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Vaclav Vladivoj Tomek and the National Museum
Dokoupil, Michal ; Woitschová, Klára (advisor) ; Jůn, Libor (referee)
The main thesis is the mapping of the work of the historian V. V. Tomek in the National Museum during his life, which I divided after studying historical sources and literature related to his activities in the National Museum into three episodes. The first episode describes V. V. Tomek's initial contacts with the personalities of the National Museum, which had an influence on his professional and opinion development, his involvement in activities at the National Museum before 1848. The second episode describes the work of V. V. Tomek in the National Museum after 1848 and during Bach's absolutism. In the third episode, the activities of V. V. Tomek associated with the National Museum in the second half of the 19th century are mapped. Since the idea of establishing the Patriotic (National) Museum originated in the Royal Bohemian Society of Sciences and the Patriotic (National) Museum was further initiated by the creation of the Journal of the Czech Museum and the creation of the Matice české, and because the activities of these institutions are intertwined, the work of V. V. Tomek is also described in these institutions. At the same time, the work of V. V. Tomek at Charles Ferdinand University, which has always worked closely with the Patriotic (National) Museum, is also mentioned.
Permanent exhibition of National Museum in Lobkovic palace
Koplová, Tereza ; Woitschová, Klára (advisor) ; Jůn, Libor (referee)
1 Abstract: The thesis deals with the theme Permanent exhibition of the National Museum in Lobkowicz Palace. Specifically, the second part of the historical exhibition, entitled Monuments of the National Past, which aimed to provide a comprehensive summary of the development of Czech state and its nation in the period from the arrival of the Slavs to 1848. Key words: permanent exhibition, National Museum, Archive of the National Museum, Lobkowicz palace, historical exhibition, working script, introductory script, libretto
The merger of the National Museum and the Náprstek Museum as an example of relationships between cultural institutions and provincial authorities during the First Republic
Egrová, Miroslava ; Woitschová, Klára (advisor) ; Jůn, Libor (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to present the complicated process of connecting the Náprstek Museum to the National Museum lasting the entire period of the first Czechoslovak Republic. In this process, both the political representations of their time and, above all, the very sophisticated contemporary relations of the Provincial Office as the executive body of the Czech country and the then cultural institutions, regardless of whether they were already owned by the province, state or private, played a significant role. The bachelor thesis also deals with the establishment of both institutions and their condition and problems before entering the new state. For a comprehensive view, the bachelor thesis also summarizes the development of the Náprstek Museum after 1938. The process of this specific interconnection of the two institutions is an interesting probe into the real course of the contemporary provincial administration with all its problems, the most significant of which was the lack of funds. The bachelor's thesis draws mainly from the collections of the Archives of the National Museum and the National Archives and previously published literature, unfortunately not rich. Keywords The National Museum, The Náprstek Museum of Asian, African and American Cultures, administration, land...
Permanent exhibition of National Museum in Lobkovic palace
Koplová, Tereza ; Woitschová, Klára (advisor) ; Jůn, Libor (referee)
The thesis deals with the theme Permanent exhibition of the National Museum in Lobkowicz Palace. Specifically the second part of the historical exhibition, entitled Monuments of the National Past, which aimed to provide a comprehensive summary of the development of Czech state and its nation in the period from the arrival of the Slavs to 1848.
Practical preservation and conservation of photographic objects focusing on issues of adjustment
Huňková, Anna ; JŮN, Libor (advisor) ; BORÝSKOVÁ, Štěpánka (referee)
The content of the paper focuses on the alignment of photographic techniques: daguerreotype, tintype, ambrotype. Student will deal with conservation and restoration of parts of alignment with regard to sensitive media - namely photographic image. Student will describe the types of damage and propose methods of conservation and restoration that occur on these types of materials.
National museum - view of media as the possible historical source and its limits
Hadaš, Jiří ; Woitschová, Klára (advisor) ; Jůn, Libor (referee)
Are many historical sources from which to draw the history of the National Museum. There are also a number of studies and monographs on the history of the National Museum, however, none of these works look at the media, audio or audiovisual, as a s historical source. The media could be a special source from which specific and authentic information on the National Museum can be drawn. Film records, as well as radio eithet television broadcasting bring a number of insights and complement the history of the National Museum. This study explores the role of the media as an information resource on the history of the National Museum, together with the identification of the limits of this source form. Based on historiographic procedures and methods known in the field of media science, quantitative and qualitative analysis has enabled the research of unique historical sources in the form of television and radio recordings, which brings insights into the National Museum. In the period under review, the genre variety was found, which mainly offered television and news programs, journalism, educational and entertainment programs. Through the valuable historical sources, these programs created a media image of the National Museum, which can be described as an image of an institution closely linked to national...
Preventive Conservation of DOP Gellatine Prints
Vokounová, Daniela ; JŮN, Libor (advisor) ; SILVERIO, Robert (referee)
Work solves the problem of long-term storage DOP želatinostříbrného positives. The first part focuses on identifying material composition based on the description of the production and manufacturing process. In the second part defines the factors influencing climate in the depository, description and causes harm DOP želatinostříbrného positives and fundamental questions of the issue of preventive care. Work is a study of contemporary literature technological DOP in the range of 1880-1950 years, the issue of preventive care is handled by specialized research studies domestic and foreign literature, between the years 1970-2015. Processed were books, articles in professional periodicals, anthologies of texts, and grant research reports, guidelines and standards. The result is putting conditions for long-term storage DOP, current recommendations for long-term storage DOP želatinostříbrných positives by comparing the approaches of professional institutions focusing on preventive care for the photography.
Interpretation, description and care of photographic collection of the state castle Grabštejn
Gajewská, Barbara ; JŮN, Libor (advisor) ; Batistová, Anna (referee)
The aim of this diploma thesis was exploration, interpretation and proposing of the preventive care of photographic fund from the state castle Grabštejn. The theoretical part is generally dedicated to the funds and collections administered by the National Heritage Institute, their destiny after the 2nd World War and the historical context which caused movements of these funds. A separate chapter is also devoted to the methods of exploration of the funds and collections. The second part of this thesis focuses on the history of the Grabštejn castle and its last owners - the Clam-Gallas family, with whom the preserved photographs are associated, and on the transport of the funds in the postwar period. The thesis follows the main journey of the photographic fund and related archival materials from the Grabštejn state castle to the collecting sites, museums and archives. Therefore the survey also took place in the National Museum Archives, the National Archives, the Institute of Art History of the Czech Academy of Sciences and the State Regional Archives in Litoměřice. The fundamental part of the survey was carried out in the castle Grabštejn. There were also studied the specific climate conditions for the photographs, which differ in the castle from the classical museum and archival depositories. Measuring of humidity and temperature was evaluated at the end of the thesis and recommendations for the preventive care were suggested.
The Historical Photograph as Historical Source of 19th Century
Hanušová, Helena ; Šouša, Jiří (advisor) ; Jůn, Libor (referee)
On the basis of our knowledge and individual skills we can use photograph of the 19th century as historical source to improve understanding about this historical period. Target of this thesis is to prove a connection between legends of photos in family album and family history. Choosen methods of this thesis are method of the sond, comparision method and method of a reading of photograph. Each of album was evaluated based on predefined standards and the results are that family album in aristocracy family were used as a communication and information medium from which we can get much information related to this social class in second half of the 19th century.
Photographic album until 1914
Lesenská, Lenka ; JŮN, Libor (advisor) ; Kliment, Petr (referee)
Definition of the conservation processes, which are appropriate and inappropriate for the conservation of secession albums in the reflection of photographic techniques, which are an integral part of the album. Another aim is to define an imaginary boundaries recommending to conservator of photos, what should be able done by himself, which intervations should have been consulting with a specialist of the issue and the intervations that should be done by a specialist of the issue. The work also contains descriptions of used materiál, their usual damage and especially the conservation techniques.

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