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Strategies for closing the gender pay gap Case of California, Luxembourg and the Philippines.
Asiegbunam, Anthonate Chiamaka ; Angelovská, Olga (advisor) ; Jusić, Mirna (referee)
Strategies for Closing the Gender Pay Gap Case of California, Luxembourg, and the Philippines. Asiegbunam Anthonate Chiamaka 19080653 Equal Pay for Equal Work. It's Common Sense. It's Also Overdue. Let's Close the Gap and Let's Do it Now! - Joe Biden, President of the United States of America The gender wage gap is a global economic issue that has an impact on women worldwide. The most recent statistics show that women earn 16% less than men do globally, while this disparity can be significantly higher in specific areas. Despite the progress made in gender equality, the wage gap still exists because it is a product of deeply rooted inequities in society and the economy (Action Aid, 2023). This thesis conducts a thorough analysis of the strategies utilized to reduce the gender wage gap in three different geographic areas: California in the United States, Luxembourg in Western Europe, and the Philippines in South-East Asia. The goal of the study was to identify the key "actors" driving gender pay gap policies. It also examined the specific legislative measures taken to address the problem and compared regional variations in policy frameworks and implementation techniques. This is accomplished by employing the Advocacy Coalition Framework as a conceptual framework. The interviews' thematic analysis...
Multiculturalism Policy in Canada: Exploring the Dispute with Québec through Framing Analysis.
Hrynuik Breedon, Hannah Mae ; Jelínková, Marie (advisor) ; Jusić, Mirna (referee)
Multiculturalism has been an official federal government policy in Canada since 1971 and is strongly associated with the country. However, from its inception, it has been met with strong criticism and opposition in the predominantly French-speaking province of Québec. While the long history of French-English conflicts in Canada has been explored, there is a paucity of comprehensive literature that focuses on the resurgence of this particular dispute in the last decade. This period includes Québec's adoption of several new, high profile, and controversial policies and laws that mark a rejection of the federal policy. To help fill this gap, and develop a more specific and contemporary description of this dispute, this paper uses frame analysis as a lens through which to examine a range of sources including news articles, government documents, press releases, speeches and interviews. Through this analysis six frames used by federal and provincial actors are identified and discussed: "Unique Cultural Preservation", "Québecois as Dominant Culture" and "Provincial Autonomy" on one side; and "Cultural Diversity and Pluralism", "Accommodation" and "National Unity" on the other. The findings reveal that the dispute is rooted in a historic struggle for power between the province and the federal government...
Equity Policies in tertiary education: The Case of the Universidad Autónoma Chapingo, Mexico. Analysis from Public Policy Theories.
Medina Varela, Jesús Arturo ; Veselý, Arnošt (advisor) ; Jusić, Mirna (referee)
Despite efforts to increase enrollment and democratize public tertiary education in Mexico, educational inequality persists. Students from families with higher incomes remain the primary beneficiaries of tertiary education. The Universidad Autónoma Chapingo (UACH) is an exception to this trend, its equity policies have helped low- income and indigenous students access and succeed. Although there are reports and evaluations of these policies, no research explains why they were implemented at the UACH, especially when other public universities in Mexico took a more meritocratic approach. This study aims to fill this gap by examining the variables that led to implementing equity policies at the UACH. The research finds that the beliefs and ideas of the actors inherited from the history of the institution are the most significative explanatory variable. In combination with other factors, including stable parameters, external events, long term coalition opportunities. The study also highlights the leadership role played by a policy entrepreneur at the UACH and how his coalition implemented a unique approach to reform university admissions policies. The study shows that the success of equity policies at the UACH was not due to a single variable but a combination of circumstances, strategies, and access...
The Impact of Maternity Protection on Exclusive Breastfeeding: a Case Study of Ghana
Tofoatsi, Laura ; Hejzlarová, Eva (advisor) ; Jusić, Mirna (referee)
This study examines the impact of maternity protection on exclusive breastfeeding (EBF) among corporate mothers in Greater Accra, Ghana. Using the Gendered Organizational Theory as the conceptual framework, the study sought to identify the prevailing rate of EBF among corporate mothers and to assess the impact of the availability of breastfeeding facilities at their workplaces and the work from home practice on mothers' decision to practice six months EBF. An exploratory and descriptive research design was adopted, and data were collected through quantitative approach. A survey questionnaire which included both closed-ended and open-ended questions was administered to 53 working mothers. The data were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics and thematic analysis. The study results indicate that the rate of exclusive breastfeeding among employed mothers is not high, as per the definition established by the WHO and UNICEF. The study also found that the availability of breastfeeding facilities at workplaces has a positive impact on mothers' decision to practice six months EBF, as it increases their convenience and reduces their stress levels. Additionally, the study found that the work from home practice positively influences mothers' decision to practice six months EBF, as it allows...
A Study of The Chinese Government's Approach in Preventing Female Employment Discrimination in The Context of The Comprehensive Three-Child Policy
Huang, Zhaoming ; Jusić, Mirna (advisor) ; Kubátová, Hana (referee)
To ease the aging process of the population and change the situation that the fertility rate continues to decline, the Chinese government will adjust the two-child policy to the three-child policy in 2021. The implementation of the three-child policy can indeed release part of the reproductive potential, but childbirth will increase the employment cost of enterprises, which will lead to employment discrimination against women. My thesis is based on the comprehensive three-child policy. The main research problem is the Chinese government's handling of female employment discrimination and putting forward reasonable countermeasures to provide strong support for the Chinese government to deal with female employment discrimination. First of all, through the existing data, we can understand the current employment situation of women in China, and compare the employment situation of women with the employment situation of men. It mainly includes four aspects: high employment threshold, unequal pay for equal work, difficult promotion, and reduced maternity security. The reasons for the current employment discrimination of Chinese women are explained through Becker's model of individual discrimination. When the preference for discrimination is greater than the cost of discrimination, discriminatory behavior...
Taking care of an elder relative: options in Russia
Kuznetsova, Sofya ; Angelovská, Olga (advisor) ; Jusić, Mirna (referee)
The topic of care for seniors considers a variety of aspects related not only to the elderly people themselves but also to their relatives or other caretakers and, usually, to the institutions. Those are, for instance, the institutions providing long-term care at home or in special facilities. In the case of Russia, there are two main dimensions of long-term care for elderly people. The first option is care provided by the state, and the second one is private care provided by non- governmental facilities or by people not belonging to any company. The following thesis aims to research which options for elderly long-term care provided by the state are available for people. The paper consists of an introduction, theoretical framework, methodological part, analytical part, discussion, and a conclusion. Using familisation and defamilisation theory, this thesis investigates and analyses the elderly care options provided by the state in Russia via conducting document analysis. Keywords: elderly care, long-term care, elderly people, Russia
A Common Legacy, Divergent Paths: Understanding the Transformation of Post-Yugoslav Welfare States
Jusić, Mirna ; Nekola, Martin (advisor) ; Pickering, Paula M. (referee) ; Wildmannová, Mirka (referee)
Four countries that had once been embedded in a common welfare state, the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, have espoused different paths of institutional welfare transformation following Yugoslavia's dissolution. The author's PhD dissertation aims to understand the nature of the changes that have occurred in two welfare sectors (employment policy and family policy) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, North Macedonia and Serbia, over the last two decades, by looking at changes in the characteristics of welfare programs and their implications on the capabilities of beneficiaries, as well as the levels of stratification they yield within these societies. Moreover, its other aim is to understand why such differences in welfare transformation came about. To that end, the dissertation applies Kingdon's Multiple Streams Framework (MSF) to identify important conditions that have contributed to streams converging and the opening of policy windows that resulted in agenda change.

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