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Urban study of development area Vítkovice - Moravská Ostrava
Fišerová, Anna ; Klement, Miloš (referee) ; Sátora, Josef (advisor)
'The inspiration behind this project is the new urbanist idea which combines residential development with green spaces for leisure and sport as well as mixed use commercial areas and storage. The layout of the area is a grid formed by 100m squared plots with residential houses with personal yards. These plots are grouped as complexes and between each complex is a communal green space. On the outside of the inner grid, there are mixed use apartment buildings and a high commercial floor. The square is dominated by a smaller multi-purpose building with a fluid outside space in which community events can be organized. Diagonally connected to the square is a park with a playground and an area with patio seating in addition to three villa houses. The park leads to the river embankment, into which tiered seating will be created. Around the hotel, there is another park with a multi-generational playground. In the northern part is located hotel renovated from the original industrial buildings with added ground floor restaurant area. Around hotel there is a park with green space and multi-generational playground. The terrace houses are located in the northeastern part of the complex and feature an attractive riverside view. Row houses line the the main road and are buffered from street noise by a line of trees. Typology and placement of other, separate houses is inspired by colonies of worker-houses eg. Baťa houses in Zlín. In between each ground these is no fence and are only separated a slight depression in the green.
NEW ON THE „OLD“ – Brno, Bratislavská - Stará Corner
Fišerová, Anna ; Pospíšil, Zdeněk (referee) ; Boháč, Ivo (advisor)
Designed area is located in Brno - Zabrdovice, in the corner of streets Stara and Bratislavska . The surrounding area has a distinctive character of urban residential blocks. Character of the surrounding objects are not uniform , there are however mostly historic buildings, on the other hand one of the modern is on the Bratislavska street - Radost Theatre. The proposed building has two underground and 7 above-ground floors. The above-ground part of the building consists of 3 masses . The first mass - parter – has increased height because of commercial and restaurant function and also due to connecion with neighbour building – Police CR. The second mass (2nd - 6.NP ) is formed from part of the administrative area and then the vast majority of housing units . Mass 7.NP recedes from the street line - height roughly corresponds to the ridge of the Police oCR . There arise four atypical housing units, of which two have glass atriums , and all have south or east oriented terraces with attractive views of the city of Brno . The corner of the ground floor is open and forms the main entrance to the courtyard, where we can find a shopping gallery , outdoor cafe seating and access to the administrative part of the building . The result was a distinctive public space , which is used only during the day . At night , this part with respect to security and peace is closed for the night . The building offers 118 parking places on two underground levels, a further 2,865 m2 office and commercial space and 44 residential units.
Annotated translation of parts of the book "Jóga mezi e-maily" by Helena Nehasilová
Fišerová, Anna ; Winter, Astrid (advisor) ; Heinz, Christof (referee)
The subject of this bachelor's thesis is an annotated translation of selected chapters from the book Jóga mezi e-maily by Helena Nehasilová. In this book, the author deals with the topic of a healthy lifestyle in the office with the help of yoga practice. The thesis is divided into a practical and a theoretical part: the first part is a translation of the original text from Czech into German and the second part is a commentary on the translation. The commentary consists of a translation analysis of the source text based on Christiane Nord's method, translation methods, translation difficulties and possible solutions.
Immunological profile of patients with multiple sclerosis
Šubjak, David ; Fišerová, Anna (advisor) ; Růžičková, Šárka (referee)
Immunological profile of multiple sclerosis patients Abstrakt Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune neurodegenerative disease affecting predominantly the white matter of the CNS and the spinal cord. The mechanism of disease progression is not yet fully understood. In this study we focused on a comparison of selected immunological markers between patients with multiple sclerosis who were naïve newly diagnosed, subsequently treated with Avonex (IFNβ1a) and healthy donors. The T cells (particulary cytotoxic CD8+ T cells) are the major population involved in pathogenesis of MS causing the demyelization of axons. Subpopulation of CD161+ Th cells has a potential to be very important in this process. We focused on the role of NK cells phenotype and function in autoimmune response of patients and their changes during the therapeutic intervention. Using flow cytometry we analyzed the distribution of NK, NKT, T cells and monocytes with special regard to the expression of CD161 and NKG2D molecules on their surface. We observed increase counts of CD161+ cells in subpopulations NK CD56bright , NK CD56dim , Th, Tc CD8bright , Tc CD8dim and decrease counts of NKG2D+ cells in subpopulations NK CD56bright , NK CD56dim , NKT, Th, Tc CD8bright , Tc CD8dim and monocytes. The decreased cytotoxic activity of NK cells in naïve MS...
NK cells and their receptors in immune regulation - possible targets for immunomodulation
Svoboda, Jan ; Fišerová, Anna (advisor) ; Pěknicová, Jana (referee) ; Kročová, Zuzana (referee)
(english) Natural Killers - NK cells play an important role in immune surveilance and regulation either by direct cytotoxicity towards infected, transformed or otherwise damaged cells, or by production of cytokines and chemokines. The resulting response of NK cells is given by the sum of stimulating and inhibiting signals, tranduced by a wide array of receptors. Killer Ig-like receptors KIR2DL4 and LILRB1, which recognize self HLA-G molecules in pregnancy, as well as NKR-P1 receptors, which differ in the number of isotypes, are species-dependent and reduced during phylogenesis. NKG2D, reacting to stress-inducible proteins, and adenosine receptors (AR), which supress the inflamatory reaction, remain evolutionary conserved. The aim of this work was to study the involvement of NK cells and their receptors in several immune disorders and in various species, to provide new insights into their function and posisible immune modulation. We have shown here, that the choice of species in the study of NK cell effector functions may be crucial in some cases. The reaction to glycans, using synthetic GlcNAc-terminated glycomimetics GN8P, exerted opposing effects on NK cell function in humans and C57Bl/6 mice. In humans, the glycomimetic decreased cytotoxic activity of high NKR-P1A expressing NK cells, while in...
NKR-P1C receptor-carbohydrate interaction contributes to antitumor immune response via activation of NK and B cells
Hulíková, Katarína ; Fišerová, Anna (advisor) ; Kročová, Zuzana (referee) ; Turánek, Jaroslav (referee)
Lectin - saccharide interactions and the involved receptors are currently intensively studied for their important role in antimicrobial as well as antitumor immunity. The major cell types participating in carbohydrate recognition are NK, NKT, and B cells. The differentiation of B lymphocytes could be induced by activated NK cells via direct intercellular contact and/or IFN-γ release. Our research is focused on NK cell receptors of C-type lectin-like family recognizing carbohydrate epitopes of glycoproteins. Synthetic glycoconjugates with terminal N- acetyl-D-glucosamines on polyamidoamine (GN8P) or calix[4]arene (GN4C) scaffold used in this study, exerted the highest binding affinity to activating isoforms of rodent NKR-P1 (A and C) receptor. The aim of the presented dissertation thesis was to elucidate, how Nkr-p1c gene divergence, between C57BL/6 (NK1.1-positive, NKR- P1CB6) and BALB/c (NK1.1-negative, NKR-P1CBALB/c) mouse strains, could affect NK cell activation and subsequent triggering of B lymphocyte effector functions using GN8P and GN4C as NKR-P1C prototype ligands. We demonstrated, that GN8P increased mRNA expression for NKR-P1C receptor, IFN-γ synthesis and lytic activity of NK cells, antigen-specific (anti-KLH, anti-DNP, and anti-B16F10) IgG (particularly IgG2a) formation, number of...
Velvet Revolution: A Gender Perspective
Fišerová, Anna ; Gelnarová, Jitka (advisor) ; Franěk, Jakub (referee)
This bachelor's thesis seeks to introduce a new perspective on one of the most important episodes in the era of modern Czech history - the Velvet Revolution - and it looks at its events through "gender lens". The events happening in the last two months of the year 1989 led to the fall of the communist regime in the former Czechoslovakia. This development would not be possible without the men and women active in then "revolutionary structures" such as Civic Forum or the students movement. It is the active participation of women that this thesis concerns itself with. The aim is not only to find out whether women engaged to the same extent as men but also if it is possible to typify their activities. It also tries to discover whether gender stereotypes played some role in the process of eventual typification - the question is if there was a division of labour based on gender within the revolutionary structures. In the theoretical part, the thesis operates with the concepts of gender and gender stereotypes and the ideology of separate spheres. In the empirical part, it introduces the outcomes of analysis of my own qualitative research - personal half-structured interviews conducted with active women participants of the Velvet Revolution.

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