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Influence of Steering Wheel Holding Techniques on Length of Driving Maneuver
Kašpar, David ; Kadula, Lukáš (referee) ; Mikulec, Roman (advisor)
This master’s thesis deals with the position of the hands on the steering wheel and its impact on the driving manoeuvre time. In the theoretical part, the correct sitting position of the driver, his seat and steering wheel settings were described. Furthermore, the analysis of the initial positions of the palms on the steering wheel was carried out as well as the positions that are recommended for quiet driving on the highway. These positions were analysed in terms of the ability to turn the steering wheel and to provide a range of turning in given positions. For the experimental measurements, a questionnaire for the passenger vehicle drivers was created. The responses were evaluated to construct the most common hand positions on the steering wheel. From the selected positions, test drives were conducted to determine the required time for manoeuvring or the time required for change of hand positions on the steering wheel to perform the manoeuvre.
Analysis of durability and costs of monolithic milling and drilling tools
Kašpar, David ; Osička, Karel (referee) ; Kalivoda, Milan (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the durability of different types of monolithic drilling and milling tools made of high-speed steel and sintered carbide. The theoretical part deals with durability, possible types of wear of monolithic drilling and milling tools and related circumstances. The practical part examines the durability of different types of tools for drilling and milling, their comparison in terms of cost and productivity of machining and their impact on production costs in the production of a simple part.
The role of cultural cummunity centres for local development
Švandová, Andrea ; KAŠPAR, David (advisor) ; ŠKOCHOVÁ-BLÁHOVÁ, Olga (referee)
This Master's thesis named "The role of cultural community centres for local development" examines the local culture facility's part in development potential in given area. The theoretical part of this thesis deals in general with the significance and the part culture plays in sustainable development within both academic and political realm as well as it offers terminology of problems mentioned in this thesis. The conclusions of the theoretical part are practically verified and proofed on a particular example of cultural and community based facility in Prague using a case study method.
Cultural policy of Prague
Rundová, Kateřina ; JEŽEK, Vlastimil (advisor) ; KAŠPAR, David (referee)
This thesis follows mainly approach of the city of Prague to culture and cultural policy. Part one contains mainly the definition of culture, specifics of Czech environment a culture as public service. It follows approach since 2000 to today, from the view of strategic documents and its effects on culture, culture funding and advocacy.
Cultural Policy for Busking and Public Art
Kunc, Jiří ; KAŠPAR, David (advisor) ; SULŽENKO, Jiří (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with a wide field of performing arts in the public space, the so-called busking, in relation to two main lines of thought - partly to the barriers for implementation of activities, across cities; second, to the cultural development policies within the region. Collected theoretical knowledge and practical experience (eg from historical development of urban communities, studies of numerous legislative documents, cultural development policies, the author's own research, numerous observations and interviews with the artists themselves and with representatives of institutions across the world which are setting up standards, analysis of obstacles to the implementation of activities in public space and more) which the author converts first in comparison of two cities - Prague in the first place, and London with a model approach to artistic activities in public space in the second, and than in a series of specific recommendations for the creation of a standard, strategy and related legislation leading to the implementation of measures related to the topic of this diploma thesis within the capital city of Prague. The author works on the assumption that performing arts do belong to the public space, as they have the potential to improve the quality of life, to educate the people and substantially increase their creativity, to develop the potential of sites, to reduce crime, to generate economic multiplication and more.
Chio, U Ieong ; PROKOP, Petr (advisor) ; KAŠPAR, David (referee)
Tato diplomová práce se zabývá analýzou dokumentů Zvláštní správní oblasti Čínské lidové republiky - Macao v oblasti kulturní politiky za období od předání tohoto území zpět Číně do dneška. V první části se věnuje shrnutí současné společenské, ekonomické, politické a kulturní situace v Macao a na základě faktů a pozorování analyzuje současné otázky v oblasti rozvoje kulturního sektoru Macaa. V závěru se pokouší aplikovat do kulturního systému Macaa použitelné principy z kulturní politiky České republiky jakožto země s hlubokou kulturní tradicí. Práce se snaží nacházet rozdíly a podobnosti mezi situací a kulturní politikou České republiky a Macaa, a tato zjištění použít jako inspiraci pro rozvoj kultury v Macao.
ATI and The Promotion of Czech Theater Abroad
Rainová, Zuzana ; KAŠPAR, David (advisor) ; PAŘÍZKOVÁ, Daniela (referee)
This bachelor thesis examines the presentation of Czech theatre abroad mediated by the Arts and Theatre Institute (ATI), the state-funded organization of Ministry of Culture. It aims to map the possibilities which are by the ATI. The first part of the thesis contains the abstracts of the state strategic document which supports the presentation of the Czech culture and theatre in the foreign land. The second part the thesis summarizes the activity of the ATI and the International Cooperation and PR Department whose aim is the presentation of the Czech theatre outside the country. The third part of the thesis is the information based on the practical experience of the ATI and Czech Centers employees as the organizers of the presentation, and the Drak Theatre and the Naïve Theater Liberec employees as the representatives of the puppet theatre regarded by the ATI as the “export leaders”.
Association of Idependent Theatres of the Czech Republic – Analysis and Description of the Current State
Bodoríková, Markéta ; KAŠPAR, David (advisor) ; PROKOP, Petr (referee)
The thesis is focused on newly established Association of Independent Theaters of the Czech Republic, officially using the abbreviation AND ČR. The aim of the thesis is to describe formation of the association, its current state, future plans and its functioning. The first part examines the term “independent professional theater” and briefly characterizes selected organizations from the Czech Republic and Europe with the potential to meet with the AND ČR in the cultural area in future. In the following parts were researched needs of independent professional scene in Prague and was described the needs analysis for the field of “independent” theater from the year 2013. The thesis describes the development of AND ČR, its activities up to current stage, organizational structure and future short-term plans. In the final part of the thesis, there is defined the management system of the association and established its possible improvements so the AND ČR would become the leading organization representing independent professional theaters in the Czech Republic.
Cultural support in Prague's districts
Mokrá, Jolana ; KAŠPAR, David (advisor) ; PROKOP, Petr (referee)
Diploma thesis ”Cultural support in Prague's districts” focuses on a current situation in municipal strategical management and support of culture in all Prague districts. The introduction emphasises the importance of each level of government in the management and support of culture through comparing specific cultural policies. The research is divided into two parts. First one depicts how culture is being understood on the municipal level and presents an overview of existing instruments for support and planning. The second part is focused on a few municipal districts that handle their culture policy with a particular strategy and consider it to be an irreplaceable part of a local development. The second part also examines what tactics and tools these municipal districts use for a realization of their strategic goals. In conclusion, this thesis proves why the role of the local official government is so important in the developement and implementation of culture.
Cultural Centres
Adolfová, Barbora ; PROKOP, Petr (advisor) ; KAŠPAR, David (referee)
This thesis is concentrated on cultural centres built between years 1960 and 1990 in the former socialist Czechoslovakia. Six cultural centres have been chosen and analyzed to conclude the purposes they serve as well as the programs they offer. These chosen cultural centres are run as municipal organisations financed from the town budgets. The six towns where they are located are similar to each other in terms of their history, size and the time when their cultural centres were built. All of these centres share difficulties with the lack of cultural interest of local citizens, bad technical shape of the buildings in question and low budget. The aim of this thesis is to compare the functioning of these six cultural centres and conclude whether being directly funded and influenced by the municipal councils has a positive impact and should serve as a model for cultural centres or should be replaced by a different one. It also focuses on cooperation between the management of cultural centres and municipal officials, cooperation with other local cultural institutions and cultural centres from different towns.

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