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House with business premise
Dýnková, Eliška ; Hobzová, Klára (referee) ; Maceková, Věra (advisor)
The topic of this bachelor's thesis is the elaboration of project documentation for a new family house with a functionally separate confectionery plant, which forms a separate operational and functional unit (has a separate entrance). The building is located in an undeveloped locality of the village Prace in the cadastral area of Prace, Brno-venkov on the plat number 776/7 and plat number 776/8. The land is located on Blažovská Street. It is a two-storey family house with a partial basement and a hipped roof of small slope. Part of this new building is also an outdoor warehouse and a garage with a flat roof, which forms the space of the terrace on the second floor. Two terraces are also located on the first floor. The family house is the dominant building thanks to the columns supporting the terrace and balcony on the east side and forms a supporting structure for the hipped roof, thanks to French windows from RI-windows, designed on both floors and decorative roofing and polystyrene dividing strips from JKR GROUP. The building has two main separate entrances and two secondary entrances. The main entrance to the family house is located on the first floor, there is a kitchen with access to the terrace, living room, sanitary facilities and a laundry room with access to the garden. The main entrance to the confectionery is also located at the first floor and is designed as a barrier-free. The patisserie has a storage room, toilet and kitchen for two staff. The second floor consists of sanitary facilities, rooms and bedrooms with dressing room and access to the terrace. In the basement there is a utility room, sanitary facilities, warehouses, a cellar and a gym. As part of the confectionery's operation, an outdoor parking space is designed for 3 cars and one space for people with disabilities and disabled people.
House with business premise
Nápravníková, Renáta ; Hobzová, Klára (referee) ; Maceková, Věra (advisor)
The subject of the bachelor's thesis is the design of a detached family house with business premise. The aim is to develop project documentation for the construction of a house in Skorotice in the district of Ústí nad Labem. The building is located on plot no.899/313, in the cadastral area of Skorotice near Ústí nad Labem. The building is designed for a family of four. The building has two floors and is partially basement. The construction system is Porotherm, the ceilings are folded with Miako inserts, the roof is saddle and the Bramac system is used for the roofing. The construction is based on underlying concrete belts.
Multifunctional building
Kostečka, Jan ; Manová, Ludmila (referee) ; Maceková, Věra (advisor)
The project documentation, processed in the framework of the diploma thesis, solves the new building of the multifunctional house in Žďár nad Sázavou. The building is made of traditional brick technology of brick fittings, with insulation, ceilings are reinforced concrete monolithic, roof sloping in two variants. Commercial premises are located on the ground floor on the south side. Furthermore, on the floor there are technical facilities for offices and storage space for housing units and offices. On the next floors there are always 3 residential units. The building is located on flat terrain in the rapidly developing part of the city. The building envelope and individu-al structures are designed to the entire object it was as energy- consuming as possible, and do not pump irreparably by nature its natural resources in a larger quantity than necessary.
Library building
Přibylová, Blanka ; Manová, Ludmila (referee) ; Maceková, Věra (advisor)
he diploma thesis prepares the documentation for permission of the construction of the town building in Ivančice.This is a building modification of the building.The object will be insulated from the outside of the polystyrene tl. 200 mm and thus the external dimensions of the building are changed to 18,855x15,955 m. The building will be roofed with a honeycomb roof on the crown system. The main entrance to the building is from the south side, behind which is a doorway allowing access to a room with a refreshment sitting and further to the entrance hall where there is a lift barrier and a two-line straight staircase allowing access to 2NP.On the left side of the elevator there is a corridor leading to technical rooms and cloakrooms for employees. From the entrance hall there is access to the closets for the public, computer rooms and staff backgrounds. After entry from the entrance hall to the entrance hall there is a toilet for the disabled and also access to social facilities separated separately for men and women. The sanitary facility for men includes two separate WC cabins, a hallway, a separate enclosed room with a urinal, a washroom with a cleaning room. Sanitary facilities for women include two separate closable WC cabins, a hall and a washroom. From the entrance there is access to the corridor allowing to the cloakroom for staff as well as to the washroom and toilet for the staff. When designing changes, emphasis was placed on preserving the original appearance of the building. The layout of the building has changed. The object meets the prescribed standards and regulations
Nursery School
Murárik, Michal ; Manová, Ludmila (referee) ; Maceková, Věra (advisor)
The topic of this thesis is a project documentation of a Nursery School located in Trencin part Juh. The object had been designed as a stand-alone three storey building. The topic of this thesis is a project documentation of a nursery school located in Trencin quarter - Juh. The object has been designed as a stand-alone three storey building with two above- and one under-ground floors. Nursery school consists of two separate classrooms for kids, part for operations and employees, two creative areas, basement with storage space and garden. Only basic food is going to be prepared directly in the building, main courses will be brought by external provider and warmed up. A combined wall construction system made of Porotherm 30 Profi bricks and one reinforced concrete pillar have been used. In the basement the walls are constructed using permanent shuttering filled with concrete. Ceilings are of reinforced concrete. The object is founded on foundation stripes. The roof is then designed as one-shell flat with standard order of all layers. Above the 2nd floor the roof is projected as walk able , in the eastern part above the 1st floor as walk able with concrete paving on the rectification pads and above western part of the 1st floor it is designed as green vegetation roof. The access road to the object leads to the northern side of the building. In the eastern part of the estate an independent parking lot for parents is located, in the western part then one for employees and supplying. The southern part of the object is occupied by garden with projected area for playing and stay of the kids outside.
Multifunctional building
Prokop, Stanislav ; Myslín,, Jiří (referee) ; Maceková, Věra (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the design and elaboration of the project documentation of a polyfunctional house with a café in Kyjov. The new building is located in the northern part of the city. It is a 4 floor object, partlial basement building with a saddle roof. The house is based on plain concrete slabs. The supporting peripheral and internal masonry is designed from POROTHERM brick blocks. In the cafeteria, an open layout is proposed using beams and columns. Ceiling structures are designed from the POROTHERM MIAKO system. The roof structure is designed with a truss with sheet metal cover. The perimeter walls in the 1PP are designed from blocks of loose formwork filled with concrete, which are insulated with extruded polystyrene. The building is functionally divided into 2 parts, each with its own entrance. The café is equipped with a vestibule, its own café, toilet for women and men with cabins for handicapped visitors and a background with a storeroom, dressing room and WC with a hall. The residential part consists of 4 garages and 6 apartments, 2 of which are adapted for the handicapped. The object is designed with natural ventilation. The object is barrier-free. In front of the building is proposed a parking space for 9 seats, 2 of which are designed for handicapped and 2 for apartment owners.
Cultural and educational center
Bobek, Filip ; Myslín,, Jiří (referee) ; Maceková, Věra (advisor)
This thesis presents a proposal to design a cultural education centre. The object is located in the suburbs of Velké Meziříčí village. It is situated in a residential area near a primary school and a kindergarten. The object will be connected to the local infrastructure and will also have a car park attached. The building will comprise of two operationally connected parts. The first part will consist of several classrooms intended for afterschool clubs, the other will be designed as a gym. The object is of an L shape with two stories above ground. The object is made of hollow ceramic blocks with concrete-steel ceilings. The roof of the building is of a saddle design and is made of wooden roof. The object is designed with steel roofing and profile roofing tiles. The façade is insulated with mineral fibre and ventilated with a system of load bearing steel grid and fibre cement boards. The object will serve children and the youth in activities during their free time. The building is also designed for the disabled.
Family house
Dvořáková, Markéta ; Manová, Ludmila (referee) ; Maceková, Věra (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the design of a new family house. The content is the project documentation for construction work. The building is located in the cadastral area of Drnovice u Vyškova on a flat plot. The family house is designed for fiving of four to five persons. It is a two-storey building, the second floor of which forms the quiet zone of the house. The building is designed as a detached house with a residential attic in 2 NP. It is a brick building of the Porotherm system. It will be roofed with a saddle roof with a 30° inclination with a ceramic folded cover.
Family house
Fibikar, Tomáš ; Manová, Ludmila (referee) ; Maceková, Věra (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with design and elaboration of project documentation for construction of a house building in Moravany in the district of Pardubice. Object is located on the parcel No. 78/45, in the cadastral area Moravany nad Loučnou. It is situated in a built environment. The outline of the house is irregular, the roofing is solved with one saddle and one flat roof. The house is divided into a residential area for a five-member family. Part of the living area has two above ground floors, one underground floor, the object is partly basement. Part of it is the garage for one car. Next to the property there is a local IV road class. House design respects the municipal plan and the urban development plan. The construction system is a Porotherm wall, the ceilings are folded with Miako liners, the saddle roof is a hambal type, the cover is KM Beta. The project documentation is prepared in accordance with the current wording of applicable laws, decrees and standards.
Sports and wellness center
Libřický, Zdeněk ; Manová, Ludmila (referee) ; Maceková, Věra (advisor)
The final thesis is focused on the design and elaboration of the project documentation of the sports and relaxation center. The proposed building is located in the south-eastern part of the town of Hradec Králové, in a location supposed for buildings and areas of sports and relaxation use. It is a three-storey building with a flat roof and partial basement. The construction system is wall-mounted with a combination of skeleton. The building is based on plain concrete and reinforced concrete foundation footing. The peripheral, supporting and partition walls are designed from ceramic blocks POROTHERM. The inner load-bearing elements consist mainly of reinforced concrete columns. The ceiling structure is designed from reinforced concrete slabs supported locally. The perimeter walls of the first overground floor and part of the perimeter walls of the basement are insulated by an external contact thermal insulation system. The thermal insulation of the perimeter walls of the second floor is designed by means of a ventilated facade with facade tiles except the squash courts and the relaxation area. The building is functionally divided into three main parts, where the central part forms an entrance hall with comunication spaces of all floors. In this part a basement with technical facilities is designed. The right part of the ground floor consists of a restaurant with a bowling alley and a kitchen with storage and hygienic facilities. As part of this section, a gym and exercise rooms for fitness exercises, spinning and TRX are designed on the second floor. The left part consists of two squash courts with the appropriate facilities and massage areas. There is also a relaxing facilities with a north-facing terrace on the second floor. There are also dressing rooms and hygienic facilities. The designed object is accessible for disabled people. There is a parking lot for 40 cars, 3 motorcycles, one bus and three barracks for cars.

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