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Culture of the Bulgarian minority in the Czech Republic in relation to the majority Czech population
Lindová, Jitka ; Dvořáková, Markéta (advisor) ; Stracený, Josef (referee)
Title: Culture of the Bulgarian minority in the Czech Republic in relation to the majority Czech population This thesis inquire into the signs of Bulgarian culture in the Czech republic, presents options and limits of its implementation in focus to interaction of Bohemian a Bulgarian cultural settings. Final discourse combines author's theoretic knowledge with empiric perception of Bulgarian community. The main emphasis of thesis is represented by overreach of cultural territory and historical contacts to contemporary reception of different ethnic minority. Importance of ethnic cultural activities support and urgency of cultural knowledge spreading are also referenced in the text below. Keywords: Bulgarian culture, Czech culture, Czech-Bulgarian relations, ethnicity, intercultural dialogue
Reference vocalization in African grey parrot (Psittacus erithacus)
Brojerová, Jana ; Lindová, Jitka (advisor) ; Policht, Richard (referee)
The ability to communicate referentially has been historically viewed as being uniquelly human. However, with the increasing amount of studies discussing the communicative faculty of animals in the context of the evolution of human language, there is now growing evidence that this ability is present in many animal species, too. Although we know a lot about mimetic abilities of domesticated African grey parrots' (Psittacus erithacus) and their competence to use human words in a referential way, we know very little about the elements of referentiality in their natural vocalization. Our goal in this work was to find, whether and in which context is functionally referential vocalization in this species of birds present. We were determining its presence by the experiment, in which we have exposed four captured African grey parrot, in the ownership of FHS UK Prague, to stimuli that in other animal species usually elicit functionally referential vocalization: predators and prefered type of food. We analysed the behaviour and vocalizations of the tested birds by analytic softwares Interact, respectively Soundforge 0.8. We find out, that despite the fact that birds reaponded to our experimental objects appropriatelly (i.e. "predators" caused more fear and the like), they give the major amout of...
Methods of measurement of intelligence in adult subjects
Chvátalová, Veronika ; Flegr, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Lindová, Jitka (referee)
In my work I focus on intelligence testing in adult subjects. The work aims to introduce to the readers six intelligence tests that might be administered both individually and in a group. Besides intelligence tests measuring complex intelligence abilities I would like to mention also a partial test measuring nonverbal abilities. Characteristics, structure and description of tasks will be specified for each test as well as psychometric properties and usage. Advantages and disadvantages of each test will be evaluated in the end. Where possible, I present also the usage of each test in the Czech Republic or in Europe.
Influence of latent toxoplasmosis on intelligence of infected subjects
Chvátalová, Veronika ; Flegr, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Lindová, Jitka (referee)
There remain inconsistencies in the literature concerning the intelligence of subjects infected with latent toxoplasmosis. The main goals of this work are to find out whether, a) latent toxoplasmosis influences the intelligence of infected subjects and b) whether Rh negative and Rh positive subjects respond to the infection in different ways. In this work we used a complex test of intelligence, The Structure Intelligence Test I-S-T 2000 R. We were able to statistically control for the confounding variable the size of the place of residence in childhood. This had benefits when compared to previous studies. The differences in intelligence were measured in students of The Faculty of Science. The sample used included 46 toxoplasma-infected and 188 toxoplasma-free individuals. Using nonparametric tests we found lower numerical, fluid and general intelligence in toxoplasma-infected subjects compared to noninfected subjects. In addition, these tendencies were also observed in the results of parametric tests. Further to these components of intelligence there was also found to be a lower component of numerical knowledge in toxoplasma-infected males. By contrast, no differences between infected and noninfected individuals was found to occur in the female test subjects. No statistically significant...
Dominance and Submissiveness in Diverse Social Roles
Habešová, Tereza ; Klapilová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Lindová, Jitka (referee)
Dominance and submissiveness in diverse social roles T. Habešová, K.Klapilová Faculty of Humanities, Charles University, U kříže 8, Prague 5, 150 00 Dominance as a stable personality trait of an individual is tested by a series of personality tests (eg, Cattell 16PF). But if we understand it as a variable describing the hierarchical superiority of an individual in a social interaction, we find that it may vary in different social roles. Monitoring the connection of dominance as a personality trait with dominance in relationships is an unexplored area due to the fact that there are not many standardized methods how to determine the dominance in a romantic relationship. The aim of our study was to 1) verify that the degree of dominance as the personal characteristics of an individual corresponds to his dominance in a romantic relationship and 2) find out the spheres of dominance in partnership based on qualitative analysis of interviews with both partners In the final session of longitudinal research of cohabitation (Klapilová et al. 2006 - 2009), 86 pairs completed a set of standardized questionnaires that was used to determine their personal dominance and dominant behaviour (IPIP- International Personality Item Pool; NEO-PI-R- subscale of assertiveness). Dominance/ submissiveness in a partnership were...

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