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Neviditelný problém: rovnost a diskriminace v praxi
Skálová, Helena ; Fialová, Eva ; Koldinská, Kristina ; Sokačová, Linda ; Štěpánková, Martina
Sborník textů autorského kolektivu k problematice rovnosti a diskriminace v ČR
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Dutch professional language usage and problems of translation into Czech
Fialová, Eva ; Hrnčířová, Zdeňka (advisor) ; Rakšányiová, Jana (referee)
Dutch Professional Language Usage and Problems of Translation into Czech Abstract This thesis analyzes the Dutch technical language with a focus on the legal language. The first part is devoted to general problems of translation and translation of the technical language, including theoretical elaboration on terminology and equivalence. After that the thesis deals with specific problems of the translation of the legal language. Next part of the thesis is devoted to a linguistic analysis of the Dutch legal language. It is followed by an analysis of the equivalence of Dutch and Czech legal terms along with solutions of the translation of zero equivalence. The final part deals with practical translation of the Dutch legal texts into the Czech. The aim of the work is an example of practical application of theoretical knowledge on the translation of legal language.
Accidents in seniors, preventive possibilities
Fialová, Eva ; Bártová, Jiřina (advisor)
Accidents in old age is an issue which should be addressed. They represent the serious and specific items of morbidity in the elderly. Their severity is except in life-threatening to reduce the loss of self-sufficiency. It has subsequently negative impact on quality of life of old man. Accidents seriously threaten the health and life of the affected individual, but they also have far-reaching impact on its immediate social environment. Are costly to society. The severity and very many accidents related to health and functional status of seniors. it is why it is necessary to pay attention to this issue is prevenci.V many possibilities and scope for preventive measures not only educational and organizational interventions, but also improving the overall (physical and mental) condition of the old man and ensuring decent conditions for full life in old age.
Cooperation of Teacher´s Assistents with Teachers at Basic Schools
The author bachelor's thesis deals with the problem and some basic knowledge related to the teacher assistant profession and his cooperation with the teacher in elementary schools. In the theoretical section are presented some definitions, concepts and laws that deal with this problem. Then there is the attempt to characterize the different types of assistants, greater attention is paid to the teacher assistant for the disabled and disadvantaged children. The last part is fundamental and is focussed on the cooperation of teachers and assistants. In their individual subsections are outlined competence of teacher assistant and teacher, their comparisons and suggestions for possible cooperation. The empirical part is processed by questionnaires and interviews with teachers and assistants. Interviews are mainly focused on mapping of specific activities of teacher assistant and opportunities for cooperation with the teacher
Consumer behaviour- children’s influence on consumer behaviour of their parents
Fialová, Eva ; Koudelka, Jan (advisor) ; Zamazalová, Marcela (referee)
Bachelor Thesis "Consumer behaviour- children's influence on consumer behaviour of their parents" is divided in two parts, theoretical and practical. The purpose of the theoretical part is to bring readers important concepts and tools connected with consumer behaviour and advertisement. The practical part includes questionnaire investigation focused on children's influence on consumer behaviour of their parents and on the children's relation to advertisment. The aim of this thesis is to find out what the children's relation to add is and mainly the extent of children's influence to their parent's consumer behaviour.

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