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The Sovereign Confirmations of Chartres for Bohemian and Silesian Towns to 1420
Velička, Tomáš ; Hlaváček, Ivan (advisor) ; Pátková, Hana (referee) ; Ryantová, Marie (referee)
The present work deals with confirmations that have issued Bohemian kings and princes of Silesia to Bohemian or Silesian towns. The work is divided into five parts. The first deals with existing exploration and methodological inspiration that I subsequently used. The second chapter summarizes the findings regarding the process of confirmation documents - from motives of its release, through the process of the documents in the office during the procedure, to handing over the finished instrument beneficiaries and paying taxes. Then I deal with the various types of confirmations and also I discuss separately the observational charters. The third part is devoted confirmations for the Bohemian towns with regard to all documents which the royal towns received, published by Bohemian kings. The problems are discussed from the perspective of publishers and recipients, as well as the documents themselves (their content, form). The same shall apply also in the case of the fourth chapter, which deals with the same aspects of the Silesian towns and confirmations, which they were received. The final chapter summarizes the findings, which I reached on the previous pages. An important part of this thesis is a variety of reports and graphs to better perceive the immediate context and development trends. I also deal with...
Journal of the National Museum, culturally-historical periodical and its benefit
Šímová, Alice ; Woitschová, Klára (advisor) ; Hlaváček, Ivan (referee)
v anglickém jazyce Journal of the National Muzeum is our oldest, still printed scientifical magazine. We can find out in its history many of well-know personalities of 19th century, dealing on its start and leading to bright future. It also represents one of the oldest Czech scientific institutions, the National Muzeum. Author describes development of important Czech scientifically periodical, Journal of the National Muzeum. Based on source she presents bibliographical view and accents significant moments in its history. She's trying to describe and to introduce personalities, which have led this periodical and its authors. Her goal is to represent history of this periodical, which can help other researchers with similar theme. Keywords: Journal of the National Muzeum, National Muzeum, Matice česká, František Palacký
On the History of the Minorite Library in Český Krumlov during the Pre-Hussite Period
Hradilová, Marta ; Hlaváček, Ivan (advisor) ; Spunar, Pavel (referee) ; Havel, Dalibor (referee)
The aim of this work is to present new findings on the quantitative and qualitative composition of the Minorite Library in Český Krumlov during the pre-Hussite period, using standard comparative codicological procedures. The original source base, comprising the preserved manuscripts and the library catalogue from 1502 has been successfully expanded through heuristic research to include a previously unknown Minorite Library catalogue from 1787 and what was previously the only library catalogue of the Český Krumlov St Claire nuns, which was compiled in 1782 during the inventorization of the disestablished convent's property. Study of the archive sources housed in the Museum of Decorative Arts archive produced important findings regarding the sale of Český Krumlov manuscripts and incunabula from the museum between 1894 and 1896, as well as the role played by curator Karel Herain in preserving the Český Krumlov manuscripts during the Second World War. Attention is primarily focused on the manuscripts from the book donation made by Peter II of Rosenberg to the convent. When a comparison was made with other preserved manuscripts it was established that the size of the book donation was greater than originally thought. An analysis of the 1502 library catalogue made it possible to determine the library contents at...
Chantry chapels by burghers in Kutná Hora in pre-Hussite period
Vaněk, Vojtěch ; Hlaváček, Ivan (advisor) ; Kejř, Jiří (referee) ; Krafl, Pavel (referee)
Chantry chapels by burghers in Kutná Hora in pre-Hussite period Vojtěch Vaněk This study is based on the social-historical understanding of the role of chantries and of liturgical memory in medieval society, as discussed especially by Otto G. Oexle and Michael Borgolte. Chantries as permanent pious gifts connected the world of the living with the world of the dead, kept the presence of the dead among the living and, simultaneously, contributed to the salvation of their souls through mutual solidarity between the living and the dead. This study also evaluates the insights of the new cultural history, which understands the endowments as symbolic capital in a given society, capital which enabled display of social status and legitimized power through ostentatious demonstration of devotion. Under the House of Luxembourg, Kutná Hora was one of the most populous towns in Bohemia and Moravia as well as one of the biggest centers of mining and processing of silver ore in Europe. 1280's saw the origins of mining there, the first decade of the 14th century saw the city's founding. Kutná Hora was the residence of the central mint in the Czech kingdom and of the royal offices related to the mint and mining. It also attracted burgher elite, who participated in the mining entrepreneurship and traded with precious metals....
The Libraries and Reader's Reception in the Early Humanism Period in Bohemia
Neškudla, Bořek ; Voit, Petr (advisor) ; Ryantová, Marie (referee) ; Hlaváček, Ivan (referee)
The dissertation looks into the book culture, book production and readership in the kingdom of Bohemia in early humanism. It explores the conditions of rise and reception of book printing in the kingdom of Bohemia. The mind-set of the Utraquist society, resistant to the influence from abroad, international isolation of the Utraquist Bohemia and the previous insignificant manuscript production proved to be the factors which failed to encourage the arrival of book printing in the country. The initial advancement of book printing was hesitant and could not to keep up with the more developed trade abroad. The Czech printing production related to the efforts of reformation to further enhance the moral status of the society soon turned to disseminating literature in the vernacular, yet often they were translated literature. The early Czech printed production however was affected by low quality and quantity of prints and was not of the significance declared by the previous generations of researchers. Personalities of the Catholic society were more inclusive about new ideas from abroad. In the contemporary society the Catholics were therefore the first ones to embrace book printing and also they were quicker in reception of humanism. The early humanist literature in Bohemia is related to the personality of...
Papal indulgence charters in Central Europe under the pontificate of Boniface IX (1389-1404). A comparative study
Hrdina, Jan ; Hledíková, Zdenka (advisor) ; Hlaváček, Ivan (referee) ; Šmahel, František (referee)
The goal of the dissertation i s to understand the agency of the Roman pontificate in Centra! Europe during the Great Schism (1378-1415/17), with a special focus on the papacy of Boniface IX (1389-1404). In order to analyze this question, I used indulgence charters, one of the more typ i cal kind of documents produced by the papal office. Unlike his predecessors as well as immediate successors, Boniface IX issued indulgence charters to ecclesiastical institutions in the Roman obedience in truly mass quantities. My analysis was based on the study of approximately 1,660 individua! cop i es in secretarial registers of the Vatican Archive, Registra Lateranensia, and on approx. 260 extant copies in the archives of recipients. Powered by TCPDF (
The chancery of the captaincy in Wrocław under the rule of John of Luxembourg and Charles IV
Holá, Mlada ; Hlaváček, Ivan (advisor) ; Bobková, Lenka (referee) ; Kejř, Jiří (referee)
The present dissertation thesis focuses on the activities of the Wrocław captain's office in the period of 1336-1378, with a special emphasis on its written document production. The research is based primarily on an analysis of diplomatic documents currently deposited in the archives in Wrocław (Breslau).
Chapters from old history of libraries in Kolín and its surrounding
Jouzová, Miroslava ; Hlaváček, Ivan (advisor) ; Pešek, Jiří (referee) ; Ryantová, Marie (referee)
The work gives a detailed presentation about occurrence of manuscripts as well as printed books and libraries in Kolín and its surrounding since the establishment of the town until the 18th century, if records about them were preserved, or they exist till now. Only a few records concerning the library culture were preserved from the early history of Kolín. Manuscripts were found in Dominican Monastery. Despite the first mentioning of separate books only in the 14th century, we may assume them already earlier - it concerns mainly donations of books to some altars of the Saint. Bartholomew's Church in Kolín. Richer occurrence is only recorded in the 16th century when we already have quotations of specific book titles in the records of Kolín burghers, or their private libraries are mentioned here. At his time books are not only copied in Kolín but also written; authors are burghers or local dean. 17th century then brings a message about a library on the Kolín presbytery, private libraries of Kolín deans and libraries of newly established monasteries in Kolín and Zásmuky. 18th century is not abundant in records about libraries because a book becomes an expensive property, its value goes down and records of Kolín burghers include descriptions of the library only rarely.
"I like the Pilsners after all." Fridolín Macháček, Pilsner historian, archivist, museologist and cultural activist. Images of life and friendship in the mirror of his correspondence with Václav Vojtíšek
Janečková, Jitka ; Hlaváček, Ivan (advisor) ; Martinovský, Ivan (referee)
Jitka Janečková: "I like Pilsners after all". Fridolín Macháček, Pilsner historian, archivist, museologist and cultural activist. Images of life and friendship reflected in his correspondence with Václav Vojtíšek This rigorous work compares two life stories of friendship and cooperation between two major city archivists - Fridolín Macháček (1884-ň1954) from Pilsen and Václav Vojtíšek (1883-ň1974) from Prague. It is based on the preserved series of mutual correspondence (the edition of the most interesting 411 letters from 1905ň-1954) and other archival sources. It is incredible how promptly and fully the two friends and colleagues were able to engage in professional work in the archives as well as other institutions. The full expansion of their activities took place during the First Republic, which paid for the major czech archival experts and facilitated significant contribution of Macháček and Vojtíšek to the development of many local archives in Bohemia and Moravia (for example, they played a major role in establishing Ostrava city archive). The wide professional interest of the archival inspector for Bohemia (V. Vojtíšek) and monuments conservator (F. Macháček) in various local archives and museums also demonstrated the admirable and extraordinary cooperation outside their native region,...
Heraldic and prosopographical analysis of two armorials from the family archives of Vratislavs from Mitrovice. With edition
Jeránková, Martina ; Hlaváček, Ivan (advisor) ; Ryantová, Marie (referee) ; Krejčík, Tomáš (referee)
This thesis focuses on scientifical elaboration of two heraldical manuscripts from the Vratislavs from Mirtrovice family archives in the village Dírná (Soběslav region). According to the village name, the manuscrips are known as the Armorials from Dírná in the profesional literature. They were laid aside a little bit because their existence was known only to a relatively narrow circle of specialists as they were kept far away from the research centres. Both books had never been observed in ligt of authorship, datation or analysis of their content. We are speaking about two paper manuscripts, inventary No. 56, sign. I B 9 and No. 58 sign. I B 10. They comprise 984 and 1358 painted coats-of-arms including name of the family beneath each picture. The codicological analysis enabled to identify authors of both armorials, i. e. Kryštof Vilém Harant from Polžice and Bezdružice (1617-1690) and Václav Ignác Vratislav from Mitrovice (1645-1728) and the epoque of their creation in the 1670's and 1680's. Further research proved the necessity of creating an electronical databases that enabled to work effectively with immense volume of data. Analysis of the content of armorials showed that they contain 961 family coats-of-arms. Those represent from the two thirds Czech noble families, the rest is aproximately in the same...

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