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Physical activity and its influence on pupils with specific learning disabilities and behavioral disorders in teaching at the 1st stage of primary school
Muráriková, Lucie ; Dlouhý, Martin (advisor) ; Pádivý, Martin (referee)
TITLE Physical activity and its impact on pupils with specific learning disabilities and behavior disabilities in normal education at primary school AUTHOR Lucie Muráriková SUPERVISOR PhDr. Martin Dlouhý, Ph.D. ABSTRACT This work is focusing on the specific learning and behavioral disabilities. The aim is to create several activity plans and exercise plans which could be used to determine the effect of physical activity on the work of students with learning disabilities and ADHD/ADD. My idea is that the physical activity should not only positively affect the overall quality of teaching, but should also serve very well in the reeducation of specific learning disabilities in children with ADHD and ADD. Pupils with specific learning disabilities should, after a certain period of this experiment, be showing significant changes in their results and knowledge. Pupils with the ADHD and ADD should be showing better results and knowledge due to the improving attention and at the same time the physical activity should influence their length of concentration, disturbance during lessons, or tendencies to aggression. I consulted a child psychologist and a special pedagogue during the creation of the plans and activities for reeducation. And during the observations of two groups - experimental and control - I collected...
Evaluation of running technique in children of younger school age
Sklenářová, Lucie ; Kašpar, Ladislav (advisor) ; Pádivý, Martin (referee)
Title: Evaluation criteria in running techniques in younger school age Objectives: The aim of this work is to perform the evaluation criteria in running technique in younger janitor age. In selected children I observed their technique of running in individual criteria. From the obtained data we will further find out how and in what the selected children improved. We will observe and assess individual criteria that will help us to the overall technique in the run. Methods: The experimental method of observation and measurement under artificially induced conditions was used. Results: I have found that children of younger school age can be significantly improved in the running technique for two months. In this period, children have great potential to learn new movements. I think that repeated specific running exercises help to improve the technique in running. Keywords: reflection, running step, vertical and horizontal movement of center of gravity, movement of upper limbs
Comparison of physical versatility of children with different physical activity
Caisová, Hana ; Kašpar, Ladislav (advisor) ; Pádivý, Martin (referee)
The thesis deals with the problematics of movement versatility of younger school children at school PT and athletic sport training. The main target is using testing for measuring level of motor skills all round development. The theoretical part contains the description of terms as motor skills, practical training and its didactic aspects, all round development, effect of exercise on health, younger school children and specifics of training children of this age. The practical part focuses on testing the motor skills of younger school children and the results of performing the tests. One part of the tested sample is looking into the motor skills of those attending the athletic sport training and the other analyses the motor skills versality of the basic school children who do not attend any sports prep regularly. This thesis results may initiate the first grade teachers and the sports prep trainers to more thorough work with the less developed motor skilled.
Most common ways to end a match in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship)
Pihávková, Natálie ; Dlouhý, Martin (advisor) ; Pádivý, Martin (referee)
The basis of this diploma thesis is to find out the most common way to end MMA (mixed martial arts) matches in the UFC (Ultimate fighting championship) organization. The theoretical part is devoted to the description of MMA as such, history, rules with a larger description of possible ways to end the match and with a description of weight categories that are essential for us in this work. He also deals with the UFC organization and its history and MMA in the Czech Republic. The practical part is devoted to research, which focuses on ways to end the MMA match in the UFC in various men's weight categories. The same is done for weight categories in the Czech Republic. KEYWORDS MMA, the UFC, TKO, Submission
Gross motor skills in children with specific learning disabilities
Čumpelíková, Nikola ; Dlouhý, Martin (advisor) ; Pádivý, Martin (referee)
This diploma thesis examines the influence of specific learning disabilities on the gross motor skills of pupils at primary schools. The primary objective is to find out which specific learning disability affects gross motor skills and thus may have an impact on physical education difficulties. To achieve the primary goal, I chose a partial goal, which is to find out whether over the past ten years has increased or decreased the number of pupils with specific learning disabilities in primary schools. The secondary objective is to determine the awareness of PE teachers in primary schools about the issue of specific learning disabilities and to consider pupils in physical education lessons if they experience specific learning disabilities. The analysis of literature and questionnaire will be used to achieve these goals. The questionnaire survey was carried out by means of an electronic questionnaire, which was filled in by 55 respondents from primary schools in the Central Bohemia Region. The results of the questionnaire survey are processed into graphs and tables. The thesis is divided into two parts. In the theoretical part I deal with the issue of specific learning disabilities, then the motor skills of people and assessment of pupils with special educational needs. The practical part focuses on...

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