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The Manuscripts of the oldest Czech Hours of the Virgin
Neufus, Zuzana ; Holá, Mlada (advisor) ; Bláhová, Marie (referee)
EN The master thesis focuses on the study of the oldest surviving manuscripts in the Czech language called Hours of the Virgin Mary, which became a bestseller in its time. The manuscript of the Hours of the Queen of Bohemia with the signature KNM V H 36, deposited in the National Library Klementinum in Prague, is the centerpiece. The manuscript is attributed to one of the royal wives of the family of King Wenceslas IV. A variant is the Empress Dowager Elizabeth of Pomerania or Queen Sophie of Bavaria or Princess Anne of Luxembourg, later married as Queen Anne of Bohemia. The commissioner or owner of the manuscript has not been precisely identified to this day. The thesis presents a group of codices from the medieval period with signatures and possibly digital references. The main topic is the catalogue The Manuscripts of the oldest Czech Hours of the Virgin containing a description of the manuscript, its decoration, illuminations and iconographic description. The thesis concludes with a summary of the study, a pictorial appendix, lists of cited manuscripts and literature, and in addition a link to online access to the digitized Czech studies manuscripts. The thesis tries to give a simple insight into the medieval manuscripts of the Virgin's Hours Mary and their iconography. The thesis could...
The Bible of Zamoyski and Czech Translation of the Bible to the First Half of the 15th Century
Šteflová, Květa ; Holá, Mlada (advisor) ; Bláhová, Marie (referee)
This Bachelor thesis is divided into two main parts. The first deals with czech translations of liturgical texts and especially of the Bible until the first half of the 15th century, trying to map their beginnings as well as their development. Then the first three so-called redactions of the czech translation of the Bible are analyzed, which make an imaginary bridge to the second part of this thesis, which deals with the Bible of Zamoyski. At first the Bible of Zamoyski is put into the historical context, which is connected with the problem of its dating. The analysis then includes the arrangement and content of the biblical books, corrections and notes and finally iluminations. At theend there is an attempt,at least briefly, todescribe possible fate of the manuscript, which is based on the signatures preserved in it.
Bohemian manuscripts in the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library.
Hadaš, Jiří ; Holá, Mlada (advisor) ; Bláhová, Marie (referee)
The Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library has a collection of rare manuscripts, some of which have a direct connection to Bohemian environment, either because they originated here or were part of medieval institutions and their libraries. The institution of The Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library in relation to medieval and early modern manuscripts of Bohemian provenance has not yet been studied. The research of Bohemians stored in foreign institutions has a long tradition in codicological research, as numerous foreign collections contain a large number of manuscripts of Bohemian provenance. In the course of the study, monuments were found that had been forgotten. Perhaps they do not have such importance and are not so rare compared to other collections of Bohemians, but it is still worth recalling those writings and processing them with a closer study. At the same time, it should be mentioned that one of the documented manuscripts is the so- called Voynich manuscript, which is considered the rarest manuscript in the collections and at the same time one of the most mysterious books in the world. This increased research attention is being paid to the monument itself. Elaboration of the topic is not only beneficial for the knowledge of the history of manuscripts, but also for the institution of the...
Prague coronation of king Matthias on 23rd may 1611 in the light of contemporary documents
Pařízková, Kateřina ; Holá, Mlada (advisor) ; Ebelová, Ivana (referee)
To the coronations which took place in Pre-White time, not enough attention has been paid yet. As it appears, enough accounts were preserved not only in contemporary prints but also in manuscript sources - in the works of chroniclers, in memories of persons present and above all in official and private correspondence. In addition to writen sources also material sorces and great part of iconographic sources have been preserved. The elaboration and evaluation of the sources to one of them, to the coronation of Matthias of Habsburg in Prague on May 23rd 1611, is a subject of the first half of this thesis. The coronation in the life of souvereign is a ceremony that generally certificates his leading position in the country. This ceremony customary is executed in accordance to the prede- terminated order. In case of the lands of Bohemian crown binding form has been set by coronation order of Bohemian kings Ordo ad coronandum Regem Bohemorum, prepared by Charles IV. The main core of this order was maintained also by Matthias coronation. His coronation in the cathedrale of Saint Vitus was a festive ceremony strongly influenced by then political situation. It placed under the strong protection of troops, excluding the general public, mostly ordinary people. Despite of it the ceromony was performed with...
Struggle for Duchy of Wroclaw between 1290 and 1341
Velička, Tomáš ; Bobková, Lenka (advisor) ; Holá, Mlada (referee)
This work consists of three chapters. In its first part, I have tried to show an overview of the development of Czech - Silesian relations in the 13th and 1 14th century. The second chapter is devoted to Klodzko as the border region. In its first part, I tried to resolve the question of jurisdiction Klodzko in 1278 - 1290th In the second part I tried to compare using confirmatory study documents the status of a city located in the basin Klodzko with other Czech royal cities. At last, the largest chapter, I have tried to resolve the question of authenticity of the testament of Henry IV. of Wroclaw.
The chancery of the captaincy in Wrocław under the rule of John of Luxembourg and Charles IV
Holá, Mlada ; Hlaváček, Ivan (advisor) ; Bobková, Lenka (referee) ; Kejř, Jiří (referee)
The present dissertation thesis focuses on the activities of the Wrocław captain's office in the period of 1336-1378, with a special emphasis on its written document production. The research is based primarily on an analysis of diplomatic documents currently deposited in the archives in Wrocław (Breslau).
Jan and Zikmund of Vartemberg in the service of the King of Bohemia in Upper Lusatia
Machová, Barbora ; Bobková, Lenka (advisor) ; Holá, Mlada (referee)
The Vartembergs were one of the leading Czech aristocratic families, whose origins are derived from the ancient Markvartic family. The Vartembergs owned a number of large estates, especially in the north of Bohemia, and created several family branches. Due to the political commitment of their members, we meet the lords of Vartemberg in all publications devoted to the government of Czech kings from the last Přemyslids through the Luxembourgs to the Jagiellonians, but special studies devoted to the Vartembergs are only sparse. Among the offices held by members of the family were the governor's offices in the neighboring countries of the Czech Crown, especially in Upper Lusatia. The work is mainly focused on Vartembergs connected with the office of the provincial captain in Upper Lusatia from the second half of the 15th century to the first decades of the following century, at the time of restoring the integrity of the Czech crown after the Hussite wars. The main protagonists of the research will be Jan of Vartemberg, captain of Upper Lusatia in the years 1459-1464 and Sigismund of Vartemberg, in the same office in the years 1490-1504, 1507-1511. Key words: Lords of Vartemberg; Crown of Bohemia; Upper Lusatia; sheriff's office; Jan of Vartemberg; Zikmund of Vartemberg; 2nd half of the 15th century
For the glory of God and the King. Church policy of John of Bohemia with focus on Upper Lusatia and Silesia
Ulman, Stanislav ; Bobková, Lenka (advisor) ; Holá, Mlada (referee)
The presented diploma thesis deals with the church policy of the Bohemian King John of Bohemia in relation to Upper Lusatia and the Duchy of Wrocław. The areas which thanks to John's successful territorial policy have become an integral part of the Bohemian Kingdom for several centuries. As the named countries belonged to the indivisible dominions of the Bohemian ruler, he was able to fully develop there his donor activities. The research is based on an analysis of available sources especially of a diplomatic nature and is also focused on narrative sources. The aim of this work is to analyse and interpret John's relationship to church institutions especially chapters and monasteries in defined regions. Attention is also paid to the ecclesiastical patronage of Henry of Jawor a longtime competitor of John of Bohemia in the struggle for Upper Lusatia, who ruled over Görlitz until 1329 and over part of Upper Lusatia until the end of his life († 1346). The work would like to contribute to the evaluation of John's support for church institutions, which was aimed at strengthening his position in these areas. Keywords: John of Bohemia; Henry of Jawor; Upper Lusatia; Silesia; Duchy of Wrocław; church policy; donation; confirmation
The position of the Cheb region in diplomatics sources from the High Middle Ages
Trulík, Vladimír ; Bláhová, Marie (advisor) ; Holá, Mlada (referee)
Meaning of this bachelor's thesis is to summarize previous research in domain of diplomatics and palaeography - auxiliary historical sciences - in regard to general development and especially to development in area of Czech historical science. Another meaning is to explain general development of medieval chartres, explain the social and legal status of medieval chartres and accentuate stand of medieval chartres in area of Duchy of Bohemia, later Kingdom of Bohemia and Holy Roman Empire. Next meaning is to describe and explain early development of institutions, which were precursors to the Office of the Holy Roman Emperor, the Office of the Holy Roman Emperor itself and of course describe the Office of the King of Bohemia. Another meaning is to describe development of the system of writing. Meaning of second phase of this bachelor's thesis is to summarize development in city of Cheb, trace writing sources related to Cheb in edition of Codex iuris municipalis regni Bohemiae II. and based on these sources, describe particularities of the local legal system and events in Cheb and surrounding region. Meaning of last part of this bachelor's thesis is to use diplomatics systems by own way to process diplomatics sources about Cheb and based on old text translations and sources-processing to tract...
History of the Town Počátky until the Year 1848. Complex of the Legal Documents of the Town of Počátky.
Klusáček, Petr ; Ebelová, Ivana (advisor) ; Holá, Mlada (referee)
Počátky. The file of charters considered is stored in State district record archiv) in Pelhřimov in the fund Record office of the town Počátky (Archiv města Počátky). it's suzerains Bakalářská práce se zaměřuje na ediční zpracování listin města Počátky. Jedná se soubor listin uložených ve Pelhřimově ve fondu Archiv města Počátky (Listina č. 1 - č. 20), které se dochovaly z - Tyto listiny představovaly zásadní právní dokumenty, které ovlivňovaly život ve městě od středověku do 18. století. Právní výsady získalo město jak od svých vr panovníků. Špatný fyzický stav některých listin je hlavní důvod vedoucí ke zpracování práce. Edici předchází úvodní studie věnovaná historii města v

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