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Analýza chovu anglického plnokrevníka a výkonnosti dostihových koní narozených v letech 2006 až 2010
Janků, Michaela
The diploma thesis is focused on the history and current situation of Thoroughbred breeding, its use in racing and the characteristics of the racing system. The practical part contains an analysis of breeding in the Czech Republic between 2006 and 2010 and subsequent statistical evaluation of the factors such as sex, suffix, period (date) and year of birth, in relation to general handicap (GH) and earnings, in horses born between 2006 and 2010 in flat and steeplechase races. Horses that had shown up on the racetrack at least once were selected for the analysis and we tracked their careers from 2 to 10 years of age. The data were statistically evaluated in the STATISTICA programme. Statistically highly demonstrably lower profits have flat horses of Czech origin CZE (17 464 CZK) compared to FR (70 898 CZK) in 2-year-old horses. Also, the performance of Czech flat horses CZE (53,8 kg) is statistically conslusively lower compared to FR (64,6 kg), GB (65 kg), GER (62,3 kg) and IRE (64,3 kg). 3-year-old flat horses CZE (24 316 CZK) have statistically demonstrably lower profit than horses with suffixes GB (151 767 CZK) and IRE (115 628 CZK). Statistically highly conclusive differences were between horses CZE (52,2 kg) and horses of American origin USA (79,2 kg), GB (70,7 kg), IRE (70,9 kg) and GER (65,8 kg), statistically significant conclusively with Polish horses POL (61,1 kg). In the category of 4-year-old and older flat Czech horses, geldings (56,2 kg) had statistically more performance than mares (53,3 kg) at 4 years of age. The birth year had an impact on the performance of 5, 6 and 7 year-olds, with statistically significant differences in 5 year-old horses between the years 2006 (62,4 kg) and 2010 (50,2 kg), 2007 (59,3 kg) and 2010, 2008 (58,8 kg) and 2010. When evaluating the results of 3-year-old and older Czech obstacle horses, we found a statistically conclusive difference in gender performance between 4-year-old, 5-year-old, 9-year-old and 10-year-old horses. Statistically conclusively differed the gain of mares and geldings in 4 years – mares (59.1 kg), geldings (62.2 kg), then in 5 years – mares (60.7 kg), geldings (63 kg). 9-year-old mares (59.6 kg) had lower performance than geldings (67.7 kg), in 10 years geldings (70.9 kg) again had higher performance than mares (56.2 kg). The effect of sex on profit was statistically different in 9-year-old horses, where the difference between mares (CZK 27,818) and geldings (CZK 107,965) was significant. 10-year-old geldings (CZK 119,285) had statistically more demonstrably higher profit than mares (CZK 5,782).
Zhodnocení vybraných vlastností náplní laserových tiskáren
Janků, Michaela
The diploma thesis in the theoretical part focuses on legislation of elektrowaste production, technology printing, total production laser printers and composition toner powder. In practical part is carried out on the composition of cartridges, the dry matter content, organic carbon, total gross and elementary toner powders of different manufacturers of printers. As a result of the work by evalution basic descriptive statistics that are shown in the diagrams. In conclusion, the results are assessed for possible example of toner powder.
Marketing activities Euromedia Group in 2011-2013
Janků, Michaela ; Halada, Jan (advisor) ; Ježková, Tereza (referee)
The aim of the thesis "Marketing activities Euromedia Group in 2011-2013" is to present the marketing communications of one of the strongest publishing houses in the Czech Republic: Euromedia Group. The company also owns a nationwide distribution network through which it gets its titles to all households, bookshop networks, supermarket chains or to booksellers and also one of the biggest reader's club in the country. At the beginning of the thesis the company is introduced, including its history and rules of membership in the reader's club. The following chapters focus on its marketing activities. They include the current members care, recruit new members recruitment and book events for the public. The thesis addresses also support of Czech authors and the Knižní klub Literary Award that is one of its tools. The promotion of books in various media is explored in the final chapters. Powered by TCPDF (

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