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Specifics of social service NZDM in children under 15 years.
BÍLÝ, Tomáš
The aim of my thesis was to define and describe the particularities and interdisciplinary connections of the social service of low-threshold facilities for children and youth (hereinafter NZDM) as well as evaluate their significance when working with children and youth at the low-threshold level. NZDM is a rather new social service operating in social prevention area. Since being incorporated into the social services´ system in compliance with Act No.108/2006 Coll. which has clearly specified the character and activities of NZDM service, it has been facing misunderstanding and questioning of its role and content both from the professionals and lay people. This regards namely the pedagogical aspect of the service as such, there has been an effort to reduce it, which hinders the NZDM workers´ activity and brings existential and financial insecurity. In contrast to other social services, NZDM service must therefore defend its position in the social services´ system and argue for its substance and sense. This paper also aims at this line of reasoning. The thesis is divided into four chapters where essential characteristics of the service are first presented as well as its roots and important milestones in its development including the insight into the multi-layered quality and particularities of NZDM. The second chapter covers the area of developmental psychology, or more precisely the target group of NZDM in the context of chosen developmental characteristics. The third chapter presents interdisciplinary connections in pedagogy, thus giving evidence of the significance of upbringing and education in NZDM. In the closing part of the paper, there is an attempt of the author to reflect the rigours and paradoxes in this environment, to defend the role of free-time activities and to draw attention to the risks related to narrowed and reduced approach to NZDM service.
Computational models of dendritic cell development
Štráchalová, Sára ; Bílý, Tomáš (advisor) ; Hartman, David (referee)
Computational modelling is gradually establishing its place in biology and medicine as a tool for research of systems and prediction of their behaviour. In this thesis we propose and analyze a simple compartmental model of the immune system and its responses, focusing on dendritic cells. These cells are an important component of the immune system that is crucial for initiation of the specific part of immune response. The analysis focuses on the types of behaviour and stability of the model. We compare our results with already existing basic model of the immune system. 1
Virtual laboratory for simulation of biological processes on membranes
Beneš, Martin ; Bílý, Tomáš (advisor) ; Hoksza, David (referee)
The purpose of this thesis is the creation of a virtual computer laboratory, where it will be possible to simulate and analyze the behavior on the biological cell membrane. The membrane and its surroundings are described as a hex-net with other chemicals and components that interact with each other. Depending on this distribution, it is possible to observe well-known membrane phenomena such as the amplification of the action potential. The simulation itself should show, that for the basic membrane-activity modeling, you only need a few basic laws of physics and chemistry.
Delta Compression
Kmeť, Peter ; Senft, Martin (advisor) ; Bílý, Tomáš (referee)
In this work I present an algorithm for the delta compression problem referring to e ective representation of changes, which occur in a modi ed version of the le with respect to the original le. The algorithm uses the method of searching a dictionary to replace repeating strings of characters by short references to their previous occurrence. These matches are located in both les. Common pre xes of strings are obtained using suffix arrays, potentially interesting alternative to other procedures. The solution is divided in couple of easily modi able modules and changes are stored in own le format. In the work results of used techniques are briefly discussed and possible improvements of the project are proposed.
Music manager
Sixta, Martin ; Bílý, Tomáš (advisor) ; Bálek, Martin (referee)
This Bachelor thesis describes a music manager program "Yamp"from the perspective of a software developer. The program Yamp is a graphical user interface application which can play audio files, view and edit metada information stored inside audio files, and enables to view additional information not stored inside audio files. The Yamp application can be categorized as a music player with collection management capabilities. The program is written in C++ programming language (with some parts written in plain C). It uses software libraries from the GNOME Desktop Platform, for audio playback is used the GStreamer library. The graphical user interface uses the gtkmm library. The application was tested by the author of the program. The thesis is split up in 5 chapters. The first chapter explains motivation behind the work along with summary of technologies and libraries used to develop the application. Chapter 2 presents overview of the most important technology used to develop the program. Chapter 3 describes installation process and usage of the application. Chapter 4 describes details of implemention and finally Chapter 5 sumps up experience obtained during development of the programn. The work also containes the software application itself, user's guide and application programming interface documentation...
Informational system for cooperation of small groups
Svoboda, Martin ; Bílý, Tomáš (advisor) ; Pergel, Martin (referee)
The main aim of this work is to implement concrete informational system for cooperation and information interchange within small working groups of users and to analyze all aspects which have exposed to be important during the development of this informational system. That means not only to design the structure of relatively complex program, but also to design main concepts of its behaviour and other features, which significantly affect functionality, which is then provided by the system to its users. For example it comprises the draft of user registration model, membership of those users in groups, multilevel hierarchy of user powers or managing user sessions. All those important models are discussed in this work and there are also analyzed their advantages and potential difficulties. The second part of this work contains the description of implementation of all interesting or important parts of the system. It means for example the mechanisms of database queries execution, generating universal paged listings, editing processes and inputs from users, working desktop layout or other functionality provided by the kernel, as well as the description of system sections such as Actions planning, Discussions, Inquiries etc.
Web information system for web reality brokers
Vávra, Štěpán ; Bílý, Tomáš (advisor) ; Karásek, Michal (referee)
Title: Estate agency internet information system Author: Štěpán Vávra Department: Department of Applied Mathematics Supervisor: Mgr. Tomáš Bílý Supervisor's email address: Abstract: The aim of this work is to explore the possibilities offered by the PHP language in combination with the Apache web server and MySQL database in order to implement a web application. This web should be able to compete with other similar applications on the internet, especially in the field of real estate, both by its functionality and graphic design. A significant part of the task should consist of the design of the application. Consequently, our objective was not to find and use the most suitable framework or other tools of support, such as content management system. The programming phase of the project was then done using the methods of Object oriented programming. Keywords: web application, PHP, XHTML, JavaScript
Cell shape simulation using cytoskeleton model
Horáček, Jaroslav ; Bálek, Martin (advisor) ; Bílý, Tomáš (referee)
This work is focused on computer modelling of cells' behavior. Emphasis is layed on simulating of cell shaping. The goal is to design theoretical structure, which suitably represents cytoskeleton of cell. Our model is based on Zygotic graph. It defines cell reactions to incoming stimulation from environment. Unlike previous models we newly add Fill graph and Granary graph to the Zygotic graph. In order to modelling of cell shaping we define membrane flexibility. We also define mechanism of Cytoplasmatic pulse. It is necessary for amoeboid movement modelling. We added new structure called Granary, which represents storage ability of cell. We use our model to simulate movement of amoeba cell. Another example shows white blood cell moving through blood vessel wall. We also attempt to simulate growth of cells inside closed environment.
Mariáš Card Game Trainer
Malý, Dominik ; Senft, Martin (advisor) ; Bílý, Tomáš (referee)
Mariáš is probably the most well-known and favourite card game in Czech Republic and despite this remains to be seen almost exclusively in our country. In this work we study the ways, how can this interesting game be implemented in the speech of ones and zeros typical for computers. This work also briefly describes the evolution of full information games solving algorithms, from old minimax to alfabeta pruning and my own adjusted negamax - algorithm for games without full information, using a more universal approach, which could be theorethically extended for all card games, whether existing or not.
E-learning system with support of VoIP
Mikuš, Vladimír ; Bílý, Tomáš (advisor) ; Mikula, Tomáš (referee)
The main topic of this bachelor thesis is implementation of e-learning system for interactive distance learning. System is dedicated to academic environment, but can also be applied for in-house employees education, so employees are freed from traveling to various education centers. Comparing to other solutions in e-learning market, application Melissa mainly differs in the indivifuual subjects' teaching process, so it is as close as possible to academic environment. Teaching itself is not realized solely by reading manuals on student's side, but also requires lecturer's attendance, who lectures given topic utilizing voice conference call and remote slide-shows. This method of on-screen data supplying is also less known by term "whiteboarding".

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