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The Relationship between a Coach and an Athlete Suffering from Eating disorder: Case Studies
Stibůrková, Kamila ; Harsa, Pavel (advisor) ; Peřinová, Radka (referee)
Title: The Relationship between a Coach and an Athlete Suffering from Eating disorder: Case Studies Objectives: The bachelor thesis aims to evaluate the relationship between a coach and an athlete suffering from an eating disorder. I aim to identify correlations emerging from individual case studies of participants who were coached, while also dealing with an eating disorder. My primary focus is analyzing the coach's behavior and its impact on the athlete within this context, particularly regarding trust and communication. Methods: In my thesis, I decided to do qualitative research in the form of semi-structured interviews. Then I created 4 case studies describing the stories of sportswomen who suffered from an eating disorder in the past. Results: Research results show that coaching behaviors and interactions can play a key role in the development of eating disorders in athletes. The analysis of the cases of female respondents shows that coaches who show insufficient understanding, inappropriate communication, and pressure to perform can contribute to negative self-evaluation and a decrease in self-confidence in athletes. These are all factors associated with the development of eating disorders. Keywords: eating disorders, anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, coach-athlete relationship, mental health,...
Analysis of dual diagnoses in the Outpatient Service for children and adolescents of the Department of Addictology
Jandáč, Tomáš ; Šťastná, Lenka (advisor) ; Harsa, Pavel (referee) ; Čerešník, Michal (referee)
Univerzita Karlova 1. lékařská fakulta Studijní program: doktorský Studijní obor: adiktologie Mgr. Tomáš Jandáč Analýza duálních diagnóz v provozu Ambulance dětské a dorostové adiktologie (abstrakt v anglickém jazyce) Analysis of dual diagnoses in the Outpatient Service for children and adolescents of the Department of Addictology (abstract in English) Disertační práce Školitelka: Mgr. Lenka Šťastná, Ph.D. Konzultant: doc. MUDr. et PhDr. Kamil Kalina, CSc. Praha, 2023 Abstract Background - With the emergence of the new concept of child and adolescent addiction medicine and the Czech Guidelines in Addiction Medicine, there is a need to describe the target population of children and adolescents with dual diagnoses. Although this issue is well described in the adult population, there is insufficient support in the czech literature for the pediatric population. Aims - The aim of the study is to determine the prevalence of dual diagnoses in patients of the Outpatient Service of Children and Adolescent Addictology of the Department of Addictology of the 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University and General University Hospital in Prague. Another aim is to determine whether and what relationships exist between the type of substance used or between non-substance dependence and other mental illnesses. The third...
The Impact of Body Weight Manipulation on Cognitive Performance and Present Psychological State in Combat Sports
Hrdlička, Jaroslav ; Pavelka, Radim (advisor) ; Harsa, Pavel (referee)
Title: The Impact of Body Weight Manipulation on Cognitive Performance and Present Psychological State in Combat Sports Objectives: The main objective of this diploma thesis is to investigate how Rapid Weight Loss (RWL) and subsequent Rapid Weight Gain (RWG) affect the cognitive performance and psychological state of combat sports athletes. A secondary objective is to examine the effects of these practices on body composition and, in the case of RWL, the effects on Urine Specific Gravity (USG). Methods: General information regarding pre-competition body weight manipulation experiences was obtained from 19 combat sports athletes who underwent weight reduction over a period of 7 days, followed by a 2-hour recovery period. Cognitive performance was assessed through various tests (simple reaction time test, choice reaction time test, and DSST) before and after RWL, and after RWG. Psychological state was assessed using standardized questionnaires (BRUMS and PANAS) before, during and after RWL, and after RWG. During RWL, USG and the methods used for RWL were also monitored. Results: The athletes reduced their body weight by 4.9% and subsequently regained 2.6% of body weight. RWL significantly impaired simple reaction time by 5.6% (16 ms). RWL also resulted in a statistically significant deterioration of...
Coping Strategies and Burnout in Family Caregivers of People with Mental Illness
Suchánková, Eliška ; Harsa, Pavel (advisor) ; Michalec, Jiří (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on relationship between burnout and coping strategies in family caregivers of people with mental illness in diagnostic category F20-F29 in ICD- 10. The literature section of thesis briefly describes the family member in the context of this thesis, describes the diagnostic category in terms of symptoms and the course of a mental illness and options for psychoeducation for family caregivers in Czech Republic. The theoretical part focuses in detail on stress and related mental states of family caregivers, especially on burnout syndrome and its correlates. This follows up with chapter on the current state of knowledge of family caregiver's coping, which mainly emphasizes the correlates of coping strategies. The research part has a quantitative character and its main goal is to explore the relationship between burnout syndrome and coping strategies. The second goal is to report the most common coping strategies and the level of burnout syndrome to help describe the sample of family caregivers of people with mental illness. There was found statistically significant positive correlation between burnout syndrome and negative coping strategies. The results of analysis were further discussed with the results of the studies mentioned in the theoretical part together with the...
Prism adaptation treatment of spatial neglect
Vilimovský, Tomáš ; Harsa, Pavel (advisor) ; Dostálová, Veronika (referee) ; Habermannová, Markéta (referee)
Spatial neglect (SN) is a common cognitive disorder after brain injury. Spatial neglect impedes functional recovery, leading to reduced rehabilitation gains and slowed recovery. Prism adaptation treatment (PAT) is one of the promising interventions for SN albeit inconsistent results from previous studies. The main goal of this thesis was to implement PAT in into a highly intensive rehabilitation program and evaluate its effectiveness on reduction of SN symptoms and adverse effects of SN on rehabilitation outcomes. In our first study we carried out a comparison intervention (PAT vs. Sham) and aimed to evaluate the efficacy of PAT on visuospatial symptoms of SN in an inpatient rehabilitation setting that offered a highly intensive comprehensive brain injury rehabilitation program. The objective of the second study was to investigate whether integrating PAT into this rehabilitation program eliminates the negative impact of spatial neglect on functional and motor recovery. Although SN symptoms were reduced in both groups, we found no difference between the two groups in the degree of improvement. In addition, the average SN recovery rates were higher in the PAT group compared to Sham group, but this discrepancy did not reach statistical significance. Thus, the first study suggests that PAT may...
Stress and coping strategies in sport
Beránková, Terezie ; Harsa, Pavel (advisor) ; Mudrák, Jiří (referee)
Title: Stress and coping strategies in sport Objective: The aim of this thesis was to investigate, based on the information obtained, how elite and recreational athletes cope with stress in a stressful situation. Whether there are significant differences within gender, level and type of sport performed. Methods: A quantitative research design with a survey method was chosen to meet this objective. The chosen questionnaire SVF-78 was sent to the selected respondents by email. The information obtained was analysed in a discussion. Results: The findings of the research are presented in tables, graphs and are accompanied by comments for better clarity. The data obtained were evaluated and compared with the literature. Key words: stress, research, questionnaire, athlete, success
The effect of parental education on preschool children on social network audience
Partlová, Iva ; Harsa, Pavel (advisor) ; Kmoch, Vladimír (referee)
Background: These high-speed modern times are moving forward rapidly. Modern technology is getting into the hands of everyone whether we want it or not, unfortunately even our youngest. We all learn from those around us and imitate the behavior of others from a young age, especially from our parents. Aims: The main aim of this research is to map the patterns of parental behaviour regarding the use of social networking sites and the access to electronic devices of their children who are actively attending nursery school. Methods: Data were collected using an anonymous questionnaire survey. There were 136 responses in total, which were filled in, either in writing or online. The hand written questionnaires were carefully transcribed into excel spreadsheets and then analysed. Results: Children are definitely influenced by their parents in terms of screen use and what activities they seek out most on screens. Parents are most in favor of restrictive mediation. The next most represented is active mediation. Parents with a high school diploma or college education are the most likely to lend their electronic device (cell phone, computer or laptop). 6 year old children spend the most time on social media. The most time spent on social media was one hour per day. Preschoolers are not at all influenced by...
The relation between healthy lifestyle and alcohol consumption among college students
Mráčková, Josefína ; Harsa, Pavel (advisor) ; Šejvl, Jaroslav (referee)
BACKGROUND: A healthy lifestyle is a popular topic nowadays, even among college students. However, the use of alcohol, which is associated with the lives of college students for various reasons, such as stress or sudden life changes, is also widespread. OBJECTIVES: The aim of this research was to find out whether there is a difference in the level and patterns of alcohol use between a group of healthy living college students and unhealthy living college students at different universities in the Czech Republic. METHODS: The research was conducted in the form of a quantitative questionnaire survey on a sample of college students in the Czech Republic. The questionnaire was distributed through social networks, and consisted of questions created on the basis of the theoretical part of this research and questions for alcohol use from the ESPAD study (Chomynová, Csémy, Grolmusová & Sadílek, 2014). The research group consisted of 150 respondents, namely 114 women and 36 men, and was subsequently divided into two groups. The healthy living group consisted of 77 respondents and the unhealthy living group of 73 respondents who either used an addictive substance or did not engage in any physical activity. RESULTS: Of the healthy group, 13 % of respondents reported current abstinence, while in the unhealthy...
How covid-19 affected the risk of schopping addiction
Kloučková, Kateřina ; Harsa, Pavel (advisor) ; Kmoch, Vladimír (referee)
Background: The coronavirus and its consequences have affected the lives of many people.What effect did they have on respondent's shopping behavior? Did they mean a bigger risk of shopping addiction? Aim: The main aim of the research is to find out whether the respondents noticed a change in their shopping behavior during the lockdown in 2021 and whether this change meant a bigger risk of shopping addiction. Methods: Data were obtained in the form of quantitative research using a questionnaire survey, which was extended by qualitative research, conducted by the method of semi-structured interview. Results: From the respondent's point of view, anti-epidemic measures affected their shopping behavior. Some respondents at the time of the lockdown (2021) showed more signs of pathological shopping than outside this period. These signs include more frequent shopping, shopping for unnecessary things, the urge to spend money or shopping as a retail therapy. The respondents mentioned in the case study experienced a big progression of signs of shopping addiction during the coronavirus pandemic. Conclusion and reccomendation: Shopping addiction should be seen as a serious problem. Some people may be at risk of developing addiction during mentally demanding periods or situation, when they do certain activities...
The prevalence of substance abuse in chlidren's homes
Portmannová, Jana ; Harsa, Pavel (advisor) ; Kmoch, Vladimír (referee)
Base: The use of addictive substances is still an actual problem as well as primary prevention which should be in the center of focus. Children in orphanage are a group with higher risk due to the absence of strong parental element in their life. They can also suffer from various psychical problems. Aim: The aim of this thesis is to map the misuse of additive substances in children's homes and describe the problems connected to it from the point of view of guardians and how can those problems be solved. Methods: The questionnaire was chosen for the data collection. The answers had been collected for two months and then evaluated by Google Forms and Microsoft Office Word. Two groups were addressed - clients od children's home and one guardian of the same home. Results: The questionnaire proved that most of the children had used the addictive substances, most of them are addicted to at least one and even though the primary prevention is present in those establishments. Conclusions: Clients in children's homes are a group with higher risk and it is necessary to pay special attention to prevention and risk factors. Key words: Addictive substances, primary prevention, orphanage, risk group, risk factors

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