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The content and form evolution in modern Persian poetry
Kříhová, Zuzana ; Marek, Jan (advisor) ; Mirchi, Reza (referee)
Práce se zabývá fonnálními a obsahovými proměnami moderní perské poezie na pozadí společenského a literárního vývoje Íránu. Rozebírané období zahrnuje konec 19. století a pokračuje až do počátku islámské revoluce roku 1979. Studie obsahuje ukázky přeložené a přebásněné poezIe.
Modern women's narrative writing in Islamic countries (Iran - Saudi Arabia)
Vojtíšková, Věra ; Marek, Jan (advisor) ; Veselý, Rudolf (referee)
The aim of the thesis Modern Women's Narrative Writing in Islamic Countries (Iran - Saudi Arabia) is to compare the situation of women writers on the Iranian and Saudi literary stages, to give an overview of the literary activities of the women fiction writers from both countries, to track down thematic motifs in the chosen writers' works, and to compare the authors' approaches to particular motifs. In order that the view of the situation in both societies is complete, the thesis includes also a brief historical/political development of both states in the time relevant for the modern literary output, that is the 19th and 20th centuries till today. The second chapter serves the same purpose as the first one, it describes and compares the women's situation in the Iranian and Saudi societies, and the local women's movements, for there has always been a link between women's literary activities and their emancipatory efforts.
Translation and analysis of a chapter from the novel The Red Knight by Miles Cameron
Marek, Jan ; Richterová, Jana (advisor) ; Ženíšek, Jakub (referee)
This thesis deals with the translation of a chapter from a book called The Red Knight (2012) from English to Czech. It consists of three parts - the introduction, the theoretical part, the practical part together with the final analysis of phenomena in my translation. In the first part, besides the introduction, there is a summary of the novel as a first part of the fantasy cycle The Traitor Son. The practical part contains a mirror translation of the selected chapter. The theoretical part of this thesis explores some aspects of translation and explains why the translation in the practical part is created the way it is. The reasons for author's choices are based on scholarly literature, but also inspired by different fantasy novel translations. There is also a comparison between various typological differences between Czech and English. The result of this bachelor thesis is an attempt to translate an authentic part of a literary work from English to Czech with a focus on aspects which are essential to the translation.
Synthesis of microRNA-21 inhibitors
Vosátka, Jan ; Marek, Jan (advisor) ; Nováková, Veronika (referee)
Charles University in Prague Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Drug Control Student: Jan Vosátka Supervisor: PharmDr. Jan Marek, Ph.D. Consultant: Prof. Morten Grötli, Marta P. Carrasco, Ph.D. Title of diploma thesis: Synthesis of microRNA-21 inhibitors Nowadays structures which negatively suppress some pathological processes in the organism have been revealed, for example small molecules - microRNAs. For various diseases, such as cancer or cardiac fibrosis, specific types of microRNAs, which participate in pathological growth of these affected tissues, have been discovered. MicroRNAs, as a hot issue, has resulted in focusing on the creation of inhibitors of these small structures in different stages of their genesis. For this work miR- 21 occurring in some kinds of cancer and cardiovascular disease, mainly in cardiac fibrosis, has been used. The assays showed that the suppressing of miR-21 positively influences these pathological processes and 4-(2-phenylhydrazinyl)-N-prop-2-ynyl-benzamide was determined to be the appropriate inhibitor. This inhibitor contains azobenzene's moiety which allows the compound to interconvert between two isomers upon irradiation. In this way, this compound can be considered a photoswitchable molecule. The main goal of this...
Detergents based on quarternized nitrogenous heterocycles.
Marek, Jan ; Hrabálek, Alexandr (advisor) ; Jun, Daniel (referee)
This thesis is divided into three subsections. In the first part, there is described synthesis of seven already known benzalkonium homologues (C8-C20), which were used as a standard compounds for synthesis and analyzes of amphiphilic substances. The second part deals with preparation for other series of quartenary detergents having heteroaromatic rings (pyridine, isoquinoline, quinoline, acridine) in their structures. According to the analysis of the newly prepared compounds, we have prepared all pyridinium, quinolinium, isoquinolinium homoloques only. Our future forts will by focus on acridinium salts, which we were not able to prepare. Moreover, further biological activity evaluation was managed and its results will be obtained within several month. In the third part, the measurement of inhibition activity compared with acetylcholinesterase and critical micellar concentration was realized.
A comparison of lethal and maximum tolerated dose of standard acetylcholinesterase reactivators
Žárská, Nikola ; Kovařík, Miroslav (advisor) ; Marek, Jan (referee)
Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové Department of Biological and Medical Sciences Candidate Bc. Nikola Žárská Supervisor PharmDr. Miroslav Kovařík, Ph.D. Consultant Mgr. Martina Hrabinová Title of Thesis A comparison of lethal and maximum tolerated dose of standard acetylcholinesterase reactivators. Diploma thesis deals with the topic of nerve agents. Specifically, it demonstrates the reactivating effect of oxime HI-6 (at 100 % maximum tolerated dose and 5 % median lethal dose) on the acetylcholinesterase inhibited by sarin. The experiment was carried out in vivo in Balb/c mice. The treatment was administered either with oxime HI-6 alone, in the above- mentioned doses, or in combination with the parasympatholytic atropine. The change in activity of acetylcholinesterase was measured by spectrophotometrically method, modified by the Ellman, in blood and brain. There were no signs of sarin intoxication in mice, that where treated with 100 % maximum tolerated dose of HI-6, in compare to mice treated with atropine only and 5 % median lethal dose of HI-6, where the intoxication was observed. It was founded that after i.m administration of 100 % maximum tolerated dose, the HI-6 concentration reached 500 µM in plasma and 10 µM in brain. This concentration is safe, but for...
Pyrazine derivatives as potential drugs V.
Horová, Anna ; Marek, Jan (advisor) ; Holas, Ondřej (referee)
Charles University in Prague, Pharmaceutical Faculty in Hradec Králové Department: Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Drug Control Diplomate: Anna Horová Supervisor: PharmDr. Jan Marek, Ph.D. Title of Diploma Thesis: Pyrazine derivatives as potential drugs V. TBC is a specific world-wide infectious disease, compounded by increased migrations of people, the spread of HIV and the growth of MDR-TB, including extremely resistant strains. Precisely for the growth of MDR-TB resistant mycobacteria the work is focused on the preparation and development of other possible antituberculosis drugs (Pyrazine derivatives). Research into new medications lays emphasis on altering the effects of enzymes important for the vitality of mycobacteria. As part of my diploma thesis, pyrazine derivative modifications of clinical pyrazinamide medications were prepared. PZA is an important part of the short-term TBC treatment, having a sterile effect and the ability to work in an acidic environment and has a significant synergy with rifampicin. The small PZA molecule is a precursor to the pyrazine acid activated by pyrazinamide or nicotinamide. Hydrolysis of PZA in mycobacterial cells create Pyrazinecarboxylic acid (POA). In the experimental part, we have examined the variation molecules pyrazinamide and preparing the...
Molecular modeling study of potential acetylcholinesterase inhibitors .
Kratochvíl, Jakub ; Holas, Ondřej (advisor) ; Marek, Jan (referee)
Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradci Králové Department of: Pharmaceutical chemistry and drug control Consultant: PharmDr. Ondřej Holas, Ph.D. Student: Jakub Kratochvíl Title of Thesis: Molecular modeling study of potential acetylcholinesterase inhibitors. This diploma thesis deals with an utilization of molecular docking to confirm the ability to inhibit acetylcholinesterase and butyrylcholinesterase in several substances. Well known AChE inhibitors (donepezil, tacrine, galanthamine, huperzine A) were chosen as ligands binding to active site of the enzyme. Their activity was confirmed. Other substances with certain inhibition potential were studied and in most cases the potential was proven. Structures of cholinesterases from human body and Torpedo californica were used for studies. The experimental part was carried out on a computer using a molecular modeling software: MGL Tools, PyMOL, Chimera and Autodock Vina.
The life and times of Zia-ul-Haq
Došek, Roman ; Gombár, Eduard (advisor) ; Marek, Jan (referee)
ln my thesis I have been dealing with one of the most outstanding figure of the Pakistani history, general and president Zia-ul-Haq. Haq's origins were in Ju/lundhur City, he studied mi/itary school in Delh i, a nd after the pa rtition of Pakista n h e moved together with his family to Peshawar. Haq rose successfu/ly in the military ladder, ti/l the rank of General. Prime minister Bhutto chose him as a Chief of Army Staff believing, that this youngest of the generals would be easily manipulated. This proved to be fatal for Bhutto. Haq in a coup ďétat took over the rule of the country, and later in a fabricated process had hanged Bhutto. Haq took hold of the power for long eleven years. He stuck to the power by repressing the democracy, postponing the election and substantial changes of the constitution in his own benefit. Zia-ul-Haq 's regime is interesting in the domestic politics point of view, and especia/ly in the area of foreign politics.
A comparison of tacrine - phenothiazine derivatives in the efficacy of cholinesterase inhibition
Pulkrábková, Lenka ; Kovařík, Miroslav (advisor) ; Marek, Jan (referee)
Charles University in Prague Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové Department of Biological and Medical Sciences Candidate: Bc. Lenka Pulkrábková Supervisor: PharmDr. Miroslav Kovařík, Ph.D. Consultant: Mgr. Martina Hrabinová Title of diploma thesis: A comparison of tacrine - phenothiazine derivatives in the efficacy of cholinesterase inhibition Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a progressive fatal neurodegenerative disorder and the most common type of dementia. It is manifested by a variety of neuropsychiatric symptoms such as memory loss, social skills etc. Ethiology and pathogenesis of the disease has a multifactorial character and is not well known. Among the major pathological features belong: presence of neuronal loss, especially loss of cholinergic neurons, extracellular amyloid plaques, intracellular aggregates of hyperphosphorylated tau protein, oxidative stress etc. As AD is influenced by multiple factors, the main strategy in treatment is intervention multiple targets in the brain as well. Such drugs are denoted as multi-target- directed ligands (MTDLs) and they affect different molecular abnormalities of AD. The aim of this diploma thesis was the evaluation of the ability of tacrine- phenothiazine derivatives to inhibit cholinesterases (AChE, BChE). Derivatives with two to five carbons...

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