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Generation of femtosecond supercontinuum using ultrashort laser pulses with stable carrier-envelope phase
Harabišová, Jana ; Kozák, Martin (advisor) ; Žídek, Karel (referee)
Femtosecond supercontinuum is a nearly ideal source of light for optical spectroscopy due to its extremely broad spectrum and a combination of high temporal and spatial coherence. This thesis is focused on experimental study of supercontinuum generation by ultrashort laser pulses in the mid-infrared spectral region, which belongs to the area of anomalous dispersion regime in most of optical materials. The self-compression of the pulse propagating through the material causes not only extreme spectral broadening but also generation of the so-called dispersive wave. The objective of this thesis is to observe and study the dependence of the generated spectra of the visible light on the absolute phase of the pulse, which is stabilized thanks to the technique of generation of the input pulse based on difference frequency generation. Selected measurements are compared with numerical solution of one dimensional generalized non-linear Schrödinger equation. 1
Investigation of new materials for second harmonic generation
Brajer, Martin ; Němec, Petr (advisor) ; Žídek, Karel (referee)
In these bachelor thesis optical properties of materials are studied. This materials are purposefully prepared for effective second harmonic generation (SHG) and for its usage in optoelectronics. Specificely we will measure the first hyperpolarizibility. Non-coherent phenomenon of hyper-Rayleigh scattering will be used. Considering its incoherence, the effect is very weak. It's necessary to use a strong source of light, pulse laser and a sensitive detection device, photomultiplier. Samples are prepared in cooperating chemical laboratories of Faculty of Science of Charles University in Prague. Additionally, we will discuss participation of two-photon fluorescence in output intensity because of its interchangeability with SHG.
Ultrafast laser spectroscopy of semiconductor nanostructures
Chlouba, Tomáš ; Trojánek, František (advisor) ; Žídek, Karel (referee)
In this work we investigate changes in dynamics of CdSe nanocrystalline films caused by different annealing temperatures and different conditions during films growth. We use methods of time-resolved laser spectroscopy like time-resolved pump and probe and streak camera to study these dynamics. We also measured linear absorption and luminiscence. Our goal is to match measured dynamics with dynamics of other samples with different annealing temperatures and discuss the microscopic origin of these dynamics. Powered by TCPDF (
Ultrafast laser spectroscopy of semiconductors
Popelář, Tomáš ; Malý, Petr (advisor) ; Oswald, Jiří (referee) ; Žídek, Karel (referee)
This Ph. D. thesis is focused on the study of modern semiconductor materials, diamond, and silicon nanocrystals, by methods of laser spectroscopy. A new experimental setup, the generator of mid-infrared laser pulses, was built to study diamond in detail. With its help, we observed the dynamics of high-density excited carriers, their condensation into electron-hole liquid, and their interaction with light around their plasma frequency. Thanks to the high sensitivity of these measurements on the excited carrier temperature we could observe the thermalisation dynamics which was described by the quantum theory of free carrier absorption. In the doped silicon nanocrystals embedded into SiO2 matrix, we studied the potential presence of free carriers which could be used to create a PN junction. We also found an important recombination channel in these samples which manifests at high excitation intensities. We identified its origin and described its interaction with nanocrystals. At last, we analyzed the influence of incorporated boron atoms on the distribution of decay times according to the emitted wavelength.
Optical properties of silicon nanostructures for photovoltaics
Salava, Jan ; Trojánek, František (advisor) ; Žídek, Karel (referee)
Název práce: Optické vlastnosti křemíkových nanostruktur pro fotovoltaiku Autor: Bc. Jan Salava Katedra: Katedra chemické fyziky a optiky Vedoucí diplomové práce: doc. RNDr. František Trojánek, Ph.D., katedra chemické fyziky a optiky Abstrakt: V předložené práci jsou studovány křemíkové nanokrystaly umístěné v SiC matrici - jednotlivé vzorky se odlišují přidáním dopantu (boru) do příslušné vrstvy struktury během depozice metodou PECVD a pasivací vodíkem. Křemíkové nanokrystaly jsou významné zejména tím, že oproti své objemové verzi vykazují účinnou fotoluminiscenci a absorpci ve viditelné oblasti spektra. Změnami parametr· při přípravě lze ladit jejich vlastnosti s ohledem na konkrétní aplikaci. Základní myšlenka integrace křemíkových nanostruktur do solárních článk· spočívá ve zvýšení účinnosti konverze slunečního spektra kombinací několika tenkých vrstev s nanokrystaly a objemového Si článku tak, aby každá vrstva sluneční cely absorbo- vala určitou část spektra. Procesy, které se v těchto strukturách dějí krátce po excitaci nosič· náboje, však stále nejsou zcela popsány. Cílem práce je charakterizace těchto jev· metodami ča- sově rozlišené spektroskopie. Dalším úkolem je popsat vliv dopování jednotlivých částí materiálu a jeho pasivace ve vodíkové atmosféře na chování fotoexcitovaných nosič· a intenzitu...
Nonlinear optical properties of metals
Gindl, Adam ; Kozák, Martin (advisor) ; Žídek, Karel (referee)
We introduce fundamental nonlinear optical effects and various methods of their observation. Firstly we describe the essential theory of second-harmonic generation from a metallic boundary in detail. In the experiment, we observe this effect on silver and aluminium mirror. Then we introduce the Z-scan method, which allows us to determine the nonlinear refraction index and absorption coefficient from the measurement of the transmittance of the sample if this transmits light in the visible spectrum. A simple modification of this method permits the measurement of nonlinear optical parameters from the sample's reflectance also for materials that reflect light in the visible region. We focus on applying this method in the experiment for siliceous glass, silver, aluminium, dielectric and siliceous mirrors and optical filter OD 0,5.
Investigation of spin dynamics in hybrid structures based on ferromagnetic semi-conductor (Ga,Mn)As
Butkovičová, Dagmar ; Němec, Petr (advisor) ; Hamrle, Jaroslav (referee) ; Žídek, Karel (referee)
Investigation of spin dynamics in hybrid structures based on ferromagnetic semi- conductor (Ga,Mn)As Abstract: This dissertation deals with the study of hybrid ferromagnet/semiconductor structures, which are of particular for spintronics. We focused on heterostructures that contain ferromagnetic semiconductor (Ga,Mn)As, which is the most studied model ma- terial from the group of diluted magnetic semiconductors. The main goal of this work was a detailed study of the Optical Spin Transfer Torque (OSTT) phenomenon, which is an optical equivalent of the STT effect, which is used in ferromagnetic metal layers for non-thermal switching of the direction of magnetization. In the first part of the work, we describe experiments aimed at achieving non-thermal control of the direction of mag- netization in (Ga,Mn)As with the contribution of control of magnetic anisotropy using mechanical strain induced by a piezo-transducer (PZT) in hybrid structure (Ga,Mn)As/GaAs/PZT. For this purpose, the preparation of the structure was first opti- mized, which was tested in detail by means of X-ray diffraction and magneto-optical methods. However, we were unable to achieve magnetization switching due to the OSTT phenomenon. In addition, we found that the results measured at low temperature are very poorly reproducible, despite...
Time resolved spectroscopy of SiV centers in diamond
Hamráček, Karol ; Trojánek, František (advisor) ; Žídek, Karel (referee)
Title: Time-resolved spectroscopy of SiV centers in diamond Author: Karol Hamráček Department: Department of chemical physics and optics Supervisor: doc. RNDr. František Trojánek, Ph.D. Abstract: In recent years, the negatively charged silicon center (SiV-) has become a promising competitor to well-established nitrogen (NV-) due to its excellent spectral properties, such as narrow zero phonon line transitions and weak phonon sidebands, and therefore, research of point defects in diamond is currently receiving a lot of attention. These isolated defects, the so- called color centers, can serve as sources of photons and thus, ultimately, can be used to construct SiV Lasers, whose physical nature is stimulated emission. However, it has not yet been generated at SiV centers. For its generation, it is necessary to examine in detail the radiant and non-radiative processes in optical centers and the properties and parameters of stimulated emission during optical excitation. Also part of the research is the optimization of sample preparation in order to obtain samples with a high concentration of centers and at the same time high optical quality. That is why the aim of this diploma thesis will be to perform optical characterization of diamond samples with SiV centers (supplied by the cooperating department of the...

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