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Parent-children incest behaviour and its' consequences
Beschornerová, Eliška ; Kuncová, Lucie (advisor) ; Bártová, Klára (referee)
This bachelor thesis reviews studies investigating incestuous behaviour between parents and their offspring. The first part of the thesis deals with the definition of incestuous behaviour - i.e., which individuals and what behaviour is involved- and the prevalence of incestuous relationships between father and daughter and between mother and son. Next, the factors of incest prevalence are discussed, including the overall characteristics of families where incestuous relationships occur and the individual characteristics of the incestuous father and mother. Subsequently, based on the presented factors, the basic types of incestuous relationships are described - functional type, accidental or disorganized type, pathological incest, incest through object fixation, and psychopathic incest. The paper also discusses the consequences of incestuous behaviour, which could be divided into three groups: relational imbalance, increased risk of intergenerational incest, and traumatic neurosis. Finally, the thesis concludes by describing the psychological mechanism that prevents incest behaviour, the so-called Westermarck effect. Keywords: incest, prevalence of incestuous behaviour, Westermarck effect, types of incest, father-daughter incest, mother-son incest, consequences of incest, sexual abuse
The role of imprinting-like effects and social learning for persistence of variability of iris and hair color in European population
Joudal, Lukáš ; Kleisner, Karel (advisor) ; Bártová, Klára (referee)
In bachelor's thesis I deal with the influence of various factors on the color of hair and eyes of the European population. In Europe, many still find blond and light eye colour population despite there is much darker colored populations. Here are some of the mechanisms causing maintain high polymorphism in the European population. The first part of bachelor's thesis focuses on a brief description of the structure of the European population. The thesis also discusses the genetic determination of hair and eyes, its diversity and the differences of the population from the populations of Asia and Africa. In the next section, we discuss the emergence and spread of recessive alleles light eye color a blonde in Europe, particularly northern Europe. The following is a description of the mechanisms influencing the propagation and conservation of recessive alleles. In the penultimate chapter describes the relationship between the morphology of the face and eye color, and the last chapter summarizes the effects mentioned in the previous chapters and their effect on the length of the relationship between partners.

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