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Teaching sports and movement games at the 1st stage of primary school
Lienertová, Jitka ; Pokorný, Ladislav (advisor) ; Pádivý, Martin (referee)
The use of movement games and sports games in teaching of physical education at the 1st level of primary schools as a means of educating children from the perspective of general theory and practice from a sample of teachers. History of movement and sports games. Inclusion of movement and sports games in the framework of educational program for elementary education of pupils at the 1st stage of primary school. Characteristics of younger school age and decisive factors for the correct mental, physical, dynamic and social development of pupils. Movement games and their characteristics. Influence and importance of movement games. Division of movement games. The right choice of movement game from the point of view of individual and physical preconditions of younger school age pupils. Application of movement games within physical education classes. Sports games and their characteristics. Influence, significance and history of sports games. Division of sports games. The right choice of sports game from the point of view of individual and physical preconditions of younger school age pupils. Application of sports games in physical education classes. Teaching movement and sports games. Didactic principles, methods and styles in teaching movement and sports games. Proper game management. Division of pupils...
Sport Practicen of Goalkeeper on different Skill Levels
Macák, Jiří ; Pokorný, Ladislav (advisor) ; Pádivý, Martin (referee)
This bachelor's thesis focuses on training methods of football goalkeeper at various performance levels. The aim of this thesis is to evaluate variations in goalkeeper training across different performance levels. The theoretical section covers composition of trainings, their frequency, goalkeeper's strain and their further preparation. Select few key questions are formulated and then answered in the theoretical section. For research section of this thesis, electronic survey method will be chosen. Survey target group is football goalkeepers from various performance levels including 1. and 2. league as well as lower championships. Hypotheses are formulated, which will be then evaluated using graphs based on the survey. KEYWORDS Goalkeeper, football, training, specialized coach, motor skills
Motivation of children in equestrian sport
Bacílková, Petra ; Pádivý, Martin (advisor) ; Jandová, Soňa (referee)
TITLE: Motivation of children in equestrian sport AUTHOR: Petra Bacílková DEPARTMENT: Department of Physical Education SUPERVISOR: Mgr. Martin Pádivý ABSTRACT: The bachelor thesis deals with the topic of motivation in equestrianism. The thesis deals with motivation, motivational means in equestrian sport for children and the possibilities of the coach to improve them. The theoretical part describes the knowledge in the field of motivation, didactics of sport, the specifics of equestrian sport and the characteristics of age peculiarities of children of younger and older school age. Theoretical aspects are the basis for the research part, which deals with obtaining answers to the main goal of the work, sub-goals and confirmation, or refutation of hypotheses. The conclusion of the work is based on processed questionnaires, long-term observation of school- age riders and theoretical knowledge. KEYWORDS: Motivation Younger school Age Older school Age Equestrianism
The influence of swimming training on the development of selected coordination skills in children of younger school age
Sobotková, Barbara ; Svobodová, Irena (advisor) ; Pádivý, Martin (referee)
The main aim of this diploma thesis is to find out how swimming training affects the development of selected coordination skills in children of younger school age. Selected motor tests were used for this finding. The study group was a group of girls and boys of younger school age. Testing was performed twice for each student. The first testing took place at the beginning of the school year at the beginning of the school training. The second testing took place after completing five swimming lessons. The theoretical part of the work is focused on swimming, motor skills, coordination skills and characteristics of younger school age. In the practical part there are processed, compared and evaluated the results of coordination tests. In the processing of results were used methods of testing, observation, statistical method of data processing, arithmetic averaging, mode and median methods. The summary results showed that swimming training has a positive effect on the coordination skills of children of younger school age, as an improvement was found in all tested individuals. KEYWORDS swimming training, coordination skills, swimming methods, tests, swimmer, younger school age
Sports massage as one of the posssible therapy methods used in the various sports sectors
Stránská, Veronika ; Pokorný, Ladislav (advisor) ; Pádivý, Martin (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with using of sports massage as part of regeneration after, before and during sports workout. The sports massage is divided generally into a pre - sports workout, (for the reason of a group's muscles warming up used specifically for the special sports sector (injury prevention), immediately after sports load ( due to an accumulated lactic acid and other waste chemicals wash out) and within 24 - hours duration in the frame of body regeneration. The aim of the thesis is to compare and map the usage of sports massage in various sports sectors. The icey hockey, football, handball, cheerleading, athletics and floorball are determined as sports sectors for regeneration sports club level comparison. The research is based by an author on 5 - predefined hypothesis, which, used by the methods of questionnare research (data are processed by members of icey hockey, football, handball, cheerleading, athletics and floorball clubs) and via testing on the determined and comparable sample in the frame of sport gymnastics, the author verifies in the wrapping up. The research methods used are comparisons and data analysis based on a questionnaire and interview survey. The author was motivated by the need to analyze the real level of regenerative background of top sports in selected sports...
Motor abilities in younger school age children that took part in project Sazka Olympijsky viceboj
Benešová, Barbora ; Hájková, Jana (advisor) ; Pádivý, Martin (referee)
The goal of this thesis is to ascertain results in test battery in young school age children, specifically aged 6.-9. years, who took part in project Sazka Olympijský víceboj. We were especially focused on disciplines of Olympijský diplom, which examine motor abilities by using motor tests. Unfortunately, because of Covid-19 pandemic situation, we had to request the results of mentioned tests from elementary schools, and also from organisation, that manages the whole project. The data we have received were from three elementary schools from Central Bohemian Region and Prague. All data were from first stage of elementary school and were measured between 2016-2020, because these data were the most current ones. The practical part of this thesis was formed as quantitative form of research. Population was composed of 92 schoolchildren, who took part in project Olympijský diplom between 2016- 2020 and were in first, second and third year of elementary school during these years. Girls were included in total count of 51 and boys were included in total count of 41. We have analysed collected data from different aspects. The aim of our interest were average values according to gender, school year and also comparison of class with orientation on sports and casual class. The research part of this thesis...
Physical activity and its influence on pupils with specific learning disabilities and behavioral disorders in teaching at the 1st stage of primary school
Muráriková, Lucie ; Dlouhý, Martin (advisor) ; Pádivý, Martin (referee)
TITLE Physical activity and its impact on pupils with specific learning disabilities and behavior disabilities in normal education at primary school AUTHOR Lucie Muráriková SUPERVISOR PhDr. Martin Dlouhý, Ph.D. ABSTRACT This work is focusing on the specific learning and behavioral disabilities. The aim is to create several activity plans and exercise plans which could be used to determine the effect of physical activity on the work of students with learning disabilities and ADHD/ADD. My idea is that the physical activity should not only positively affect the overall quality of teaching, but should also serve very well in the reeducation of specific learning disabilities in children with ADHD and ADD. Pupils with specific learning disabilities should, after a certain period of this experiment, be showing significant changes in their results and knowledge. Pupils with the ADHD and ADD should be showing better results and knowledge due to the improving attention and at the same time the physical activity should influence their length of concentration, disturbance during lessons, or tendencies to aggression. I consulted a child psychologist and a special pedagogue during the creation of the plans and activities for reeducation. And during the observations of two groups - experimental and control - I collected...

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