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Comparison of advantages and disadvantages OOP databases against relational databases
Polák, Robert ; Jirků, Petr (advisor) ; Duží, Marie (referee)
There exists different approaches on database modeling. This work tries to identify strengths and weaknesses of nowadays technologies. Besides relational databases, object oriented databases, and methods to combine the world of objects with the world of tables of relational databases. Last part gives attention to design of methodology of process of development of information systems using technology that implements object access to the data throw build on relational database facilities .
The malfunction concept in complex systems
Švarný, Petr ; Jirků, Petr (advisor) ; Peregrin, Jaroslav (referee)
The paper studies the concept of malfunction or illness, which are characterized by nonstandard or undesirable behaviour of the given complex systems. The parallels and differences between natural and artificial mind, simple and complex systems are shown to be crucial for the conclusion, that mental disorders must not be restricted to human minds.
Selected data mining methods and their applicability to the television audience monitoring data in the Czech Republic
Walter, Jan ; Hájek, Petr (advisor) ; Jirků, Petr (referee)
Data mining is nowadays a fast-growing field, which incorporates machine learning, statistics, and logic within computer science. It has the potential to bring new insights into almost all branches of human activity, because the data are stored almost everywhere. This thesis tries to show the main aspects of the original Czech method Guha, to demonstrate its strength via its application to television audience data, and finally to compare it with the association rules method, which is similar to it. The ambition of this text is to interconnect the world of praxis with the theoretical field, where methods are invented. It also serves as an introduction to data mining itself. The results show that Guha is a full-value method with several interesting features and might be a good tool for extracting knowledge from analyzed data.
Mutual comparison of modal logics axiomatic system
Pelikán, David ; Jirků, Petr (advisor) ; Bílková, Marta (referee)
Tato diplomová práce se zabývá modálními logikami z formálního pohledu. Jsou v ní de novány základní formální systémy a jsou předvedeny hlavní vztahy mezi nimi.
Business plan
Jirků, Petr ; Krause, Josef (advisor) ; Kubíčková, Klára (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to create a business plan of a bakery with selection of wholemeal bread and to find out whether the project is suitable to implement in the reality. The first part is theoretical. It describes the basic terms of entrepreneurship, structure of a business plan and clarifies principles that should be used during the creation process. It also includes specific requirements for starting a business in this field of industry. The second part is practical and applies the theoretical knowledge into practise. It covers a created business plan including the purpose of the document, description of the opportunity, corporate goals, potential markets, competition analysis, marketing and sales strategy, realization project plan and financial plan. The work´s contribution is the fact, it can be used for making the decision whether enter this market.
Important Themas in Artificial Intelligence
Šudoma, Petr ; Jirků, Petr (advisor) ; Peliš, Michal (referee)
The paper studies description logics as a method of field of artificial intelligence, describes history of knowledge representation as series of events leading to founding of description logics. Furthermore the paper compares description logics with their predecessor, the frame systems. Syntax, semantics and description logics naming convention is also presented and algorithms solving common knowledge representation tasks with usage of description logics are described. Paper compares computational complexity of subsumption of several description logics. Usefullness and further possibilities of description logic systems are shown. Powered by TCPDF (
Propedeutics of Logic in Teaching the Basics of Social Sciences
Grulich, Tomáš ; Bendová, Kamila (advisor) ; Jirků, Petr (referee) ; Sousedík, Prokop (referee)
TITLE: Propedeutics of Logic in Teaching the Basics of Social Sciences AUTHOR: Tomáš Grulich DEPARTMENT: Social Sciences and Philosophy Department, Faculty of Education, Charles University in Prague SUPERVISOR: RNDr. Kamila Bendová, CSc. ABSTRACT: This thesis is placed on border between the fields of philosophy and logic. It deals with significance, purpose and possible approach to teaching elementary logic within the framework of the subject - the Basics of Social Sciences. In the initial dialogical logic, latter disputation techniques and the current form of argumentation theory as well as in modern formal logic, it searches for moments allowing to establish such a propedeutics that would both meet the needs of common argumentation in civic and professional matters as well as ensure its openness to further development and specialized usage in particular fields of science. The aim is to fulfil the ethos of dialogue logic: to provide support for creation of well-justified opinions and wishes. It raises the question of how to remain in the environment of natural language while using ideas and tools offered by formal logic for the purposes of rational reasoning. The answer is found in the term of semantic commitment; it uses this term as a basis for interpretation of both traditional as well as modern logical...
Logic, form and argument
Nevrkla, Svatopluk ; Jirků, Petr (advisor) ; Gahér, František (referee) ; Šefránek, Ján (referee)
The goal of this thesis is to defend and explain the claim that traditional logical analysis is not the best tool for studying natural language argumentation. The most common critique directed at employment of logical formalisms as tools for analysis of the natural language is usually based on pointing out of differences between structure and semantics of natural languages and languages of logical formalisms. This is not the main issue, I believe. According to my findings the most fundamental problem of the traditional analysis is that it is based on many problematic epistemological assumptions, which are inherited from empiricist-positivist tradition. Namely the positivist version of the classical model of rationality as deductive reasoning from some basis of immediately verifiable and therefore unquestionable knowledge. The doctrine that every reasonable argumentation is reducible on deductions of such kinds is supposed to justify the traditional analysis of argumentation. My original contribution is mainly in showing that without abandoning those presuppositions, we cannot hope to arrive at better understanding of natural language argumentation by developing new and more precise logical formalisms. Logical formalisms are mere tools, which we have to use for the right purpose in the first place....
Imagination of infinity
Semerád, Martin ; Pauza, Miroslav (advisor) ; Sak, Petr (referee) ; Jirků, Petr (referee)
This work deals with a basic question of modern science and it is its indefectibility. Quality of education is reduce to an evaluation of conformity to a common known knowledge and its quantity representation. Seeds of this long process go back to an ancient academia of Gondisapur established in an Arabic world. Author proclaims that the main goal of philosophy is to show, that this is not the only way of thinking and in the same time that the main goal and power of phenomenology is to apply the transcendental epoche to overcame the truth in its regularization shape. The hardcore of modern science is located in the world of mathematics and a lot of thinkers find the Math as a land of pure sureness - the core of this work in an opposite proofs, that in fact nowadays math is all, but the correct way of thinking. The two examples are explicit: the Pythagorean Theorem and the Sum of the geometric row. This work brings a quite new view on the mathematical problem of "the point" and "the nothing" as a border of things. In the second part uses as a frame of its topic the first 18 §§ of the work "Paradoxes of the infinite" by Czech mathematician of German mother tongue Bernard Bolzano. The important idea of this study is a new ontological view on the set of prime numbers.
Logic of provability from the philosophical point of view
Filippi, Jan ; Švejdar, Vítězslav (referee) ; Jirků, Petr (advisor)
The mathematical part of this thesis studies the phenomenon of self-reference in arithmetics. A higher programming language is used to present ideas and proofs, enabling us to reach the known results of Gödel, Rosser and Löb in a natural way. At the end of this part, we formulate another problem of a similar type and propose some ways to solve it. The philosophical part draws analogies between statements originating in the logic of provability and their application in humanities. We study the clash between determinism and existence of free will, and apply the theory of recursive functions to this issue.

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