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Syndesmotic lesion in fracture-dislocations of the ankle - Maisonneuve fracture
Fojtík, Petr ; Naňka, Ondřej (advisor) ; Hromádka, Rastislav (referee) ; Skála-Rosenbaum, Jiří (referee)
A Maisonneuve fracture (MF) is a fracture dislocation of the ankle caused by external rotational force. In the traditional concept it includes a subcapital fracture of the fibula, an injury to the tibiofibular syndesmosis and to the interosseous membrane, and it is considered as an unstable injury. The experimental (anatomical) goal of the dissertation work was a detailed study of the incisura fibularis tibiae (IFT), its maximum depth and its localization relative to the articular surface of the ankle. The second experimental goal was a detailed description of the lateral surface of the distal fibula, where there is a prominent but still nameless edge that gives the distal fibula its typical triangular shape on a transverse section (workingly we called it lateral malleolar crest, LMC). Both of these structures are extremely important in the diagnosis and treatment of ankle fractures. The clinical part of the work included an overview of all the literature devoted to MF and further analysis of our group of patients with MF with a focus on the posterior malleolus (PM) fracture. Anatomical studies were performed on 352 dry bone specimens of adult tibiae and fibulae. The clinical study was conducted on a group of 100 patients with MF in adult patients treated at The Department of Orthopedics, 1st...
Vliv zátky na zrání vín
Fojtík, Petr
This thesis is focused on assessing the impact of different type of closure for wine aging. Theoretical part describes and characterizes the most common types of closure which are currently used for bottling of wines intended for further aging in the bottle. Characterized kinds of closure are also commonly available on the market and useable in the winery practice. In term of their use, the paper describes their advantages and disadvantages. Within the literary section also provides a description of the factors influence and impact on the aging of wine. The practical part describes the methodology of the measurement method and analytical determination of the amount of free and total sulfur dioxide in wine. Wine samples are evaluated, which was closed a total of nine different type of closures and this closures are describe in the theoretical part. Then there is also the methodology used and the method of sensory evaluation of wines according OIV hundred-point scale and method of evaluation of the structure and substance of wine. The measured and the results are evaluated and selected the optimal type of closure suitable for further aging of the wine in the bottle.
Balkans as a geopolitical and geoeconomic ground between the European Union and Russian federation
Fojtík, Petr ; Romancov, Michael (advisor) ; Bureš, Oldřich (referee)
There were several changes from the global point of view during last decades. The European Union has enlarged itself by more than half of new members and it represents the biggest area of free trade in the world. Political integration of this unique international organization has also taken a place by accepting new treaties. Russia after the breakup of the Soviet Union overcame with the legacy of this empire and not only due to its geographical area is one of the world superpower now. The Balkans was from the historical view area of clashes between European powers and it is valid until now. The European Union has offered to Western Balkans countries full membership on behalf of Stabilisation and association agreement. On the other hand Russia expands its mainly economic interests with regional overlap and that's why the researched region swelled its geopolitical and geoeconomic significance. Thesis called "Balkans as geopolitical and geoconomic area between the European Union and Russian Federation" separated up to three connected parts. Theoretical and methodological part anchors thesis from theoretical perspective, presents operationalization of variables and defines the hypothesis. The most quantitatively extensive analytical part, which is divided into two parts, is focused on application of...
Airport Terminal
Fojtík, Petr ; Barnat, Jan (referee) ; Pilgr, Milan (advisor)
My diploma thesis is focused on design and assessment of structural system of airport terminal. The design is processed in two options. Both of them has the same dimensions but structural system is changed. Floor plan is in the shape of part of annulus. Width of the hall is changing, in the middle of the hall is aproximatly 90 m. Length is 52,5 m, 10 m of this length is porch. Roof slope is 3° towards to the front of the hall.
Sports building in Soběšovice
Fojtík, Petr ; Štrba, Michal (referee) ; Pilgr, Milan (advisor)
In my work I deal with design and assessment of the supporting structure sports hall with dimensions 30x45 m and a height of 15,5 m. Hall is designed as a truss structure formed by cross-links, which are axially located 9 m. Roof is like a saddle with a slope of 5.71 °. Cladding hall is made sandwich insulation panels.
Study of microcrystalline silicon by combined AFM microscope
Mates, Tomáš ; Fejfar, Antonín ; Rezek, Bohuslav ; Fojtík, Petr ; Drbohlav, Ivo ; Luterová, Kateřina ; Pelant, Ivan ; Kočka, Jan
Recent results by combined AFM (topography and local conductivity) and correlation between microstructure and electrical properties of thin silicon films.
Photon emission induced by STM tip
Fojtík, Petr ; Charra, F. ; Pelant, Ivan
Basic principles of STM induced photon emission method are described and discussed in the article together with a presentation of experimental pitfalls with building up on experimental setup.

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