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Personality assessment methods - diagnostic contribution of the selfdescriptive and projective methods
Svěchotová, Stanislava ; Urbanová, Miluše (advisor) ; Cipro, Martin (referee) ; Výrost, Jozef (referee)
The author presents a project classically divided into a theoretical and an empirical part, the focus of the work lies in the theory. It is focused on the broader and hidden social contexts in the field of applied psychology, focusing on recruitment. Personality and human relations are approached from a psychoanalytic perspective - the author brings the psychoanalytic concept of the human mind and focuses on some intrapsychic structures and unconscious interactive processes that influence individual behavior and dynamic of social groups. This theoretical perspective revealing the multiplicity of intrapsychic and interpersonal dimension comes into contrast with the psychometric approach to personality applied in the empirical part. Here are examined three heterogeneous psychodiagnostic methods and their predictive value in relation to a sample of the population. The total processing of the broad-based project is designed to reflect the specifics and limits of different psychodiagnostic methods, usefulness of multidimensional approach to personality in all areas of applied psychology. The author concludes that it is important for a psychologist apart from applying measurement instruments to keep in mind his theoretical issues and admit his own cognitive limits and specifics of character and motivation that...
Coaching - Analytical Approach in Czech Management
Cipro, Martin ; Nový, Ivan (advisor) ; Bedrnová, Eva (referee) ; Tkačík, Tomáš (referee)
The work succeeded in defining and arranging the basic typology of approaches to coaching, describing their theoretical starting points, pros and cons in application in the environment of Czech firms. The typology serves the ordering persons (mostly human resources officers) for convenience when looking for an appropriate approach and when choosing an eligible coach. The work defined a new term - analytic coaching - and have provided its specificities and differences from other theoretical approaches, as well as eight case studies where we have proved the efficiency of analytic coaching. The managers being coached within the monitored sample familiarized themselves during the study with coaching procedures, methodology and principles, and they start applying and promoting them within their management of people, becoming the upholders of the new firm culture focused on involvement, independence and self-management of employees. Interest was aroused in the managers being coached in self-development, in study of soft management elements and in coaching applications in the intra- and extra-employment spheres.
Analysis of the job requirements and the processing of the job profiles in the enterprise VK VACOVSKÝ GROUP s.r.o.
Virtová, Veronika ; Bedrnová, Eva (advisor) ; Cipro, Martin (referee)
This thesis focuses on determine analysis of the job requirements in the enterprise VK VACOVSKÝ GROUP s.r.o. As a part of this company have been prepared the individual job descriptions and the job specifications. This thesis is divided into three parts. The first part is characterized by the object and the purposes of the work, outlines the hypothesis and the methodology solutions. The informations needed to the job analysis were obtained through the method of the questionnaire, the personal interviews and the analysis of the corporate documentation. The second part deals with the explanation of basic concepts relating to the job analysis. The third section focuses on the characteristics of the company, describes the result of the empirical investigation and conclusions, which outlines the individual job descriptions, the job specifications and the new organizational structure.
Assessment centrum a jeho uplatnění ve firemní praxi
Špatenková, Jana ; Bedrnová, Eva (advisor) ; Cipro, Martin (referee)
The goal of this master thesis is to summarise the theoretical knowledge and subsequently analyse the so-called Assessment Centre, a modern methodology used for recruitment of employees out of a larger pool of applicants. A unified approach to the recruitment process has been developed based on the results of this analysis The analysis includes a detailed insight into the preparation and the course of the Assessment Centre, a competency assessment of the committee members, assessment of the job description, job requirements and selection criteria and an analysis of satisfaction of the applicants themselves. The analysis was conducted on two workplaces of the Insurance Company "XY", with each of them having a different approach towards the assessment centre. Free as well as partially standardised observations were used as a methodological background for the assessment centre analysis. The assessment of satisfaction of the AC participants was conducted with the help of questionnaires.
Coaching as a method of personal development
Čerkasová, Irena ; Cipro, Martin (advisor) ; Tomanová, Kateřina (referee)
This thesis deals with coaching with an emphasis on career and personal development. Coaching is becoming a new phenomenon which helps a person to discover and maximize his or her potential. Through in-depth qualitative research it has been established which coaching services people are most interested in. One of the sub goals of this thesis was also to analyze current tendencies and trends in coaching. The theoretical information from expert sources were verified in the practical part of this thesis and emerged from public enquiry that clients usually use coaching services which are concerned with interpersonal relationships, managing financial resources and improving their opportunities on the labour market. In conclusion of this work, I evaluate the performance of set goals for this thesis and propose recommendations for putting this subject matter into practice.
Motivation and job satisfaction in the organization
Makar, Yauheniya ; Kašparová, Eva (advisor) ; Cipro, Martin (referee)
The graduate work is devoted to exploring the theoretical foundations of motivation. The main goal is to conduct an analysis of motivation and satisfaction of staff with examples of companies working on Beltelecom and making recommendations to improve the effectiveness of the incentive system for effective performance of employees and the gaps identified.
UNIQUE Vision Project o.p.s.
Unique, Elis ; Lukeš, Martin (advisor) ; Cipro, Martin (referee)
As a main guide in determining the objectives of my thesis, I had used the most recent sociological researches from which I had derived some of the social public needs and in order to serve those needs, I tried to find ways, how it's possible to enrich Prague's cultural life and use art therapy in routine practice of Prague's NGO Unique Vision Project o.p.s. to strengthen social cohesion and integration. I present outlines of a business plan and a detailed plan of the various social activities which by means of applying art therapy techniques in various degrees of combination of educational activities with fun and interesting way to adjust to the needs of the target categories shall lead to social education, cultivation of civic debate and personal development for both: children and adults.
Disabled people and their integration in the frame of labour market within the sheltered workshops
Tvrdková, Denisa ; Hubinková, Zuzana (advisor) ; Cipro, Martin (referee)
This thesis deals with possibilities of integration of disabled people in the frame of labour market within sheltered workshops. I define term of disabled people in theoretical part, especially of those with mental and combined disabilities. Further I characterise the labour market for disabled people and then I explain the difference between sheltered workshops and socio-therapy workshops. In practical part of this thesis I use method of interviews to obtain information about current situation within sheltered workshops and socio-therapy workshops in the Czech Republic. The aim of this thesis is to find a good practice, for usage of sheltered workshops and socio-therapy workshops intended for the people with mental and combined disabilities, through analyses of data collected from interviews. Based on gained information I draw-up a project of optimal method of operation workshops.
Difficulty and benefits of employing disabled people in the Czech Republic
Macáková, Monika ; Hubinková, Zuzana (advisor) ; Cipro, Martin (referee)
This thesis deals with the employment of people with disabilities. The theoretical part focuses on the labour market in the Czech Republic in connection with the employment of disabled persons. The practical part is analyzed results from a survey using a questionnaire examines the current situation on the employment market. The aim of this thesis is to describe the job market in the Czech Republic and the potentialities that are provided in this environment and are offered to persons with disabilities.

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