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diagnostics of personality characteristics of selected sport main coaches
Patráš, František ; Janák, Vladimír (advisor) ; Harsa, Pavel (referee)
Title: Diagnosis of personality characteristics in head coaches of a selected sport Objectives: The aim of this work is to diagnosed and interpreted selected personal characteristics of head coaches (sport managers) of selected sports. The second aim is to identify significant testing differences between the head coaches of selected sports: sports managers and "other " managers Methods: To achieve the objectives, in the empirical part of master thesis was used quantitative research in the form of standardized tests to dynamics-aspiration- TDA and Eyseneck's personality questionnaire. In the dynamics of aspirations were evaluated and interpreted these personal dimensions: psychomotor pace aspirations and values of mental resilience. In Eyseneck's personality questionnaire two main dimensions of personality: neuroticism and extraversion were evaluated and interpreted.Furthermore, the value of the "lie score "was evaluated and the type of personality temperament was determined. The statistical method T-test was used to identify significant differences among the research groups. The results were interpreted by using graphs and verbally. Results: The average values of personality characteristics of the research group differed with the average values of personality characteristics of the thesis test...
Internal motivation of football players of older product categories
Jelínek, Martin ; Harsa, Pavel (advisor) ; Peřinová, Radka (referee)
Title: Intrinsic motivation of football players in the category of young children Objectives: The main objective is to determine the level of intrinsic motivation of young children in football. Methods: In the practical part of my thesis, I chose to use a survey. Results: The results of my work show a high level of intrinsic motivation within the group of interviewed players. Players look forward to coming to the pitch and they train even after the club training ends. They also state that they want to become professional players themselves. Key words: football, older children category, motivation, inner motivation, younger school age.
Contribution to Assessment of Cognition in Schizophrenia
Michalec, Jiří ; Harsa, Pavel (advisor) ; Ptáček, Radek (referee) ; Marková, Hana (referee)
In majority of schizophrenia patients, from the first episode of psychosis throughout the entire span of the illness, a cognitive deficit is one of the core symptoms. Assessing cognitive performance with empirically based methods is a vital part of clinical practice. Until recently, Czech adaptations of the MATRICS battery (standardly used for assessing cognition in schizophrenia worldwide) and the Tower of London, ToL (a basic test measure of executive planning ability) were absent. The primary aim of this dissertation thesis was to provide these methods for research and clinical use in Czech professional environment. This goal was achieved with both ToL and MATRICS in two basic steps. Firstly, Czech adaptations of both tests were carried out, namely translation of test instructions and establishment of standard administration and scoring. Secondly, complex psychometric analyses were conducted for both tests, including validation of their Czech versions for the purpose of assessing cognitive impairment in schizophrenia. The results suggest that ToL is a suitable tool for recognising executive planning deficit in general as well as in schizophrenia patients specifically. Also, the planning ability in schizophrenia patients, as measured by ToL, is one standard deviation below average when compared...
Monitoring of reaction abilities in different age categories of judo athletes.
Buriánek, Adam ; Heller, Jan (advisor) ; Harsa, Pavel (referee)
Title: Monitoring of reaction abilities in different age categories of judo athletes Objectives: The aim of the thesis was to assess the influence of judo on the reaction abilities among different age groups of judo athletes. This finding should help to develop a view of necessity of focusing on reaction abilities during exercise unit. Methods: During the research a reactometer was used to capture simple and complex reaction time to visual stimulus and tactile response. Overall 166 individuals (100 men, 66 women) took part of the monitoring from which 3 were excluded. Every proband has undergone one test measurement (5 stimuls at least) and two evaluated ones (20 seconds each). The shorter - reaction time score was consider as a result for the particular test. The outcomes were utilized via Kruskal - Wallis test, Pearsons's and Spearman's correlation coefficient, Mann - Whitney's test and others. Results: The biggest difference between reaction period was observed between the age group of 8-10 and older groups. This category has also significantly differed in reaction period and the highest median. Statistically any notable difference was not confirmed among judo athletes and our control group in contrary with the situation between individual age categories. The hypothesis of judo athletes training...
The emotion-paradox in schizophrenia spectrum disporders
Keřková, Barbora ; Raboch, Jiří (advisor) ; Harsa, Pavel (referee) ; Timmers, Renee (referee)
THE EMOTION-PARADOX 1 Abstract The emotion-paradox in schizophrenia describes a dissociation between the grossly impaired perception of emotion and relatively preserved experience thereof. Most posit that the emotion-paradox arises from a generalized emotion perception impairment. Others counter that it represents an artefact of methodological restrictions or a separate dissociation between explicit and implicit emotion. This thesis aimed to explain the emotion-paradox in schizophrenia and resolve the competing interpretations of its root. Two studies were conducted to this end. The studies drew from the same sample, including 45 persons with schizophrenia of various symptomatology, and 45 controls with no psychiatric anamnesis or familial history of schizophrenia. The groups did not differ in age, gender, education or music education. In Study 1, the participants listened to musical stimuli and rated their perception and experience of the valence and arousal that these stimuli relayed. In Study 2, the participants completed a newly developed emotional Stroop task, in which they identified the colour of a series of neutral and negative descriptors of positive, negative, or no symptoms of schizophrenia. Findings of Study 1 indicated: a) that persons with schizophrenia recognize musical emotions as accurately...
Perception of radiation burden and of examination in patients undergoing computed tomography.
Lambertová, Alena ; Harsa, Pavel (advisor) ; Ptáček, Radek (referee) ; Křivánek, Jiří (referee)
Purpose: The aim of the first part of this work was to evaluate the trend of the number of head CT examinations in patients with minor head injury in emergency service and to find out whether it has objective causes. The aim of the second part was to assess patients' knowledge regarding the CT examination, its risks, the source of their information and to evaluate the effect of providing information about the CT examination in a printed form. Method: In the first part of the work, we extracted data from the radiological module of the hospital information system. We searched for head CT scans in patients with minor head injury and their input characteristics and findings on CT. Further data were obtained from the hospital, the Institute of Health Information and Statistics and the Czech Statistical Office. Trends of regression curves were compared by F-test, correlation of trends was expressed using Spearman's coefficient. The second part of the work was based on a questionnaire for patients scheduled for CT scan of the body. The questionnaire included demographic data as well as items assessing patients' awareness of the risks of radiation exposure, intravenous contrast media, their sources of information and their fear of the examination. On the second page, Zung's Anxiety Scale was printed. On...
Substance abuse among the top bodybuilders in the Czech Republic
Hoffmanová, Jana ; Harsa, Pavel (advisor) ; Šejvl, Jaroslav (referee)
In the last few years, the interest in bodybuilding has increased but unluckily it is often accompanied by taking doping substances. At this time, we have been already informed about anabolic steroids exclusively through the media spreading the news about the doping scandals of top athletes. Although many books were written about doping and bodybuilding, their first publishing was dated to 2000 and the literature today mainly focuses on nutrition and training. The goal of my thesis was to map the view of top bodybuilders on doping at the professional and hobby level and their knowledge of the effects of prohibited substances. The qualitative research was made by the series of dialogues that were semi-structured and with the agreement of respondents. The information was recorded on a dictaphone, transcribed and edited. The main research questions were based on the risks that are bodybuilders aware of, their motivation for the sports and possible use of the prohibited substances. They were also asked about their experience of the addiction to them. According to the research, the athletes are well-informed about all the risks. The majority of them are regular users of excessive amount. The motivation for the bodybuilding and taking doping is different, but they have something in common. It is the...
Victimization of persons with serious mental illness.
Černý, Martin ; Vevera, Jan (advisor) ; Harsa, Pavel (referee) ; Látalová, Klára (referee)
Purpose: To estimate a) the state of the research of violent behavior and victimization of patients suffering with schizophrenia; b) to identify the prevalence of violent behavior and victimization in patients with schizophrenia and to study predictors of violent behavior. Method: a) detailed analysis of relevant studies in the PubMed database; b) data on violent behavior and victimization in the last six months, physical and sexual abuse in childhood and adolescence, substance abuse and post traumatic stress disorder were gathered in 158 patients with psychotic illness and matched comparison group. Additional information was collected from collateral informants. Several regression analysis was used to identify factors independently associated with recent violent behavior. Results: a) From relevant studies of patients suffering with schizophrenia 72% (n=176) exemined aggressive behavior, 23% (n=55) victimization, and 5% (n=13) both. b) In the sample, the presence of a psychotic disorder was associated with an increased risk of assaults (OR=3.80; 95% CI 2.060-7.014). Additional risk factors in persons with and without psychosis included recent physical victimization (OR=7.09; 95% CI 3.922-12.819), childhood maltreatment (OR=3.15; 95% CI 1.877-5.271), the level of drug use (OR=1.13; 95% CI 1.063-...
Moving therapy as a part in long term drug users treatment - case studies serie and focus group of the clients in therapeutic community
Musílková, Eva ; Slepička, Pavel (advisor) ; Harsa, Pavel (referee)
Rigorous work deals with the importance of physical activities as a part of rigorous regiments of therapeutic communities. Thesis with the empirical- qualitative research character has the ambition of trying to offer the benefits of therapy by movement and sport through the eyes of clients. The processes of finding individual boundaries and physical limits, self-motivation, interaction, and the influence of group dynamics on their own physical performance depend on the progress of the client's convalescence, throughout the stabilization of his mental and physical health at the time of abstinence. Long-term use of addictive substances has a key effect on the physical fitness of users, frequent (and often not non-complicated) psychomotor and somatic comorbidity play a big role in finding and finding their own physical and mental limits. Research part of the thesis is conceived as a serie of case studies and one focus group with clients in particular therapeutic community for drug abusers. Research data was collected through semi-structured interviews, during the interview also situation curve was created by each respondent and following inquiry was performed. The research team consisted of 6 clients. The focus group was realized with complete staff of the therapeutic community. All - clients find...

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