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iReporters of Czech televisiion - shoot videos and become a star
Janásová, Vendula ; Lokšík, Martin (advisor) ; Géla, František (referee)
The dissertation analyzes the iReporter project, which allows viewers to become involved in Czech Television broadcasting. The dissertation is divided into theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part deals with participatory (citizen) journalism, both abroad and in the Czech Republic. I attempt to outline the history and present of public involvement in the production of news, with a focus on TV- related participatory journalism and Czech Television in particular. The dissertation describes the way in which viewers became increasingly involved in TV broadcasting over time, be it in movies, TV series, entertainment programs or news reporting. I also explain how television began to utilize new media, mobile journalism and social networks, all of which brought it much closer to its viewers. The theoretical study is followed by a practical part focused on the iReporter project. For example, it provides information about the people in charge of the project, the number of participating contributors, the process a video takes to get on the screen, the regions with the most active iReporters and the programs/shows which use their videos the most. This is followed by a mapping of the iReporters' weekly activities to show, for example, the proportion of the most active contributors, the most popular topics...
Utilization of TV Touch Screen (plasma) in CT24 News
Prokeš, Martin ; Lokšík, Martin (advisor) ; Géla, František (referee)
In this thesis, the author deals with a topic focusing on use of plasma screens and plasma technologies in contemporary news channel CT24 broadcasting. The thesis is contained of theoretical and practical part. In the theoretical part, the author summarizes existing findings of the television news field. The theoretical part includes a basic definition of television news and its subsequent changes, primarily because of digitalization process. In the connection with digitalization, the author also deals with new formats of television news, such as TV graphics. In the second half of theoretical part, the author focuses on characteristics of Czech Television and CT24 news channel. It contains of brief description of programs and studies, from which CT24 broadcasts, and which are closely related to use of plasma technologies. In the practical part, the author then focuses on the specific use of plasma technologies in the broadcast of CT24 channel. First, the author offers a basic division of what these elements are used for in broadcasting. Based on his own experience and interviews with Czech Television staff, he then describes the use of plasma technologies in individual programs and studios and offers their comparison.
Seniors working with new technologies and media
Štokrová, Aneta ; Lokšík, Martin (advisor) ; Novotný, David Jan (referee)
This written bachelor's thesis focuses on media literacy of seniors. This written part complements the information related to the practical output, which is a short audiovisual film in which the author documents her grandparents and their way of working with new technologies. At the theoretical level, this written part of the practical thesis deals mainly with the phenomenon of disinformation, chain e-mails and also mentions projects related to the education of seniors.
Interactive methods of TV presenting (plasma,full graphics) and their usage in ČT24 news prgrammes
Gastová, Tereza ; Lokšík, Martin (advisor) ; Géla, František (referee)
In this thesis the author deals with the phenomenon of broadcast presentation with the help of graphic accompaniment, which is displayed on a large-format background during the studio performance of a news anchor. This thesis focuses on what the preparation and production of these articles entails, how they are handled and how various members of the television crew are involved in the whole process. This is achieved through interviews with several employees of the ČT24 news channel. Individual phases are represented by three selected programs produced by ČT24. Their broadcast throughout one specific day is then examined by the method of qualitative analysis of the content and describes which forms of interactive contributions were applied. The introductory part of the thesis offers basic theoretical background. It introduces the general concepts associated with the researched phenomenon and consequently deals with digitisation, the characteristics of ČT24 broadcast studios, and lastly, the role of the news presenters and news graphics.
Usage of social network Instagram for news coverage in case of the Czech Television
Kohlová, Barbora ; Lokšík, Martin (advisor) ; Macková, Veronika (referee)
This thesis examines the social network Instagram as a means of news coverage, specifically in case of the Czech Television. The theoretical part of the thesis brings a complex description of Instagram including its evolution and the most important terms. The practical part brings results of quantitative analysis of the form and content of posts added to instagram profile ct24zive in 30 following days. For better context we also simultaneously analyze profile bbcnews. The aim of this thesis is to compare two approaches to management of Instagram profile of public service media. The BBC fits the environment of social media by bringing entertaining, soft news content. On the contrary, the Czech TV tries to provide complex news service for young audience for which Instagram is one of the most important sources of information. Description of these different approaches could inspire other media in creating and managing their Instagram profiles. The research also focuses on the way of using defined instagram in- struments. The results are discussed with the Czech TV in order to offer other ideas of managing their Instagram profile ct24zive. 1
Historical reenactment as a cultural phenomenon
Svoboda, Ondřej ; Lokšík, Martin (advisor) ; Čeňková, Jana (referee)
The goal of this bachelor's thesis is to present the author's journalistic documentary Historical reenactment as a cultural phenomenon. The theoretical part of the thesis focuses on defining the journalistic document as a genre, methods used during its making and a short introduction into the history of the perceived phenomenon. The practical and main part of the thesis is the documentary itself. Many of us have at least once bumped unto people dressed in historical costumes on the subway, on the bus or in the streets. If we discount fans of fantasy books and movies going to their meetings, it might have probably been a historical reenactor. A person, who dedicates their free time to reconstruct historical events and we usually meet them at city fairs. Most of their events, however, are closed to the public. Even though their original purpose was to break stereotypes and enjoy medieval times in the way it really felt. Every piece of costume, every weapon or tent are hours upon hours of work, searching in archives and sewing. The motivations of these people are the topic of this film. It also encounters their stances and hobby with experimental archaeologists, who are thanks to their jobs very close to the matter.
News Comics as the new form of online reporting on ČT24 website
Králová, Helena ; Lokšík, Martin (advisor) ; Čeňková, Jana (referee)
This bachelor's thesis concerns News Comics, which online journalists from Czech Television have published on the ČT24 website since 20th May 2019. This format connects comics and television news and its main purpose is to attract a young audience to the content that Czech Television produces. The concept of News Comics consists of journalists choosing television news reports from broadcasted news programs and transforming them into multi-paged comics. This bachelor's thesis practically covers the process of producing News Comics, which has accelerated considerably because of using mobile application. Furthermore, I mention all of the staff members who are involved in the process of production and I describe what topics News Comics cover. The main purpose of this thesis is to confirm whether or not the targeted young audience is truly reading News Comics. Additionally, I ask if the artists behind the comics are meeting the central values of the news alongside their artistic freedom. This thesis explores the different aspects of the two genres. Another part of the bachelor's thesis includes a brief history of comics and the transformation of Czech Television news content towards digital media with the growing presence of technology.

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