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Hematopoietic stem and progenitor cell defects in transgenic model of Diamond-Blackfan anemia
Holečková, Markéta ; Kokavec, Juraj (advisor) ; Valášek, Leoš (referee)
Diamond-Blackfan anemia (DBA) is a rare congenital bone marrow failure syndrome characterized by deficient development of erythroid progenitors and accompanied by a variable set of developmental defects. About 25 % of patients have mutations of the small ribosomal subunit protein RPS19, and the precise mechanism of single aminoacidic mutations of RPS19 protein in the pathology of Diamond-Blackfan anemia remains largely unknown. To understand the interaction between of genotype and phenotypic variability we have created a mouse model with homozygous mutation in a highly conserved arginine 67 (Rps19R67Δ/R67Δ ). Mouse model with this mutation display many of the same phenotypical trades as patients with DBA. We decided to focus on hematopoiesis and erythropoiesis in this mouse model and tried to characterize those processes. We discovered that Rps19R67Δ/R67Δ mice similarly to DBA patients suffer from anemia and that the erythropoiesis process is disrupted at the stage of proerythroblasts. We also observed changes in hematopoiesis in stages as early as multipotent progenitors. The role of p53 protein as a modifier of DBA phenotype is well known. We created mouse model with p53 depletion to assess the role of p53 protein in relation with mutation in Rps19. Rps19R67Δ/R67Δ Trp53-/- mice show no signs of...
Forensic social work
Marešová, Sabina Charlie ; Krahulcová, Beáta (advisor) ; Holečková, Markéta Kateřina (referee)
This diplom thesis deals with forensic social work. It is a direction of social work, and the expression of forensic social work can be found mostly in foreign literature. The aim of this work is to define forensic social work with regard to our legal system and law 108/2006 on social services, to anchor this definition in the Czech social and legal system and to follow the development of other fields such as forensic psychology, anthropology and sociology that forensic social work is part of intrdisciplinary and international cooperation and cooperation in the forensic sciences. Part of this thesis is a qualitative research of the current practice of social work in helping an adult client who has been the victim of rape or other sexual assault.
Immunomodulatory properties of TES
Holečková, Markéta ; Hrdý, Jiří (advisor) ; Macháček, Tomáš (referee)
Toxocara canis and Toxocara cati are parasitic roundworms. Their definite hosts are canines or felines. Human infection is also possible and in that case these parasites cause human toxocariasis. Larvae of Toxocara spp. in the host release proteins called TES (Toxocara Excretory-Secretory antigens). The main role of these proteins is to ensure long-term survival of the parasite in the body of the host. The surface of the larvae is covered by coat made of some of those proteins, which increases the parasite's chances of survival. Other proteins secreted by Toxocara spp affect production of cytokines of the infected organism and parasite modulates the immune response to infection by that. Presence of the larvae results in inhibition of immune response based on Th1 cells and promotes Th2 immune response, during which levels of IgE and eosinophiles are elevated. Production of regulatory T lymphocytes is also stimulated. Key words Toxocara spp., toxocariasis, TES, immunomodulation, regulatory T lymphocytes, cytokines
Time Management in Social Work
Holoubková, Štěpánka ; Nová, Monika (advisor) ; Holečková, Markéta Kateřina (referee)
1 Abstract This thesis deals with topic of time management in social work. First three chapters introducing theoretical basis used for investigation in practical section. In a beginning of this thesis are defined main topics and themes. Then the social work is characterized, its current state in Czech Republic and requirements for social workers. Also the basic attributes of social work are mentioned so its subject, paradigm or its grounding in social work. The attention is given to description of Time Management, its research for social worker and the techniques used in practice. At the end of theoretical section is contemplated how time management can be used in social work including existing limits as well as benefits for social workers especially in terms of burn out syndrome. Practical section is devoted to description of used qualitative research survey. The objective of research was to find out what is the position of social worker to the topic of Time management and how the Time management can be availed to simplify and make more efficient job of social worker. The researched group consisted of seven probands associated with social work which whom the semi structured interview was conducted. For the analyzing of the data the grounded theory was used. By the open coding was created two main groups...
Transformation of social services from the perspective of social workers in accomodation services in Příbram region
Wágner, Filip ; Cimrmannová, Tereza (advisor) ; Holečková, Markéta Kateřina (referee)
The diploma thesis is called: Transformation of social services from the perspective of social workers in residential services in Příbram. The aim of my work is to briefly describe the process, development and objectives of transformation and deinstitutionalization of social services and to supplement it with an empirical qualitative survey. This topic is currently very topical and becomes a big dilemma from the point of view of all workers who are interested in the social area. The main aim of my work is to collect essential information with the help of professional literature and to put forward practical recommendations that will be useful in connection with the possibilities of people with mental disabilities in Příbram. I give these recommendations during the discussion and at the conclusion. I also found out how social workers who work in residential facilities for people with mental disabilities in Příbram or the department of social services Příbram perceive the transformation of social services. The aim of the thesis is not to analyze the transformation of social services in the Czech Republic in its entirety. The aim of my work is neither representative research nor scientific data analysis. I drew from the articles of professional journals and books especially Czech specialists who are...
Support for persons with disabilities employment in the context of social work
Vilémová, Eva ; Žáčková, Hana (advisor) ; Holečková, Markéta Kateřina (referee)
The diploma thesis on "Support of people with disabilities at work in the context of social work" deals with the social rehabilitation service with the supported employment method and focuses on the target group of people with disabilities. The goal is to find out how useful this service is for its users. The first part of the diploma thesis describes the general issue of people with disabilities, together with the characteristic of the service of supported employment. This part also deals with the historical development of the service, the legislative framework, the methods of working with the users and the role of the social worker in terms of the service of supported employment. Another part of the diploma thesis is focused on the practice in terms of providing this service. There is described the methodological part of the diploma thesis, which is elaborated by qualitative research in the form of structured interviews and is illustrated by case studies. From the point of view of the realization of qualitative research, the assumption of great benefit for persons with disabilities using the services of supported employment was confirmed, which is also indicative of the good quality of this service.

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