisor)
The aim of the project is a new art gallery of the town Litomyšl. This proposal reflects on the characteristics of the site and comes with a solution for a gallery as a place where the visitor connects with the artist as well as with a town itself.
Draft of Optimization of Web Application for B2B
Kovařík, David ; Weirich, Pavel (referee) ; Řešetková, Dagmar (advisor)
The purpose of this thesis is to design optimization of a webpage application designated for the B2B sector, which should improve a user experience in a significant way. A user experience issue was solved by analytical activities oriented on the webpage of The results of the analysis were supplemented by a qualitative research. The result of the bachelor thesis is a design of optimization of particular aspects of a user experience. The design implementation should improve the webpage quality from the point of view of a user experience and also bring the benefit of 10% increase in users of the service offered on the webpage. Moreover, the final design of this work is generally applicable for a large variety of Czech and foreign webpages.
Heterogenous block
Konopka, Pavel ; Kovařík, David (referee) ; Hora, Jan (advisor)
The subject of this project is development of municipal housing on the western edge of Louny. It dives into the context of living in a small town and aims to provide a more efficient alternative to the current urban study on the same area. The project deals with the special relations between apartments and the street and their scale. It originates from smaller units and composes them into larger parts, from special conception and individual apartments to an urban plan. The result is a hundred of apartment units in a compact structure that has a human scale and highlights the values of neighbourhoods and public spaces.
The Abandoned Settlements in the District Bruntál (Physically Disappeared after the WW II) in the Context of the Development of the Landscape Structure
Mašíček, T. ; Peřinková, V. ; Vavrouchová, H. ; Lešková, A. ; Kovařík, David
The article deals with the issue of the the landscape structure change in a place of abandoned settlements in the district Bruntál from 1945 to the present.
The Second Life of Extinc Settlements in Moravia and Silesia (Taking into Account the Jeseníky Mountains)
Kovařík, David
The article deals with the issue of the current form of the extinct settlements in Jeseníky Mountains, where have been attempts to revive defunct villages and settlements that had to be eradicated between 1945 and 1989 for various reasons.
In the Name of Socialism, in the Shadow of the Monarchy: Post-War Monument Care in Central Europe
Bachtík, Jakub ; Johanidesová, Tereza ; Uhlíková, Tereza ; Giustino, Cathleen ; Sklenář, Michal ; Novotný, Michal ; Mahringer, Paul ; Lövai, Pál ; Spikić, Marko ; Janatková, Alena ; Meulen, Marcus ; Horáček, Martin ; Gaži, Martin ; Furkert, Alf ; Kovařík, David ; Radostová, Šárka
The collection of studies on the history of post-war monument care is based on the international conference Monuments and monument care in Czechoslovakia and other Central European countries during the second half of the 20th century, which took place in the spring of 2021. Selected contributions by authors from the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Croatia or Hungary map the institutional development of monument care in the countries of the former Habsburg Monarchy, a significant part of which was located on the eastern side of the Iron Curtain. The book thus offers not only a valuable comparison of the various systems of monument care within Central Europe, but also unusual material on the history of post-war European totalitarianism.
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Presentation of Extinct Settlements in the Czech Borderlands in Exhibitions and Museum Expositions
Kovařík, David ; Bednařík, Petr ; Nosková, Helena ; Vavrouchová, H. ; Peřinková, V. ; Mezerová, Ľ.
The methodology deals with the topic of extinct settlements in the Czech borderlands after 1945 and the possibilities of their presentation in exhibitions and museum expositions.
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