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The Phenomenon of Death in Great Britain 1815-1855
Michlová, Marie ; Holý, Martin (advisor) ; Lenderová, Milena (referee) ; Županič, Jan (referee)
This dissertation examines the phenomenon of death in the United Kingdom between 1815 and 1855. It analyses the attitudes of chiefly pre-victorian society towards death, using a synthesis of several different perspectives. Various aspects of death, dying and burial are thus viewed through the lens of contemporary law, medicine, the press, and the arts. Primary personal sources are also used. The multi-layered work combines a number of historical methods and as a whole can be classified as research into historical everyday life and mentalities. Chronologically, the thesis is between two wars, the Napoleonic and the Crimean wars. The 1820s-40s are one of the least researched periods of British history, so this dissertation fills something of a gap in existing research not only concerning the history of death in Britain. Keywords: 19th century, society, death, British history
Unpolitical portrait of Charles the Elder of Žerotín
Vilímcová, Zuzana ; Šedivá Koldinská, Marie (advisor) ; Holý, Martin (referee)
This work deals with non-political aspects of the life of Charles the Elder of Žerotín, which is not so mapped in detail contrary of the political life. I try to restore Charles's personal and private life base on the huge amount of his correspondence. I am concerned with Charles roles of loving husband, worried father, a good friend and counsellor, a deeply believed Christian, constantly sick man and also the master of his lieges people. I try to find answers on what Charles was the father. Whether he liked all his wives. How the religious coercion works on him. How to cope with the iniquities of his dominions. Whether or not hesitated to help friends in need, and how he coped with his illness. I try to find answers to these questions and more in the Žerotín's letters and selected correspondence of persons from its surroundings. I illustrates the whole picture by comparing the findings of earlier historiography.
The Reflection of the Nobility on Servants in the Early Modern Resources
Marková, Zuzana ; Šedivá Koldinská, Marie (advisor) ; Holý, Martin (referee)
The aim of Bachelor thesis is analysis of relationships of Czech nobility with its servants, disputes between them and their life in the aristocratic residence. Although the Czech historians are interested in Czech early modern nobility, they haven't devoted to this topic. The thesis is based on analysis of published sources (primarily of the ego-documents) and specialized literature (mainly literature of "the South-Czech historic school"). The aim is to focus on people, who didn't perform bureaucratic functions, so, the main task is the analysis of the reflection of the nobility on Servants, who were socially unequal with it. Powered by TCPDF (
Students of Unity of Brethren at foreign universities in the 16th and early 17th centuries
Píš, Ondřej ; Holý, Martin (advisor) ; Ďurčanský, Marek (referee)
The theme of the bachelor thesis is the study of the members of the Unity of Brethren at the foreign schools in the 16th and the early 17th century. As a main source we can regard the editions of the preserved registries of the specific educational institutions. I also used the preserved official correspondence, which further exlaines the lives of selected people. The Register of the Members of the Prague Church of the Unity of Brethren from 1607 was used for the confessional identification of the students. The bachelor thesis is thematically divided into four chapters. The first chapter introduces the system of the pre-university and the higher education in the Czech lands and also in the foreign countries and thematizes the phenomenon of the academic peregrination. The second chapter deals with the ralationship of the Unity of Brethren to the education in general. The most extensive third chapter contains biograms of a total of 19 selected students of the Unity of Brethren. In many cases these personalities have been partially or completely neglected by existing literature. Students life stories are analyzed in the forth chapter. The thesis also affected the not yet explored topic of family traditons in education.
Life and everydayness of Prague burgher Karel Kyswein (+1621)
Finsterschott, Theo ; Holý, Martin (advisor) ; Zdichynec, Jan (referee)
This thesis focuses on the life course of the Prague burgher Karel Kyswein (1578-1621), his Nuremberg family linage, including his kinship with Tucher, Schlüsselfelder and Viatis families and non-material and material aspects of his everyday life. Family roots of the researched individual are inspected using Nurnberg registers. For the examination of Karel's later life, the Prague archive sources are utilized: testaments, probate inventories and others. Kyswein's probate inventory is also the main source for the examination of his library, furniture, and way of storing various objects, utensiles, objects of hygiene, clothes, jewels and valuables, paitings, musical instruments, children's objects, house fire-fighting equipment, and trading goods. The thesis emphasises the clothing component of the inventory, at the threshold between Reinessance and Baroque. The work also deals with some particular topics, such as the actual appearence of the Gößwein coat of arms, his religion and his role in the Old-town Lutheran community.
Festivities at the Court of the first Czech Habsburgs (1526-1619)
Kopřivová, Štěpánka ; Holý, Martin (advisor) ; Šedivá Koldinská, Marie (referee)
(in English): The aim of this bachelor thesis is to present, characterize and classify festivals in the courts of the first Czech Habsburgs (beginning with Ferdinand I. and ending with Matyáš II.) between 1526 and 1619. At the same time, the thesis focuses on the variability of these festivities in the given time horizon. Based on specific cases, the development of royal baptisms, crowning, weddings, royal entrances, and funerals is being monitored with regard to the time trends. The information sources of this bachelor thesis are mainly published and unpublished documents and thematically close Czech and also foreign literature.
The Moravian Branch of the Zierotin Family in the First Half of the 16th Century Property Forming, Career Strategies and Litigations Connected to one noble House.
Schmidtová, Kateřina ; Zdichynec, Jan (advisor) ; Holý, Martin (referee)
This thesis is dedicated to the Moravian branch of the Zierotin family in the first half of the 16th century, especially their litigations in family and also with other aristocrats and institutions. I used mainly Knihy půhonné a nálezové, written in between 1505 and 1522 stored in Moravský zemský archiv in Brno and the collected edition of The Moravian Land registers for years 1479-1567. They helped me describe property issues of participated families. The first chapter of this thesis is concerned with the history of Starý Jičín estate and Nový Jičín town until 1500. Also, it outlines brief history of the Zierotin Family, which is described in the context of history of Czech Land and lifestory and career of Jan starší z Žerotína. Then, this work includes customary law of the Moravian region in 16th century and generally evolution of the court system in Bohemia and Moravia. It focuses on practising of litigations, kinds of litigations and lawsuit. The most vital part of the thesis is third chapter, which are Zierotin's litigations. First, I describe litigations among family members and relatives. Next part is focused on aristocracy in the first half of the 16th century. I target on question, how aristocratics gained their property, how they solved the problems with debts and, not least, to the...
Natural disasters in the region of Rychnov in sight of folk chroniclers 1700-1800
Věchet, Jan ; Holý, Martin (advisor) ; Zdichynec, Jan (referee)
v anglickém jazyce The study of sources related to the folk provenance is often in terms of the Czech historiography a neglected issue. Especially the research of folk chronicles has reached the utmost boom in the middle of the nineteenth century and then also in the interwar years. Nowadays, the study does not attract much attention. Therefore, the aim of this work is to capture and systematize the existing knowledge on this subject. Moreover, it is necessary to emphasize and show some other possibilities of dealing with these particular sources because they are valuable work for contemporary historiographical studies such as microhistorical and cultural anthropological research. Although one might think that these annals have rather a small informative value for the traditional political historical events, they offer an interesting insight into everyday life of ordinary people living in the countryside those days. This fact can definitely help one understand traditions as it also represents tendencies and trends in attitudes and behaviour of the rural society those days. The main purpose of the thesis is to consider what motivated folk authors to note down their stories and experience in chronicles. The alarming fact is that the post-war historiography has caused a lot of confusion over the true...
Prague Utraquist University students from Rakovnik (1550-1622)
Chmelíková, Pavla ; Holý, Martin (advisor) ; Ďurčanský, Marek (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the educational process of some students from the town of Rakovník between the years 1550-1622. The main aim of this work is to observe these students and the process of their education in particular schools, the university in Prague and another universities in Europe. Furthermore, it also deals with different types of careers that the students from Rakovník chose after they had finished their studies. Certain parts of the thesis consider some more general features of the system of education in Bohemia and Moravia and the development of the town of Rakovník during the early modern age. The thesis consists of seven chapters, the introduction and conclusion.
F. M. Hník and Partial Chapters of the History of Czechoslovak (Hussite) Church
Holý, Martin ; Kučera, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Lášek, Jan Blahoslav (referee)
Professor František M. Hník was born on February 9th 1905 and he died on January 28th 1962. After obtaining his PhD at the Masaryk University he became clergyman of Czecoslovak (Hussite) Church. He lived and worked in parish in Náchod for three years and after that he studied and held a scholarship at Meadville Theological school in Chicago, United states where he also achieved his master degree from theology. After studies in Chicago he worked as a Secretary for Foreign Affairs at Central Board Office of Czechoslovac (Hussite) Church. During the second world war he operated in foreign resistance in London where he worked for Exile Foreign Ministry. During 1938-1941 he was lecturing at Manchester College in Oxford. After second world war he became a dean of the Hus' Czechoslovak Protestant Faculty of Divinity, the common faculty both of The Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren and Czechoslovak (Hussite) Church. Subsequently he was the first dean of newly established Hus' Czechoslovak Faculty of Divinity. In 1965 he became bishop of Olomouc diocese. He became one of the creators of ecumenical orientation of Czechoslovak (Hussite) Church. His scientific works from christian sociology and ethics exceeded the borders of Czechoslovak republic by its significance.

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