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Selected physical abilites and golf skills in relation to the performance in elite junior golf players
Brožka, Matěj ; Zahálka, František (advisor) ; Halada, Andrej (referee) ; Zháněl, Jiří (referee)
Title: Selected physical abilities and golf skills in relation to the performance in elite junior golf players Objectives: The aim of the study was to objectify the level of golf skills and physical abilities and to identify the inter-relationships between the individual determinants of performance during the long-term development of elite junior golf players. The sub-objectives of the thesis were to: develop a valid and reliable golf skills test battery; objectify the level of physical abilities in relation to energy generation during the golf swing; objectify the level of individual golf skills in relation to game performance; and identify key determinants of performance over the long-term development of elite junior golf players. Methods: The thesis consists of one standardization study and two longitudinal-survey studies involving a total of 30 elite junior golfers (13-18 years old). Perennial year testing was conducted in laboratory and field conditions. Participants were measured in the level of individual golf skills using a developed golf skills test battery and also underwent measurements of anthropometric parameters, body composition parameters and physical abilities, more specifically muscle strength of the extensors and flexors of the knee and explosive muscle strength during vertical...
Reactions of Foreign Performers of Popular Music to Selected Social Issues in the 21st Century
Krajdl, Erik ; Kruml, Milan (advisor) ; Halada, Andrej (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the reactions of foreign performers of popular music to selected social issues in the 21st century. The diploma thesis is divided into a theoretical part, a research methodology and an empirical part. In the theoretical part, the development of popular music is described and its genres are introduced. Selected social issues of today are also theoretically explained. Qualitative analyzes and research questions are defined in the research methodology. The empirical part includes two main types of research. In the first phase, a qualitative analysis of the content of musical texts together with a qualitative analysis of foreign media content is used on musical texts from this century. In-depth interviews are conducted in the second phase of the empirical part. In the conclusion, the results of the empirical part are interpreted and summarized. The aim of this diploma thesis is to find out, through qualitative analyzes and research questions, how world celebrities from the field of popular music stand towards selected social issues of the 21st century and what impact their opinions can have on the general public. The benefit of this diploma thesis is the analysis of the influence of musical texts and world-famous artists on the listeners thinking. Music is a big part of...
Comparison of rap lyrics contents in the USA and the Czech Republic
Beránek, Antonín ; Halada, Andrej (advisor) ; Hroch, Miloš (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with a comparison of the content of trap music lyrics in the USA and the Czech Republic. It examines eleven Czech and eleven US songs with the aim of finding out in which topics the lyrics from both countries differ. I hypothesize that the differences in the themes present in Czech and US rap song are due to different socio-cultural influences. The theory part deals with the definition of the basic concepts related to the topic, the history and development of the genre in both countries and the socio-cultural background which influenced the emergence of rap and it's subgenre trap. In addition, it also examines the rap audience, trying to define whether/how rap fans differ from the general population, and in doing so, aiming to provide a better understanding of the connection between the genre and its fans. The final theme discussed in the theory part are streaming services, mainly YouTube, which was used for the purposes of the research. In the empirical part, qualitative content analysis is used to answer the following research questions: (1) How does the frequency of themes contained in the most listened to songs written by Czech musicians and US musicians differ? (2) Is there a greater representation of original trap music themes in songs currently produced in the US...
Present authorship prehension of journalism genre of film review
Marek, Jan ; Kruml, Milan (advisor) ; Halada, Andrej (referee)
This thesis focuses on present prehension of publicistic genre of film review by its authors and seeks for its differences from original theoretical definitions including the reasoning and question on its future change. Derivation of our research is confirmation of hypothesis which was conclusion of previous bachelor thesis and it speaks of transformational tendency of film reviews in time. Combination of quantitative and qualitative technique gathering data, therefore questionnaire survey with present-day film reviewers and semi-structured interviews with well-known figures, aims to the most perfect capturing of their present output, equipment for it and values, but also theirs own authorship opinions about points of importance within writing about movies and how it is changing in time and eventually where it is heading.
Analysis of Renault brand's image in the Czech motoring media
Breburda, Jan ; Hejlová, Denisa (advisor) ; Halada, Andrej (referee)
Master thesis Analysis of Renault brand image in Czech motoring media describes individual components that constitute image of Renault car manufacturer in selected Czech motoring media in 2017. The thesis contains a contextual part that describes the specifics of motoring media in the Czech Republic and their relationship with PR departments of automotive importers. The description of the brand image is subsequently created through a combination of quantitative content analysis and critical discourse analysis by Teun van Dijk. The aim of the this discourse analysis is to verify the existence of the stereotypical depiction of the Renault brand on the basis of its French origin and for that purpose the discourse
Publicistic portrait of Roman Zajíček - the world-class luthier from Kolín
Fryml, Filip ; Lokšík, Martin (advisor) ; Halada, Andrej (referee)
The thesis is focused on journalistic portrait as a complete genre in the current documentary field. The theoretical part is focused on the technical elements which this type of documentary should cover. It includes preparations for the shooting, how to act at the shooting and what to be aware of. I also mentioned the importance of communication with the person so that the final portrait would be as natural as possible. At last I focused on the basic rules of editing which need to be followed. In the practical part is explained how I managed to apply the theoretical knowledge during shooting and editing of the journalistic portrait Guitars' chef. Apart from the specialized literature I also drew on my personal experience during the shooting, which I gained throughout my work in the audiovisual field.
History and expansion of czech golf in 1990-2015
Halada, Andrej ; Waic, Marek (advisor) ; Štumbauer, Jan (referee) ; Strachová, Milena (referee)
Andrej Halada: The history and the development of Czech golf since its inception until the contemporary period. This work focuses on the development of Czech Golf during the 20th century as well as on its remarkable spread in the period following the Velvet Revolution. The six main chapters of this thesis chronologically describe the important moments and events associated with the rise of Czech golf. Within this thesis, I focus specifically on the following topics. The existence of the Golf Union ČSR. The early developments of Czech Golf until the year 1948 with a particular focus on the second half of the 1930's. Golf during the era of the communist regime 1948 -1989 and the social implications of the period on its development. The dynamic development of golf in the Czech Republic in the context of general development of the game in Western Europe at the end of the 20th century. The Golf course as the main element of the game and the conditions used for establishing and running in relation to its landscape, natural environment and demand. The presence of golf in Czech public media and its gradual transition into Czech public broadcasting. The abovementioned chapters, although each providing a different picture, are used to make up a chronologically organized study aimed at summarizing over a century of...
Czech music magazines in the beginning the 21 century
Klézl, Tomáš ; Halada, Andrej (advisor) ; Hroch, Miloš (referee)
1 Annotation (abstract) The bachelor thesis Czech music magazines in the beginning of the 21st century focuses on printed music magazines which were published between the years 2001 and 2019 in the Czech Republic. The local music magazine market went through several different changes over this period. The objective of this thesis is to describe its evolution and to create profiles of the individual periodicals. The currently active music magazines are Fakker, Full Moon, Harmonie, Hudební rozhledy, Opus musicum, Rock & Pop and Spark. The thesis examines history, staff, publisher, circulation, specialization and internet activity of each these magazines and describes the content of one selected issue. The thesis also deals with the music magazines which were published during the selected era, but were cancelled or transformed into a digital format, that means Bbarák, Filter, Folk and Country, HIS Voice, Music, Report, Rock & All and XMag. The thesis examines the history, staff, publisher and specialization of each of these magazines and describes the content of one selected issue. The thesis also contains a brief timeline of the history of Czech music magazines and provides definitions of several journalistic terms.
Media response to music artwork of Karel Kryl
Říhová, Michaela ; Čeňková, Jana (advisor) ; Halada, Andrej (referee)
The bachelor thesis Karel Kryl and media reception of his work aims to map the response to music creation and partly also to the poetry of Karel Kryl in contemporary journals. Besides the chapter containing media response, there is a part describing biography and creative production of Karel Kryl as well as the chapter that aims to cover the interpretation of the artworks. The results of this thesis were achieved by the qualitative analysis of media reception alike as other publications. Time frame of media response is copying the period of Kryl's artistic production - which means the period from 60's to his death in 1994.

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