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Tribune of athletic stadium in Zlín
Gregor, Martin ; Žižka, Lukáš (referee) ; Vajkay, František (advisor)
The Diploma thesis deals with the processing of project documentation of tribune construction and sporting facilities of athletic stadium in Zlin. Project documentation and attachments are processed according the current legislation, regulations and standards. The tribune is situated on a plot 1090/26, st.5541, which belongs to cadastral area of municipality Zlín, Hradská 854, Zlín. The premises takes up ground plan area of 988,5m2 and the carrying system is designed by skeletal system from prefabricated pieces. This three-storey building lies in natural slope and partly is embedded into in. Capacity of tribune is about 650 spectators and sporting facilities can use about 90 persons.
Heat treatment of hand tightening tools
Gregor, Martin ; Kouřil, Miloslav (referee) ; Doležal, Pavel (advisor)
Bachelor´s thesis deals with problems of heat treatment of hand tightening tools. Literary analysis is focused on the principles of heat treatment such as annealing, austenitizing, quenching and tempering. Attention is also focused on unconventional heat treatment technology using vacuum and furnace atmospheres based on nitrogen. Analysis of dividing and heat treatment of tool steels is another subject of literary research. In the experimental part are machinery and technological progress of the stock in the company Wera Werk s.r.o., which has more than 50 years engaged in the manufacture, sales and innovation of hand tightening tools. Following processing of the experimental material with a focus on heat treatment and mechanical properties indicate in laboratory tests. Based on the measured and statistically processed values of mechanical quantities is developed design optimization process of heat treatment of hand tightening tools of Wera Werk.
Formation of Hypereutectic Aluminium Alloys Using Sacrificial Coatings
Gregor, Martin ; Jech, David (referee) ; Čelko, Ladislav (advisor)
Master‘s thesis deals with the forming of hypereutectic aluminium alloys using sacrificial coatings. Literature research is focused on analysing the characteristics of aluminium and its alloys. Attention is also focused to the heat treatment of aluminium alloys and the influence of alloying elements on these alloys. Analysis of characteristics and increase the useful properties of Al - Ni alloys is another object of literary research. Attention is also focused to the analysis of thermal spraying methods by focusing on the principle of individual methods and the characteristics of the coatings made by these methods. The object of experimental part is to prepare the hypereutectic aluminium alloys using sacrificial nickel based coatings. This is an unconventional manufacturing process comprising coating the surface of the aluminium substrate with using HVOF technology and subsequent thermal exposure. Furthermore, the work deals with the metallographic evaluation of prepared samples with a particular focus on the influence of temperature and time of heat treatment on the final structure of the experimental samples.
Recovery and recrystallization of austenitic steel 08Cr18Ni10T
Čech, Jan ; Gregor, Martin (referee) ; Foret, Rudolf (advisor)
This thesis deals with influences of graded deformations, temperatures and holding times on the grains and subgrains size in steel 08Cr18Ni10T. In literary part of the thesis there are described static and dynamic annealing treatments, then also austenitic stainless steels and some selected types of their processing. In experimental part there is studied grain size on differently deformed samples annealed in temperature range 1050–1200 °C for 10, 50 and 100 minutes. Analysis of present structures units was perform by EBSD. Except of that, there were realized chemical analysis of selected inclusions and also hardness test were realised. Achieved measurement shown, that grain size of chosen steel is depended on all 3 variable values.
Detached family house
Gregor, Martin ; Tomíček, Oldřich (referee) ; Vajkay, František (advisor)
The Bachelor thesis deals with the processing of project documentation in the municipality Kostelany. The project documentation are processed according to the current legislation, regulations and standards. The detached family house is situated on a parcel 838/6, which falls within the cadastral area Kostelany. The land is linked to the transport and technical infrastructure. The ground area of the building is 306,1 square metres. The suporting structure is designed from the POROTHERM. The building is covered by an flat roof. The detached family house is situated on land slope and is embedded into it.
Analysis of the business strategy and potential challenges of Japanese fast fashion brand Uniqlo's entry into the CEE market
Mao, Haoxuan ; Gregor, Martin (advisor) ; Ramesh, Sangaralingam (referee) ; Paulus, Michal (referee)
Fast fashion is one of the fastest growing segments of the fashion industry. Benefitting from fast production cycles and extensive distribution channels to keep up with dynamic consumer preferences, Uniqlo is one of the world's top three fast-fashion brands, with overseas markets accounting for 48.7% of its total revenue. At a time when the business is currently preparing to enter the Central and Eastern European (Czech Republic) market, this paper analyses Uniqlo's overseas market strategy in three chapters, including its business strategy to enter the Czech market and potential opportunities and challenges. The data and information for this study were obtained from secondary sources such as company annual reports, websites, industry publications, information released by authoritative organisations, and official media interviews. The results of the study found that Uniqlo had adopted different strategies and had made strategic shifts in the Chinese, European, and Southeast Asian markets based on global consolidation and local responses. Furthermore, the results of the data analysed in the regression analysis indicate that strategic investments in human resources and administration have a significant positive impact on revenues. A comparison of Uniqlo's business strategies, alongside those of Zara...
Metal Detecting Ownership and Non-Ownership Motives
Hrušák, Jan ; Gregor, Martin (advisor) ; Kučera, Tomáš (referee)
This thesis addresses the phenomenon of hobby metal detecting in the Czech Republic, aiming to determine whether individuals' wealth influences the for- mation of detected finds collections. The mass spread of metal detecting in the Czech Republic since the 1990s has proven the significance of studying this activity. The phenomenon of metal detecting can be classified under contest theory, where agents make costly efforts to compete for a limited resource, which in this case is archaeological finds. From the standpoint of economics, a study about resources allocation, the metal detecting hobby can be an in- triguing topic for investigation. This thesis presents estimates of models based on five different datasets, each containing several thousands of observations obtained from a renowned Czech metal detecting website. The findings sug- gest that relatively wealthier metal detectorists are more likely to submit coins, but not artifacts. Given that coins form a relatively homogeneous group, the estimation results associated with coins might be applied to the formation of finds collections overall. Hence, the collecting of finds is likely to be negatively associated with an individual's socioeconomic status. JEL Classification D14, D61, D91, O33, Q01, Q32, Q34, Z13 Keywords hobby, private ownership,...
The Geography of the populist vote in Slovakia
Dusková, Natália ; Pertold-Gebicka, Barbara (advisor) ; Gregor, Martin (referee)
The success of populist political parties depends on a complex system of fac- tors that influence the voters. Researchers connect the phenomenon to several socio-demographic characteristics such as age, income, or education. It is in- sufficient to only study individuals and predict their decisions based on the metrics we know about them and the place they live in. It is also beneficial to examine the regions' influence on each other. This is why we turn not only to OLS, but also to multiple spatial models with various demographic and eco- nomic variables at the county and municipality levels to explain support for populist parties in Slovakia. Data from the two most recent parliamentary elections, in years 2016 and 2020, are analyzed and we zoom on local election results of two Slovak populist parties: SMER and ĽSNS. Analysis results point towards existence of significant spillover effects among Slovak regions - directly in support for both parties, as well as coming from observed and unobserved vote share determinants. Keywords populism, populist political parties, spatial anal- ysis, spatial models, vote share, Slovakia Title The geography of the populist vote in Slovakia Author's e-mail Supervisor's e-mail
Gender gap in math score: does teacher gender matter?
Scharf, Šimon ; Pertold-Gebicka, Barbara (advisor) ; Gregor, Martin (referee)
Even though quality and equal opportunities are regarded as generally desir- able in education, major differences in the study outcomes of girls and boys still exist. In this thesis, we try to assess the effect of a teacher's gender on the educational outcomes of pupils. Specifically, we use TIMSS data from 36 coun- tries to evaluate this effect on 4th grade students. To our knowledge, we are the first to utilize the Propensity Score Matching (PSM) approach to overcome the selection bias in this context. The results of the pooled analysis suggest that there is no significant effect of teachers' gender on girls but we observe a negative effect for boys. When considering each country separately, only in 4 countries do we find a significant effect of teacher's gender on students' test scores for boys. Of the 4 countries, only boys in Montenegro prosper with a same-sex teacher, while in 3 countries boys' achievement is hampered by a same-sex teacher. For girls, we find a robust positive effect in 4 countries and a negative effect in 3 countries. For both boys and girls, we find no significant robust effect of having a same-sex teacher in the majority of countries. Our findings contribute to the literature on the effects of teachers' gender, as well as, to the broader discussion of differences in the...

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