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Translating Business-Economic Texts into German - Exemplified on Annual Reports
Růžička, David ; Svoboda, Tomáš (advisor) ; Heinz, Christof (referee)
(in English): The aim of this thesis is to provide an introduction into the topic of specialized texts in relation to Czech and German, or to be more precise, into the topic of translating business administrative texts into a foreign language. The theoretical part begins with an introduction of the research results hitherto achieved in the area of specialized texts and the translation thereof. After that, we deal with business administrative texts and their translation. Within these first two parts, we always first give an introduction into the particular topic giving an historical overview of research formulated in our three languages of main interest - English, German and Czech, with, Spanish being mentioned to a much lesser extent. We address the issue of translation into non-mother tongues and translation associated computer technologies in relation to the text we analyze in the analytical part of the thesis. There, we analyze a typical type of business-administrative text - annual reports. We compare the results with the theory knowledge. The analysis of the interview led in the company that provided the texts for the analysis serves as supplementary information. Finally we sum up the hitherto carried out research and correlate it with the results of our translatological analysis.

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