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Film and Painting image of Oneiric Genre - The Problem of Interpretation
Malina, Lukáš ; Borecký, Felix (advisor) ; Charvát, Martin (referee)
The subject of the thesis is a comparative analysis of sign production and the interpretation of the film and painting of oneiric or horror genre focused on Vall Lewton's films and their similarity to the painting in creating an atmosphere of uneasiness and fear. Although these works are based on a sign structure, which is an important key to their interpretation, they are not independent of the different interpretations they allow. On the contrary, it seems that the work's intention is to encourage the viewer to complete the art by projecting his own fear into it. This approach is based on Umberto Eco's and Jan Mukařovský's theory of the interpretation, both of which emphasizing the reader's role in understanding the principle of functioning of the work of art. The concepts of the model author and model reader in Eco's theory and the term semantic gesture within Mukařovský's work are sharing numerous similarities.
Media Representation of Celebrities in Late-night Talk Show Format
Cerna, Arina ; Novák, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Charvát, Martin (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the media representation of celebrities, as it is designed within the framework of the adopted American television format of the late-night talk show. In the first part of the thesis, attention is focused on problems of understanding of the phenomenon of celebrities by various authors, as well as on the development of the late-night talk show itself and its characteristic features. The theoretical starting point is the theory of representation (Hall), three levels of representation (Trampota) and social construction of reality (Berger, Luckmann). The method of critical discourse analysis is chosen for the research and the four principles for the analysis are described: commoditization, infotainment, personalization, congeniality. The practical part presents an analysis of the typical representation of celebrities due to the principles mentioned above in selected talk shows which were broadcast in English and Czech languages in 2015-2016, namely American The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and Czech Jan Kraus Show. Keywords: Celebrity, Late-night Talk Show, Media Representation, Personalization, Congeniality, Infotainment, Commoditization
Conflict and blending of cultural signs in fictional world of novels by Louise Erdrich
Pacolová, Jana ; Češka, Jakub (advisor) ; Charvát, Martin (referee)
The aim of this paper is to inspect the work of Louise Erdrich with the optics of semiotics, literary theory and cultural anthropology and to find topics related to the cultural conflict of Native American and Christian tradition. The theoretical part is devoted to the theories of the ontological definition of the fictional world, its relation to culture and its construction within a literary piece. In the practical part, we will deal with the cultural features associated with nature, religion, space and social ordering, as they are illustrated in the novels. The paper is not an anthropological material dealing with Native American culture as such. Here we perform a literary analysis and examine the anthropomorphic dimension of the unique fictional world.
The Novel "Universe": Basic Aspects of M.A. Bulgakov's Master and Margarita
Fléglová, Marie ; Frappartová, Nataša (advisor) ; Charvát, Martin (referee)
Mikhail Afanasievich Bulgakov was a Russian novelist and playwright active in the first half of the twentieth century. The work of this author is unforgettable for the modern Russian literary art of the fist half of the twentieth century. Known by writings with very strong plots and engaging storyline, he did not fear confrontation or conflicts within individual works. His dialogs are masterfully constructed and his feel for humorous vision of life and description of the world is regarded as unreachable. A fascinating and almost unbelievably inspiring Bulgakov's novel The Master and Margarita has become the model for this diploma thesis. Due to its multi-layering, broad topical range, two intersecting storylines and the content, the thesis has been named The Novel "Universe". It contains everything that makes life life: love, death, betrayal, courage and cowardice, generosity and envy… Bulgakov's success received thanks to this work is rooted in the masterful connection of the two parallel stories (ongoing in Moscow in 1930 and in Jerusalem at the beginning of our era), in fantasticality and in the view of the contemporary social situation, which are depicted in the novel, and lastly in the description of the human characters constancy. Due to these arguments, the thesis focuses on the following...
History of sports newsroom in Czechoslovak/Czech Radio
Charvát, Martin ; Groman, Martin (advisor) ; Cebe, Jan (referee)
The thesis deals with the history of the sports editorial office in essence for 95 years of radio broadcasting. Sports broadcasts began to be part of the broadcast just a few years after broadcasting and became an integral part of the broadcast. These broadcasts were first reported by Josef Laufer, later a separate editorial was created. This was significantly influenced by the Communist regime until 1990, although it had no direct influence on the broadcast itself. For their versatility, the sports editors were also engaged in significant non- sporting events as well as participating significantly in the broadcasting of the 1968 August events. After the Revolution, the editorial staff had to be redesigned and coped with the emergence of new media that took its exclusivity on the radio sporting results. Nowadays, sports editors face severe competition in the online world and internet communications, but at the same time they must also create content for these new media.
Influence of the protective group on Au(I)-catalyzed cyclisation of 1,5-enynes
Charvát, Martin ; Pour, Milan (advisor) ; Klimešová, Věra (referee)
Within the framework of this Thesis, i have been occupied with optimalization of preparation in position 4 with phenyl substituted methyl ester of nicotinic acid, which was syntetized by gold catalyzed cycloizomerization of 1,5-enyne, which is not commercially available. This optimalized route of synthesis could be applied even for preparation in positions 2,3,4 and 6 substituted derivatives of pyridine.
Semiotic analysis of dance-pop music in the year of 2013
Čemanová, Lucia ; Švantner, Martin (advisor) ; Charvát, Martin (referee)
This Magister thesis is an attempt at analysis of ten chosen dance-pop songs released in the year of 2013 using semiotic method. The purpose of this thesis is to find out whether the statement that this genre is isomorphic is right or wrong. The thesis is divided into two parts. In the theoretical part we will define the term popular music and its evolution. Then we will focus on functioning of semiotic method in the musical analysis and communication of music. The second part will be dedicated to semiotic analysis itself where we will analyze the structure and lyrics of chosen dance-pop songs and we especially will focus on the most used strings of musemes and intertextual quotation of other popular records. Keywords: dance-pop, semiotics of music, musical patterns, communication models in music, museme, strings of musemes, intertextuality
The Narratological Analysis of Novel King Rat by China Miéville
Bečan, Martin ; Charvát, Martin (advisor) ; Češka, Jakub (referee)
This thesis deals with the analysis of the British author's China Miéville's literary debut King Rat. For the analysis, I used especially semiotically/semiologically oriented narratology, the thesis therefore draws especially from the methods used in Roland Barthese's, Tzvetan Todorov's and Lubomír Doležel's works. It also uses methods of Gérard Genette, Seymour Chatman and Shlomith Rimmon-Kenan. I analysed categories from the domain of narratology, specifically: the narrator, story, characters, space (surroundings) and the time.

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