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Technology for a selected part
Pavliš, Jan ; Dvořák, Jaromír (referee) ; Sliwková, Petra (advisor)
The thesis convey the information about creation of technology for the production of a part assigned by the company Frentech Aerospace s.r.o. The teoretical part is focused on analysis to problematic of machining. The practical part describes production of given part now and proposal new production plan also with tool management. The conclusion of thesis is devoted to economical evaluation of both production plans.
Machining of rotating Body-part on CNC lathe
Dlouhý, Vít ; Dvořák, Jaromír (referee) ; Kalivoda, Milan (advisor)
This master's thesis is focused on the technology fundamentals of machining for the use of the CNC lathe which was used for machining the required parts are made of stainless steel. In the introduction are mentioned the historical milestones related to machine tools. In the following chapter is analyzed machining process and related fact. A follow-up chapter contains the parameters common to a modern machine tool CNC machines. Followed by the practical part with the characteristics of the machined components. The next chapter includes a selection of CNC lathe for production. Continued by selecting the appropriate cutting tool and adjusting the machine for the given component. They were applied a total of three variants of production with the subsequent evaluation. In conclusion, it became established fact, for example, the advantages of the shape tools or the use of more spindles during the machining.
Anglo-American culture and Czech society 1918-1938
Dvořák, Jaromír ; Šedivý, Ivan (advisor) ; Rychlík, Jan (referee)
The Diploma Thesis deals with an influence of Anglo-American culture upon Czech society in 1918- 1938. The main focus is dedicated to the Czech intellectual environment, which has accepted Anglo- American culture and spread it among general public. An importance of T. G. Masaryk to introduction of English philosophy at the Czech philosophical faculty is shown here as well as his support of Anglo- American culture in the time of establishing the Czechoslovakia. Famous Czech author K. Čapek is presented as an admirer of American pragmatism and his further relationship towards American culture is also shown here. A part of thesis deals with Čapek's well known travelogue called Anglické listy. Except of famous personalities, the importance of English department at Prague faculty of arts is also taken into account. The department was lead by the founder of Czech English studies Vilém Mathesius, whose linguistic and cultural studies are also presented here. The last part of thesis is dedicated to introduction of compulsory English language classes into secondary schools and to analysis of curriculum and text books.
Non-Dogmatic Marxism of 1950s and 1960s in the Czechoslovakia (Karel Kosík a Milan Machovec)
Dvořák, Jaromír ; Hauser, Michael (advisor) ; Rybák, David (referee)
a zkoumá vliv tohoto myšlení na jejich stěžejní díla následující dekádě. V let, ve kterém se formovaly osobnosti a myšlenky obou autorů. tehdejším Č Kosíkovo a Machovcovo myšlení. V závěrečné části práce jsou nastíněny také filozof podněty přicház které autoři postupně včlenili do
Design of MRZ / Messerringzerspaner blade carrier design
Mecová, Kamila ; Sliwková, Petra (referee) ; Dvořák, Jaromír (advisor)
The aim of the thesis is focused on the proposal of a new technological procedure of the blade carrier for use in its own production. Currently, the carrier is manufactured by the German company B.Maier Zerkleinerungstechnik GmbH. The work includes several parts. The first part deals with the component itself, its function and importance, as well as its function in the assembly and the whole machine. In the next part the technological procedure of the blade carrier production is created. Fleet of machines including the necessary tools is also designed. In a separate chapter there is an economic evaluation of the proposed solution in two different variants, a subsequent evaluation and a proposal for implementation.
Production of a hunting knife by cutting technology
Ventruba, Petr ; Dvořák, Jaromír (referee) ; Kalivoda, Milan (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the machining technologies used in manufacturing of a hunting knife. First part contains theoretical analysis of methods which were used in designing, creating a technology process and final manufacturing.
Manufacture of a fork for automatic tool changing of CNC machines
Dvořák, David ; Dvořák, Jaromír (referee) ; Kalivoda, Milan (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the manufacturing of tool change forks from the tool magazine of Mikron 1150U. By this method several pieces would be produced for Chotěbořské strojírny a.s. due to save money. At first fork would be introduced and economic point of view, then this thesis would be focus to production of a 3D model,compilation of a technological procedure and manufacturing trial piece. Manufactruing is made by 3-axis machining centre Mikron VCP800. In the end the trial part would be checked and evaluated.
Production and sharpening tools produced on CNC tool grinder
Zdařil, David ; Zemčík, Oskar (referee) ; Dvořák, Jaromír (advisor)
The aim of the thesis is to analyze the production of tools on CNC tool grinders. The work includes the introduction of a production machine, a brief overview of monolithic tools and grinding wheels. The most important is the practical part, which is focused on the physical preparation of the tool with suitable geometry for the given application and its subsequent sharpening, the last part is devoted to the economic evaluation of the tool production.
Design and manufacture of an engraving LED laser
Adam, Tomáš ; Slaný, Martin (referee) ; Dvořák, Jaromír (advisor)
The thesis deals with the evaluation of achieved parameters of unconventional machining methods and their current use in practice. In addition, the design and construction of the prototype of the laser engraving device is carried out. Several tests are performed on the device and are compared with similar devices after evaluation. The entire construction is designed so that no special equipment is needed and the construction could be done in each workshop.
The design and manufacturing process of an injection mold
Stančík, Jan ; Dvořák, Jaromír (referee) ; Kalivoda, Milan (advisor)
Bachelor thesis deals with the topic of plastics injection. Firstly, it deals with the design process of the injection mold, which starts with the design of the injection molding product, with the design of the gating system and depending on the suitable forming of the core and cavity and suitable placement of the ejecting elements. After designing the injection mold design, the work is focused on the TPV documentation for the selected part of the mold assembly. Here are solved technological parameters and machining operations, assignment of machines and tools. In the last part of the thesis, an injection machine is selected depending on the calculations. Finally, an economic assessment is made on injection molding and discussion.

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