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Functional languages compiled to JavaScript in practice
Mladý, Lukáš ; Bruckner, Tomáš (advisor) ; Kosek, Jiří (referee)
The thesis focuses on functional principles applied in front-end application development. The main goal is to analyze applicability of functional language Elm in practice, in comparison to contemporary JavaScript that builds on React and Redux libraries. The goal was attained through analysis and comparison of JavaScript and Elm in regards to their architecture and support of real-life front-end application development. Main contribution of this thesis lies in comprehensive analysis and overview of front-end development using JavaScript and Elm. It offers strong argument for using Elm in practice today. It also fills a gap in BroadcastChannel API support in Elm using a dedicated package. The text of this thesis begins with a functional principles support analysis in JavaScript. Next, it describes the most used functional languages compiled to JavaScript, including their applicability by JavaScript developers. Then it compares front-end architecture of both JavaScript and Elm followed by a real-life development experience analysis. The thesis concludes with a practical implementation of a package that fills in for missing BroadcastChannel API support in Elm.
Processing image metadata in XSLT/XQuery
Šubrt, Matěj ; Kosek, Jiří (advisor) ; Vojíř, Stanislav (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with how to obtain information from image formats, especially those that use Exif specification for storing metadata, which offers a lot of information about the image. The work focuses on creating a library that gets these meta-data from the image using XSLT, XQuery and XPath. A simple application/transformation is also part of the work, which can extract the metadata from the enclosed images and display them to the user.
Inserting mathematical expressions into web pages
Šímová, Hana ; Kosek, Jiří (advisor) ; Sklenák, Vilém (referee)
This paper explores the current state of display of mathematical expressions on web pages. Identifies the languages that can be used to display mathematical expressions on webpages. The goal is to find out the ways in which mathematical expressions can be entered on the web. It also deals with the identification of advantages and disadvantages of individual insertion methods and individual languages. The thesis deals with the comparison of individual ways from the point of view of load speed, rendering appearance and usability when transferring to an environment other than web site. It also deals with inserting math into web pages for users who do not have knowledge of any of the languages.
CSS and options of print output
Dařílková, Jana ; Kosek, Jiří (advisor) ; Hradil, Jiří (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the possibility of using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) for printing XML documents. The first part of the thesis describes the basics of XML language, DocBook scheme, the issue of stylistic languages including illustrative explanations of how the languages work, it also includes the presentation of possible ways how CSS can be used for printing. Then it defines features of paged media and focuses on using Cascading Style Sheets for printing paged media with the CSS Paged Media module. Last but not least, the thesis discusses CSS preprocessors and their potential contribution to this work and it devotes a careful focus on the selection of tools for the practical realization of the objective of the thesis. The second part of the thesis deals with the practical use of the CSS Paged Media module for printing and it aims to create an easily editable CSS style sheet for formatting different documents written in DocBook. For meeting these requirements it also uses the CSS preprocessor LESS. The whole practical part is also presented and accomplished on the creation of this bachelor thesis. The third and final part of the thesis identifies the areas where CSS or other used tools struggle with providing sufficient support for creating quality printed output.
Comparison of native XML databases in terms of XML data management
Čižinská, Martina ; Palovská, Helena (advisor) ; Kosek, Jiří (referee)
The basis of my work represents a research focused on the problematic of native XML databases. The main goal is to draw comparison between the selected database systems in a sphere of user control and management of XML data. Database products are tested via XMark benchmark test using its XQuery queries and testing XML data. Final comparisons and recommendations for use are based on the concluding evaluation and findings. The results of research may improve orientation in solved problematics. They could help with the selection of a suitable database product to store XML data.
Automatization of the digitization workflow of the National Library of Technology
Řihák, Jakub ; Kosek, Jiří (advisor) ; Římanová, Radka (referee)
This diploma thesis is focused on the automatization of digitization workflow in the National Library of Technology, Prague, Czech Republic. This thesis examines possibilities of digitization processes automatization by means of scripts written in Perl programming language and Apache Ant build tool. The advantages and disadvantages of both solutions are analyzed as well as their suitability for automatization of digitization workflow. Based on the comparison of both solutions, the scripts in Perl programming language are selected as the most suitable solution for automatization of digitization workflow. The question whether Ant build tool could be used for the purpose of automatization of digitization workflow is also answered in this thesis. The Ant build tool could be used for the above-mentioned purpose. However, once the activities in the given process divert from the general scope of tasks provided by the Ant build tool, the complexity of the whole solution increases rapidly. This complexity is given by the necessity to use predefined tasks -- sets of functions which have to be combined to create a functional automatization script. Even though Ant is an extendable tool, it is necessary to understand the Java programming language in order to create a new Ant task successfully. On the other hand, the Perl programming language allows easier customization of the script for the purposes of automatization of digitization workflow. Also, the modularity of the Perl programming language makes it easier to create those scripts and modify, correct or develop them even further.
Responsive Web Design
Němec, Milan ; Kosek, Jiří (advisor) ; Šubrta, Václav (referee)
This thesis deals with responsive web design, i.e. a method of creating web pages, which are adapted to device. The goal is to describe primary principles and introduce technological options of its creation. The described principles are discussed through exemplary source code and illustrations. Flexible grid, media queries and flexible images are the three basic pillars. The approaches of creating pages with mobile first and desktop first are two different strategies used in formation responsive pages. Responsive web design seems to be an appropriate method of building web pages intended for the mobile devices and desktops, against creating multiple version of web page for different devices.
CSS layout possibilities in contemporary browsers
Mladý, Lukáš ; Kosek, Jiří (advisor) ; Hassman, Martin (referee)
This thesis describes CSS layout possibilities and practical utilization in contem- porary browsers. The goal is to explain the specifics of layout modes and show how they should be used. The techniques are briefly discussed and introduced through exemplary source code and illustrations. Flex layout and grid layout se- em to be the best fit for modern multi-device web and they ought to replace older float layout and table layout. We can provide older specification's functionality in older browsers without direct support by using JavaScript polyfills.
CSS and print output options
Honomichl, Jiří ; Kosek, Jiří (advisor) ; Dudáš, Marek (referee)
Bachelor's thesis deals with the possibility to print HTML and XML documents using cascading style sheets. The first part is devoted to CSS what exactly CSS is and how to use them for printing, and the issues and the basics of XML. The second part consists of a practical side to create easily customizable Cascading Style Sheets for formatting documents in DocBook. The third and final part identifies areas where Cascading Style Sheets offer insufficient support for quality print output.
Technical solutions of payments for wireless network access
Kučera, Matěj ; Kosek, Jiří (advisor) ; Kalina, Tomáš (referee)
Topic of this bachelor thesis is paid WiFi networks and their technical payment solution. The first chapter deals with the various payment methods that can be used for connection to a paid WiFi network. There are described advantages and disadvantages of different payment methods, problems in their implementation. The second chapter describes several ready-made solution that can be purchased as a complex solution for paid WiFi network. There are compared their features, functionality and price. In the third part, which is the practical part, there is described design and implementation of the payment procedure in Hotel WiFi network, operated by the Network Department of the University of Economics, Prague, at all accommodation and recreational facilities of this organization, in order to give the reader a complex demonstration of how the implementation could look like. This part describes the situation before creating the Hotel network, the basic requirements for this network, its design and the final solution from a technical perspective and from a perspective of a paying customer.

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