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Nobilitation Documents and Politics in the Habsburg Monarchy during the Reign of Leopold I
Hrdličková, Markéta ; Hojda, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Woitschová, Klára (referee)
Markéta Hrdličková, Ennoblement and it's process in Czech lands during the reign of emperor Leopold I., based on acts of Bohemian Court Chancellery Abstract This thesis is based on the research of files of Bohemian Court Chancellery during the reign of emperor Leopold I. (1657-1705). It resolves about the emperor Leopold and the events and affairs of his time, and those which preceded it and had a significant influence on the reasonings mentioned in the files and acts of ennoblement. It also contains chapters about nobility of the Lands of the Bohemian Crown, the process of ennoblements and its files. Addendum contains a list of ennoblement acts in alphabetical order regarding both persons and families.
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome - The Effect of Alcohol Abuse during Pregnancy on Early Psychomotor Development of the Child
Mrázová, Kateřina ; Šulová, Lenka (advisor) ; Hrdličková, Markéta (referee)
The thesis devotes to the negative effects of alcohol abuse during pregnancy on early psychical development of the child. It surveys the problematic fields of development of the children who were prenatally exposed to alcohol. The theoretical survey is accompanied by qualitative empirical part, which contains four case studies of children in the age of 6 - 72 weeks whose mothers were drinking alcohol during pregnancy. There are several problematic areas in the development of these children, for example growth deficit, retardation of the psychomotor development (especially in speech, gross motor skills and social behaviour), attachment disorders and eating disorders. These signs correspond to the scientific literature, but there are differences in the extent and frequency in the children Key words: alcohol, fetal alcohol syndrome, fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, early psychomotor development
Agreements on work performed outside employment
The diploma thesis focused on bringing information about the current utilization of agreements on work performed outside employment, on analyzing their advantages and disadvantages, and up from employees as well as by employers
The Epitaphs from the First Half of the 17th Century in the Parish Churches of New Town Prague
Hrdličková, Markéta ; Hojda, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Woitschová, Klára (referee)
This study "The Epitaphs from the First Half of the 17th Century in the Parish Churches of New Town Prague" deals with the epitaphs form years 1600-1650 in churches of St. Stephan, St. Henry and Cunigunde, St. Apollinare, Most Holy Trinity, St. Adalbert and St. Peter in Poříčí. In each chapter is given history and architectural development of church, proceeding with list of extant epitaphs from the desired years. Follows transliteration (with translation - if needed) and description of each epitaph, including description of decoration and coat of arms. This is followed by all information, that could been found in literature, about the person, who was buried under this stone, or the person who established it, and members of their closest family. In the end is a brief summary about the epitaphs - their material, inscriptions and decorations. Then follows the summary about the persons - about their religion, occupation and so on. The study contains photographic documentation of epitaphs mentioned. KLÍČOVÁ SLOVA epitaphs, burial, New Town Prague, parish church, church of St. Stephan, church of St. Henry and Cunigunde, church of St. Apollinare, church of Most Holy Trinity, church of St. Adalbert, church of St. Peter in Poříčí, town council, 1600-1650
Historical seismicity and geophysical survey of tectonics in the Cheb area
Hrdličková, Markéta ; Fischer, Tomáš (advisor) ; Horálek, Josef (referee)
This work deals with the documentation of the space-time distribution of seismic activity in the years 1897-1908 in the western Bohemia, using original sources. The region of Vogtland / northwest Bohemia is known as one of the most interesting European regions with the occurrence of earthquake swarms. Seismic catalogs are available for this area only for the last few decades when the seismic stations were in operation. For the earlier period only macroseismic observations are available. The aim of this work is to compile the catalog of earthquakes for the years 1897-1908 with the use of the macroseismic data. This requires estimating the origin time of earthquakes using the distribution of the macroseismic observations in time. First, the original historical materials Mittheilungen der Erdbeben-Commission der kaiserlichen Akademie der Wissenschaften in Wien were compared with geophysical catalog of Vít Kárník Erdbebenkatalog der Tschechoslowakei bis zum 1956, which is a summary of selected data from the original materials. Macroseismic observations from the catalog were digitized in the form spreadsheet tables. It turned out that in most cases the data in the Kárník's catalog represent observations of earthqukes and in isolated cases these are the seismic events themselves. Cluster analysis was...
Early parent-child interaction focused on gender specifics
Hrdličková, Markéta ; Šulová, Lenka (advisor) ; Štětovská, Iva (referee) ; Sobotková, Daniela (referee)
This disertation i s a part of the grant task number 406/01/220 of the GAČR (Grant agency of the Czech Republic ). The solver of this task is doc. PhDr. Lenka Šulová CSc. The teoretical part of this work is devided in 6 main chapters. The first one is is focused on the analysis of early parent-child interaction from the point of attachment. The second and the third chapter i s focused on early interaction of mother-child and father-child. The fourth chapter is dedicated to the family from the point of the early interaction and we also try to define the main reason of the desruption of this early interaction. The fifth chapter is focused on the specifics of toddler' s age. The last chapter i s dedicated to the main methods and research in the field of attachment. The research of this work consists of an analysis of recorded play interaction of toddlers (age 12, 24, 36 months, +/- 2 moths) at home. The research sample consist of 30 children, 1 O from each age . The recorded play interaction were analysed according pre-defined categories (look, vocalisation, manipulation with a toy, physical contact, motorical activity, emotions) in computer programme V.I.P. Then there were set several zero hypotesis ( total 9), which were tested by ANOV A statistical method. Powered by TCPDF (
Economic aspects of the settlement of marital property
Bachelor thesis is focused on issues in division of marital property. Main aim of the thesis was to analyze these issues, show real life examples, evaluate them and pro-pose possible solutions.

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