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Implementation of Structural Funds in Region Frýdlant, Comparison with Finland
Marek, Jan ; Háva, Petr (advisor) ; Kotlas, Petr (referee)
In recent years, the Structural Funds have been a very common phrase, which for many means hope and expectation of EU assistance, others use this phrase as a political instrument or as a lure for voters, and only a handful of scholars who already have the experience of EU funds, is perceived by the Structural Funds As a complicated administrative procedure. Structural funds have become an important tool and aid for all levels of government and self-government, as well as for non-profit, non-profit organizations and last but not least for entrepreneurs. Self-assembling priority structural policy objectives lose to reality if the way to achieve them leads through unnecessary administrative obstacles. That is why I focused on the implementation of the Structural Funds as a key factor in the area's ability to receive EU aid. I decided to map the level of experience and the level of readiness of the territory to draw on EU funding and compare it with the information I collected during my yearly studies in Finland, where I conducted a number of identical structured interviews with representatives of the public and business sectors at a level similar to The Frýdlant peninsula. I deliberately wanted to link the issue of SF implementation with the region facing the above-average unemployment and population...
Czech Healthcare Policy after 2010 in the Context of Heger's Reform
Řezníčková, Lucie ; Háva, Petr (advisor) ; Tušková, Eva (referee)
The diploma thesis "Czech Healthcare Policy after 2010 in the Context of Heger's Reform", deals with the significant institutional change that was implemented in Czech healthcare law during the right-wing government, which claimed its reforms were necessary in order to balance the budget. The aim of this work is to analyze the development of Czech healthcare policy in the period 2010-2013 with respect to the case of Heger's reform. This thesis uses different methods of analyzing the political process, for example methods of institutional analysis, critical discourse analysis, and other methods. The main theoretical basis of this work consists of a social critique of the neoliberal approach to Czech health care policy, and of a study of healthcare systems, their functions and goals, and a study of health policy and its changes. Attention is paid especially to the context of human rights related to health and the international discourse. This thesis identifies the arguments of neoliberal ideology in the policy-making of Czech healthcare policy makers in the process of justifying reforms. It evaluates the legitimacy of reform changes that don't accept the opinion of the public and don't respond to the international discourse, and investigates how the reform introduces new legal terminology which...
Change of health insurance in the Czech Republic after 2009 - Institucional Analysis
Vondráčková, Jana ; Háva, Petr (advisor) ; Potůček, Martin (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on changes in the system of sickness insurance in the Czech Republic since 2009. Based on the analysis of the development of social security in the context of neoliberal capitalism and economic globalization, the aim of the thesis was to reflect the ideological and factual basis and the legitimacy of the institutional change in the sphere of sickness insurance in connection with adoption of Act No. 187/2006 Coll., On sickness insurance and the discovery of socio-economic consequences of these changes. The theoretical basis of this thesis has been the institutional change in the sphere of sickness and the (non) legitimacy of the policy in this sphere of public finance reforms. Other theories have included the relationship of economic and social policy that they have been closely related to the theory of social state. The social state has been the beginning of the subject of aging, globalization and the recession of economic development in the last decades. In the empirical part of the thesis, with the use of the method of institutional analysis, critical discursive analyzes and interviews, the sphere of sickness insurance was examined in connection with the connection with the adoption of Act No. 187/2006 Coll., On sickness insurance and the socio-economic implications of...
Social exclusion and unemployment of Romas in the Czech Republic
Mayová, Jitka ; Čabanová, Bohumila (advisor) ; Háva, Petr (referee)
Submitted thesis follows the problem of social exclusion and unemployment of Romany people. It is based on sociological conception of social exclusion, and it deals with the exclusion from labour market too. Attention is focused to one of the main implications of the social exclusion from labour market, to the unemployment, also long term unemployment of Romas as a particular group, which is threatened on the labour market. The grounds of the problem are analyzed in the thesis. Emphasis poses on the possibilities of active employment policy, which is one of the pivotal components of the social inclusion policy. The thesis deals mainly with concrete examples of good practice which could be inspiration for the Czech active employment policy. These examples focus on goal-directed programs useful especially for creating new employment facilities for Romany people, on their re-qualification, or other projects applicable for reinforcement of prevention of social exclusion, as good as for reinforcement of social inclusion in individual regions. Powered by TCPDF (
Comparison of the organization systems of state monuments care in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia
Morawiec, Miroslav ; Háva, Petr (advisor) ; Novotný, Vilém (referee)
The Czech Republic is a country of a great number of historical sights. To protect them, the system of state preservation care has been established, the part of which are the Czech Ministry of culture, the Regional Councils' and Municipalities' with extended scope of authority Branches of Historical Sights Care and the National Historical Sights Institute. Nevertheless, the problem is that despite existing extensive system of state historical sights care there are cases of protection failure and progressive devastation and extinction of many cultural sights. The similar failures occur in Poland and Slovakia as well. The objective of this diploma thesis is to find out whether the present system of the sights care in the Czech Republic and comparable systems in the neighbouring countries - Poland and Slovakia secure the sufficient care of the cultural heritage, or if there are alternatives in organization of this area of the state administration. Subsequently, according to the available information it will be considered which of the systems of the state sights care seems to be the most suitable and effective for the defined role and at the same time the potential risks that can be caused by the particular systems will be identified. The following methods are used in my diploma thesis: Comparing -...
Access to victims of crime in terms of the interested state institutions
Provazník, Jan ; Cejp, Martin (advisor) ; Háva, Petr (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the policy for the access to the victims of crime. It focuses on activity of interested state institutions that cooperate with victims of crime. In today's approach victims of crime represent a group of people which is seen as people who need assistance. In Czech Republic this approach is reflected in adoption a law on crime victims that comes into force in 2013. Subject of modification of this law directed to defining rights of crime victim as a subject of special care provided by the state, modification of provision of financial support for victims of crimes provided by the state and assessment of legal basis for cooperation between state and organization that provides assistance to crime victims. Diploma thesis deals with reasons for this major legislative change in policy for the access to the victims of crime. It examines the law-making process and the adoption of the law and focuses on implementation of law through the authorities that is active in criminal proceedings and Probation and Mediation Service. It seeks to answer the question to what extent this measure fulfills the objectives. The contribution of diploma thesis is providing a comprehensive view of issue related to the access to the victims of crime as a subject of special care provided by the state....
The role of the citizens and civil participation - development or slow death of democracy?
Koubek, Richard ; Háva, Petr (advisor) ; Mička, Pavel (referee)
This thesis focuses on the central concept, which is civic participation. Problematic base is significant deficit of the czech democratic systém in relation to civic participation. This is reflected on practise through separation and undeveloped communication with citizens. Thesis strives to describe some of the causes of this. Term of civic participation is thinked of in relation to democracy, but also in the context of public policy and ethics. Thesis strives to capture the irreplaceable importance of civicparticipation in relation to development and stability of democratic mechanisms. Thesis is also focusing on its important function of checking the execution of public authority. Therefore, there are also analyzed different control tools (participatory control tools) which enable citizens to effective public control. The thesis points out the lack of ethical debate throughout the company, which has negativ impact not only for civic participation, but also for the quality of public policy and democracy as a whole. Explanation of mutually conditional relationship between civic participation, ethic and public policy and their benefits for democracy, is an important part of the thesis. The conclusion of thesis analyses two selected case studies through which approximates the reality of control by citizens...
Approach of the Czech Health Politics to Strategy Health 2020
Machová, Kamila ; Háva, Petr (advisor) ; Tušková, Eva (referee)
The aim of the thesis is the assessment of developments in the approach towards the "European" strategy Health 2020 by Czech political players while using methods of critical discourse analysis and the assessment of the development of the Health 2020 agenda during the period 2010-2012 in the context of previous activities of the World Health Organization. The approach of the Czech health care political players to the strategy had been assessed on the basis of governmental programmatic statements since 1998, the National Reform Program of Czech Republic 2011 and interviews with participants in the Czech health policy and Czech health care. The approach of Czech health policy towards the Health 2020 strategy had been evaluated as extremely problematic. The course of creation and discussion of Health 2020 in 2012 had become a critical barrier for the Czech Ministry of Health. As a result, no wider awareness of this strategy exists in Czech health policy, neither does exist a Czech translation of this strategy. Lastly, the goals of Czech health policy do not reflect in a single point of the goals of the Health 2020 strategy.
Character of the professionalisation of NGOs and its impact.
Dvořáková, Lenka ; Frič, Pavol (advisor) ; Háva, Petr (referee)
The theme of this thesis is the professionalization of NGOs, which can be defined as the transformation to a formal organization with professional management. The process of professionalization consist in job creations and/or the professional management. Jobs can be filled by professionals with volunteer experience or by professionals without volunteer experience. If NGO employs professionals with volunteer experience, the character of personnel professionalization is organic, otherwise is inorganic. The main objective of this thesis is to determine the difference in process, level and consequences of organic and inorganic professionalization of nonprofit organizations. The presumption is that the organic professionalization implies less negative impact on the nonprofit organization than inorganic professionalization. In the theoretical part terms like nonprofit sector, NGOs and professionalization are defined and the theoretical background related to the character of personnel professionalization is presented there. In the empirical part - based on the methodology - is the relationship between the character of personnel professionalization and the process, level and consequences of professionalization in two researched NGOs examined.
Advertising of OTC as a public policy issue
Kosinová, Kamila ; Tušková, Eva (advisor) ; Háva, Petr (referee)
This thesis deals with over-the-counter drugs and their consumption in the Czech Republic. It describes effects of over consumption of OTC on human health. According to data analysis, OTC consumption is connected with health risks and problems when used improperly. Thesis describes information about current consumption and misuse in the Czech Republic and worldwide. It also describes the regulations of OTC advertising. Advertisement does influence consumer's behaviour and it needs to be regulated. The sanctions of breaking the law are inappropriate because pharmaceutical companies do not lack money and it does not threaten them. The analytical part is dedicated to quantitative and qualitative analysis of the most popular OTC analgesics in the Czech Republic. The focus of the analysis is especially on the persuasive techniques used in advertising and how the OTC are displayed. In the end I suggest the possible solution and evaluate them.

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