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Quantitative Link between Founder-CEOs and Total Shareholder Return
Chyba, Jakub ; Kočenda, Evžen (advisor) ; Gregor, Martin (referee)
In our work we aim to study the effect of Founder-CEO presence in a company on excess shareholder returns. Hence, this work continues in the footsteps of asset pricing literature studying statistical effects of variables such as of Beta, Size and Price to Book ratio. We gather data on panel of NASDAQ 100 companies and note presence of firm and time effect in our data. In this situation we use two methodologies to try to tackle the issues in our data. Specifically, we employ Hausman Taylor approach and Fama Macbeth regression. We find some evidence in favour of Founder-CEO effect, yet overall we arrive to inconclusive results. Our Hausman Taylor approach arrives to positive statistically significant effect at Founder- CEOs, while Fama Macbeth arrives to insignificant effect. We note that different issues with endogeneity might be an important factor behind the difference, yet we argue that given our options the methods employed are valid choices.
The Principles of Optimal Income Taxation Revisited
Janoušek, Richard ; Gregor, Martin (advisor) ; Dózsa, Martin (referee)
Univerzita Karlova v Praze Fakulta sociálních věd Institut ekonomických studií Charles University in Prague Faculty of Social Sciences Institute of Economic Studies Abstrakt/Abstract Název/Title The Princples of Optimal Income Taxation Revisited Překlad/Translation Přehled a zhodnocení principů optimálního zdanění Typ práce/Type of thesis bakalářská práce/bachelor thesis Autor/ka: Richard Janoušek Rok zpracování/Year 2013 Vedoucí práce/Supervisor PhDr. Martin Gregor Ph.D. Počet stran/Number of pages 60 Ocenění-pochvala/Disctinction Abstrakt česky Tématem této práce je optimální zdanění osob s nejvyššími příjmy. Toto téma již bylo předmětem mnoha dalších akademických prací posledních čtyřiceti let. Doporučení nedanit přijmy těchto osob přitáhlo k tématu pozornost a debata v posledních letech i nadále živě pokračuje. Tento fakt dal také podnět k shrnutí dané problamatiky a k diskuzi nejvíce relevantních příspěvků k aspektům zdanění příjmů. Obsahem této práce je nastínění základního informativního pozadí a vysvětlení dvou základních modelů, lineárního a nelinárního. Poté jsou shrnuty dosud nejdůležitější příspěvky, které jsou předmětem diskuze. Na závěr jsou popsány zajímavější a náročnější aspekty. Tato práce poskytuje solidní porozumění tématu a dává podnět pro budoucí práce za účelem nalezení shody....
Public Procurements as a Corrupting Sector in RBC Model
Paulus, Michal ; Baxa, Jaromír (advisor) ; Gregor, Martin (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to create a RBC model incorporating corrupting sector. The thesis contributes to the few existing DSGE models with corruption by introducing the corrupting sector into the sector of firms and political parties which is regarded as a sector of public procurements where firms bribe politicians for gaining public tenders. This setting is new and is supposed to catch better the phenomenon of political corruption. The model predicts that all shocks that positively affect the economy motivate firms to invest more into the bribes and vice versa. The increase of the overall level of corruption stimulates economy but is leading an economy to the instability. The model also examines the effect of various forms of fiscal spending in the households ' utility function. The model exhibits several non-intuitive results (too high portion of stolen money by firms, stimulation of the economic performance caused by higher corruption and negative holding of government bonds) that should be solved in next research.
Don't pay taxes, save your money!
Bradáč, Michal ; Kemény, Irena (advisor) ; Gregor, Martin (referee)
Bachelor thesis "Don't Pay Taxes, Save Your Money!" focuses on the impact of the existence of tax havens on private and public sector. On the theoretical level, it shows the attractivity of tax havens for sufficiently large firms that can afford to pay costs of tax planning and profit manipulations. On the empirical level, it shows that tax havens are really the most successful jurisdictions in attracting foreign investors. In the end, two models of tax competition are introduced in order to describe the importance of tax competition for the whole economy. Keywords:Tax Haven, Tax Avoidance, Tax Competition
Manipulation through Evaluative Voting in the State Cinematography Fund
Pham, Petr ; Gregor, Martin (advisor) ; Adam, Tomáš (referee)
The goal of this thesis is to examine the use of evaluative voting in the Board of the Cinematography Fund, which is responsible for the public subsidies in the film industry. A dataset covering results of calls for support in the period of 2013-2017 is used. A logistic regression model is constructed to assess the probability to succeed in such a call. Potential extent of manipulation among members of the Board is analysed with game theoretic approach, where agents misreport their true preferences. The results of this thesis are in line with the literature on social choice theory and suggest a great susceptibility to exploitation in the committee.
Life and work of Albín Bráf
Jankovská, Alžběta ; Půlpán, Karel (advisor) ; Gregor, Martin (referee)
This thesis deals with the personality and opinions of the founder of Czech economic thought Albín Bráf. The main motive is to interpret comprehensive image of this important Czech economist. It draws near his personal life and his complicated way which he went through at searching his theoretical base. The emphasis is placed on his conception of economic theory and his attitude towards important economic issues. Further, there is described his influence on Czech economic education. The final section is devoted to economic revival as Bráf marked third part of national revival whose goal was to make Czech economy independent.
Experimental Testing of Game-Theoretic Predictions: The Ultimatum Game
Matysková, Ludmila ; Gregor, Martin (advisor) ; Melikhova, Oksana (referee)
This thesis focuses on testing of game theoretical predictions in the ultimatum game by means of controlled experiments. This game has become one of the most scrutinized games from the area of bargaining game theory. The theoretical division of the reward, which the players bargain over, is such that one player gets virtually all the reward while the second player is left with nothing. Because of such an extreme division of the reward, the game represents a severe test for the theory. In fact, experimental results do not confirm to the theory. This thesis provides a survey of the experimental studies investigating different aspects that may affect the subjects' behavior in the game. Furthermore, some possible explanations for why the theoretical solution is not observed to be played by the subjects in the laboratory are presented. I show several new models, which try to capture the real nature of the subjects' behavior in the game. I also focus on the proposers' behavior from the income-maximizing point of view if the distribution of the responder's minimum acceptance thresholds is known to them. Outline of a new experiment examining such behavior is then presented.
Business stratégie Call centra
Janotková, Dagmar ; Gregor, Martin (advisor) ; Raková, Marie (referee)
The theme of bachelor's thesis is "Business strategies of Call center". Purpose of this paper is to study the dependancy of the number of calls to the Contact center of Czech Railways (České dráhy, a. s.) to year season factor and to the weather factor. The teorethical part is devoted to the introduction of Czech Railways company and the Contact center itself. The practical part describes the procedure for examining the impact of factors on the number of contacts and the resulting conclusions. Then presents suggestions for future business strategies of Contact center.

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