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Renewal of a social house in Zlobice
Dobeš, Jan ; Muroň, Ivo (referee) ; Ležatka, Lukáš (advisor) ; Šuhajda, Karel (advisor)
The subject of the bachelor's thesis is the reconstruction of a historic building in the village of Zlobice and the addition of a municipal office together with premises for technical services of the village. This project is a continuation of the subject AG034 Studio of Architectural Creation 4 - restoration of monuments. The solved object was built in the 1920s. Originally, it had only one floor. It is located in the heart of the original village. It is part of a terraced development of country houses. At the turn of the 20th and 21st century, a part with a bathroom and an apartment for the administrator was added to the building. During this period, the second floor was rebuilt and 3 apartments were built here, one of which is in very good, well-preserved condition. The design seeks to complete the courtyard of the building to its original condition according to historical documents. The extension with bathroom and apartment for the administrator will be removed. It will be replaced by the municipal office building and the technical services building, which is perpendicular to the office. The first floor of the historic building will be used for social and representative events of the village. One room is reserved for the clubhouse. The second floor of the historic building will have the village as a possible social housing. The largest apartment is reserved for the building manager. The courtyard is closed by a building that serves the purposes of the adjacent park. The former forest park was transformed into two areas separated by a path. On one side are residential terraces. On other side, an auditorium and parquet space is created for possible outdoor events.
Path Planning in the OpenStreet Map
Dobeš, Jan ; Luža, Radim (referee) ; Rozman, Jaroslav (advisor)
This thesis investigates possible route planning methods in OpenStreet map and Robot operating system (ROS framework), investigates already existing solutions and then implements well integrated own library with own planning algorithms and other improvements. Finally, implemented features are verified.
Quality Management system for the calibration of linear gauges
Dobeš, Jan ; Koška, Petr (referee) ; Pernikář, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the issues of calibration of gauges. The aim of the thesis is to create detailed calibration procedures and examplary measurements of selected types of length gauges. These gauges are gauge blocks, dial indicator, caliper, micrometer. This measuring was implemented in the calibration laboratory TM Technik s. r. o., where autor could obtain experiences from employees and discuss with them about these topics.
Detailed project proposal of a technological workplace in MEDIAEFEKT, s.r.o. engineering company
Dobeš, Jan ; Blahoudek, Václav (referee) ; Strejček, Jan (advisor)
This thesis deals with design in the company MEDIA EFEKT. The first part describes current status of the production hall. Further work is focused on three variants of methods of manufacturing distribution body. The second part is focused on optimizing of workplaces with regard to safety factors, including noise and lighting. It also shows the techno-economic evaluation.
Diversity of CD8+ T-cell adaptive immune responses
Paprčková, Darina ; Štěpánek, Ondřej (advisor) ; Dobeš, Jan (referee) ; Gerrard, Audrey (referee)
CD8+ T cells are specialized immune cells that recognize and eliminate infected or malignant cells by directly attacking and destroying them. Moreover, their ability to form long-lasting memory responses ensures a rapid immune defense upon subsequent encounters with the same pathogens, making them indispensable for overall immune system function and maintaining health. Despite all of this, many aspects of their biology are still not well understood. The main objective of this thesis is to delve deeply into the adaptive immune responses of CD8+ T cells, focusing on elucidating several critical aspects. Firstly, we conducted a review and a research study of T-cell receptor (TCR) self-reactivity to understand its influence on immune responses. Intriguingly, experimental findings revealed that the degree of TCR self-reactivity did not impact the magnitude or type of the immune response. Instead, it played a decisive role in determining the fate commitment of CD8+ T cells in the periphery during homeostasis, shedding light on a nuanced regulatory mechanism. Another part of the research probed into per-cell differences of activated naïve and memory T cells. This investigation unveiled the remarkable potency of memory T cells to generate long- lived effector memory T cells. In contrast, naïve T cells...
Effects of gluten-free diet on immune parameters in Parkinson's disease
Jandová, Mônica ; Funda, David (advisor) ; Dobeš, Jan (referee)
Tato studie zkoumá možné, i malé, vlivy bezlepkové diety v porovnání se standardní dietou na rozvoj Parkinsonovi nemoci s využitím 1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridinem (MPTP) indukovaném myším modelu Parkinsonovi nemoci, a samců kmene C57Bl6. Tento výzkum zahrnuje zavedení jak akutního tak chronického myšího MPTP modelu, a řadu navazujících flow cytometrických analýz zaměřených na regulační T buňky, cytokiny - interleukin 10 (IL-10) a interferon gama (IFN-), gamma/delta T buňky, a NK buňky ve slizničních a sytémových lyfatických orgánech. Pro posouzení vlivu na chování jse použili test otevřeného pole, který nám umožnil posoudit lokomotorickou aktivitu a explorativní chování myší v závislosti na podávané dietě. Dále jsem použili také imunofluorescenční barveni pro validaci efektu MPTP, které nám poskytlo vizuální potvrzeni neuroanatomických změn indukovaných neurotoxinem. První výsledky naznačují malé ale slibné známky pozitivních efektů bezlepkové diety. Nicméně tyto změny lze pouze opatrně interpretovat, protože je potřeba opakovaných a podrobnějších experimentů k posouzení zazanmenaných efektů. Spojení behaviorálních testů, imunohistologie a imunologických analýz představuje vícečetný metodicky přístup k této problematice, který nám může poodhalit komplexní interakce diety, střeva,...
Poor care in Příbram from the Josephine reforms to the abolition of serfdom
Syrovátková, Iva ; Dobeš, Jan (advisor) ; Fejtová, Olga (referee)
The bachelor's thesis gets into the functioning of the system of care for the poor through the municipal hospital and the pauper fund, focusing on the environment of the royal mining town Příbram, which is carried out by the municipal government and private charity. The thesis investigates how the poor were provided for and supported, how they integrated into society, what they could afford and where financial support flowed from. KEY WORDS social care | paupers | burgher | charity | beggaring | hospital | Příbram
The Effect of Aire Deficiency on Antibody Responses Against TH17 Effector Cytokines and Candida albicans
Liberdová, Jana ; Dobeš, Jan (advisor) ; Schwarzer, Martin (referee)
The Autoimmune Regulator (Aire) is a well-known master regulator of central tolerance, promoting the expression of antigens restricted to peripheral tissues in the thymus. These antigens are presented to developing T cells, ensuring the elimination of self-reactive clones based on their ability to recognize them. Aire dysfunction leads to the development of multiorgan autoimmune pathologies and susceptibility to chronic mucosal fungal infections. The emergence of autoimmunity is largely explained by the disruption of the thymic regulation of peripheral antigen expression. However, the mechanisms underlying fungal infection susceptibility are much less understood. Mucosal anti-fungal immune defense in general primarily relies on the mobilization of TH17 cells and IgA antibodies. Defective cellular TH17 response and autoantibodies against TH17 effector cytokines observed in Aire deficiency are associated with higher susceptibility to fungal infection. However, the integrity of IgA response in Aire deficiency has not been addressed so far. In my thesis, I confirmed that Aire deficient mice develop elevated levels of autoantibodies against TH17 effector cytokines. These autoantibodies are not affected by experimental fungal colonization, suggesting that active fungal infection is not enhancing the...
Sport hall and its facilities for the elementary school Hudcova 35, Brno
Dobeš, Jan ; Klimecký, Martin (referee) ; Gerö, Jiří (advisor)
The assignment of the diploma thesis follows on from the previous urban-architectural study, the aim of which was to design an urban structure that will respect the newly designed spatial plan. In the newly designed spatial plan, an area for public amenities was defined in the area under consideration. The aim of the diploma thesis was to place a sports hall on this defined site. The hall should primarily be used for physical education of pupils from Hudcova primary school. In the afternoon, the hall should also be accessible to the general public. The facility should offer a wide range of sporting activities and the possibility of holding international sporting events.
Characterization of a novel CD8+ T-cell subset with polyamine metabolism signature
Cimermanová, Veronika ; Štěpánek, Ondřej (advisor) ; Dobeš, Jan (referee)
CD8+ T cells play a crucial role in the adaptive immune response to combat infections and tumors. Previous research into T-cell heterogeneity has revealed that subsets of antigen- experienced CD8+ T cells possess different functional properties. However, the functional diversity might already be predetermined in their naïve steady-state precursors. Recently, the Lab of Adaptive Immunity discovered a new and rare murine steady-state CD8+ T-cell subset, known as Tpam cells (CD8+ T cells with polyamine metabolism signature). Since polyamine metabolism has been linked to T-cell activation and differentiation, studying this novel subset can provide new insight into the fate of CD8+ T cells upon TCR stimulation. This diploma thesis aimed to characterize Tpam cells in terms of their origin, steady-state phenotype, fate after TCR stimulation, and potential functional role. We took advantage of various mouse models to investigate the formation of Tpam cells and found that they are dependent on a diverse TCR repertoire and are presumably formed by low-grade TCR signaling. We executed an adoptive transfer into T-cell deficient mouse model to examine their steady-state phenotype and performed an ex vivo TCR-mediated activation assay to observe their fate after activation. Our findings show that Tpam cells are...

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