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Multi-purpose sports building in Plzeň
Krňa, Peter ; Štrba, Michal (referee) ; Pilgr, Milan (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the design of the load-bearing steel structure of the multi-purpose sports hall in Plzen. The floor plan of the building is rectangular with dimensions of 32 x 54 m. The total height of the hall to the ridge of the roof is 11.2 m. The main frames consist of two fixed columns and a lattice truss. The distance of the main frames is chosen after 6 m. Spatial rigidity of the structure in transverse way is supported by main frames, in the longitudinal way is supported by bracing. The construction material is steel S235.
Hangar for small planes
Surovec, Daniel ; Barnat, Jan (referee) ; Štrba, Michal (advisor)
The goal of this bachelor’s thesis is the design of steel loadbearing structure of the hangar for small planes, situated at the locality of the Brno airport. As the basic material was chosen steel S355. The plan of the object is rectangular with the dimensions 42,0 m x 36,0 m and the height of the building in the middle of its span is 13,9 m. The supporting structure of the roof is formed by a system of truss girder. The distance between each crosslink is 4 m. The spatial ridigity is provided by transverse and longitudinal stiffeners. Computational model was created by using the software Dlubal RFEM 5.06. The structure is designed according to standards ČSN EN.
Steel Structure of a Sports Hall
Smrčka, Václav ; Šmak, Milan (referee) ; Štrba, Michal (advisor)
The bachelor’s deal with supporting with steel structure sports hall. As the mean material of bering elements was designet steel S235. The building has an rectangular shape with dimensions of 36x48 m. Clear hight at the highest point is 15,3 m. The supporting structure consist of colums and arched truss girder. The distance of each cross links sis 6 m. In the structure design is deal with four variant transversál frames. For the chosen variant is further processed a static calculation of the main structrual elements including selected details and drawing documentation.
The steel construction of an exhibition pavilion
Petrovičová, Lucia ; Hron, Lukáš (referee) ; Štrba, Michal (advisor)
The content of this bachelors thesis is design and appraisal of the steel construction of an exhibition pavilion. Ground plan dimensions are 39,2 x 50,0 m with approximate height 10,7m. The supporting system of the structure consists of planar transverse linkages which are created by lattice truss.The design is selected from two pre-solved geometrical and structural variants which are compered on the basis of the weight of structure and ultimate and serviceability limit state. From the selected variant is made detailed static assessment and drawing documentation.
Steel structure of a multi-functional building
Havíř, František ; Pilgr, Milan (referee) ; Štrba, Michal (advisor)
The aim of this master's thesis is to design the steel construction of a multifunctional building in the cadastral area of Brno-Bohunice. Multifunctional building consists of two identical buildings - A and B. Floor plan dimensions are 40.0 x 40.0 meters and height of 33,8 meters. Both objects have the 1st floor of the overall height of 5,0 m, each additional floors 3,5 m. The plan shape of the building is a square 40 x 40 m with bevel in the corners with a length of 8 m. In the middle of the building is roofed atrium 8 x 8 m. The buildings are in the 5th floor connected with the enclosed footbridge with a length of 10.0 meters. The main structure consists of two buildings columns and girders. Columns are alternatively solved as the composite steel and concrete structures with closed section filled with concrete or concreted steel profile. The girders are made of castellated beams. Among the girders are embedded solid panel joists and girders, coupled with the composite steel and concrete slab. Spatial rigidity besides the composite slabs provide rods placed around the atrium and in the corners of the building. The main structure of the footbridge consists of two inclined arched beams on which is placed stringer of the footbridge.
The Steel Structure of a Residential Building
Špeta, Václav ; Barnat, Jan (referee) ; Štrba, Michal (advisor)
The master's thesis deals with a project of the steel structure of a residential building. The building is thought like sevenfloor balcony-access house. The access balcony is situated in atrium in the middle of the building, which is roofed with a shell dome. The regular hexagon creates a ground plan of each floor. Every floor is turned 30 degrees compared to the next floors. The longest cross dimension is 43 m (axial). The height of the building is 30,4 m (including copula envelope). The final structure is chosen on the basis of optimization of the structural variants. The climatic load angle structure falls into the locality of the town Brno. The vertical supporting structure is made from steel-concrete accoupled circular section columns. The floor structure is designed from the steel rolled section I and H. These support assembly of a horizontal structure. Some joists and girder are designed like accoupled with a concrete floor slab. The copula above atrium is made from glue laminated timber ribs. Infill rods are from steel tube. The top ring of copula is designed from the rolled section UPE.
Steel construction of the road bridge
Kloda, Petr ; Barnat, Jan (referee) ; Štrba, Michal (advisor)
The aim of the master thesis was a design of the steel-concrete composite road bridge for a main road in Ostrava. The part of the design was a variant design of the bridge which has theoretical spans equal to 44 m + 55 m + 44 m. Total span of the bridge is then 143 m. Two variants of the bearing steel structure are compared in the preliminary structural design, in the first one a twin-girder is designed and in the second one a box-girder bridge is assessed. The width of the bridge is 14 m and a launching of the bridge without temporary supports is chosen as the assembly method. The design of the bridge structure was carried out according to the valid standard ČSN EN. The final thesis contains variant design, structural design report, where a bill of quantities is stated, engineering report and drawings.
Steel foot-bridge
Pauer, Jan ; Barnat, Jan (referee) ; Štrba, Michal (advisor)
The diploma thesis describes the design and assessment of steel footbridge for pedestrians and cyclists across the river Svratka in Brno. As the main material of structural elements was used steel S355. In the beginning is deal with two variants of structural system, which are compared with each other and the better variant is chosen. The main structural system of chosen variant consist of two parabolic arches bend down to each other on which is suspended by suspenders intermediate deck. The deck consist of two steel beams with floor beams and composite cencrete slab. The span length is 50 m.
The roofing of amphitheatre in Vizovice
Kuchtová, Ludmila ; Štrba, Michal (referee) ; Šmak, Milan (advisor)
The scope of this bachelor’s thesis is to design roofing over a natural amphitheater stage in Vizovice. The structure is designed as a variable structure in verison of both steel and timber. Each solution has a different structural composition. The layout is triangular with width of 18 meters and length of 15 meters. The height of the roofing is considered to be 9 meters.
Pedestrian footbridge
Bílek, Radim ; Štrba, Michal (referee) ; Brosch, Petr (advisor)
The subject of this diploma’s thesis is design of the footbridge over Radlická street in Prague. Total length of the footbridge is about 90 m. Three variant designs were made with different systems of static construction. Based on the multi-criteria analysis, the most suitable variant was chosen. The variant A, a continuous truss beam, was chosen for detailed design. It is a truss footbridge with a lower orthotropic deck without a wind bracing. The stability of the upper chord is secured by frame stiffness of verticals and stiffness of the floor beam. Detailed static calculation includes assessment of load-bearing parts of the structure and assessment of welds. The structure is made of steel class S335. Assessment and dimensioning were designed according to valid standards ČSN EN 1990-1993.

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