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Intergenerational communication in management (companies operating in the Czech Republic)
Biskup, Vojtěch ; Campbell, Jan (advisor) ; Šikýř, Martin (referee)
Master's Thesis describes topic of intergenerational communication, which is important part of society. It's goal is to suggest an effective communication strategy on workplace for managers. Each country perceives age differently; therefore the thesis is in general focused on Czech corporate environment. The theoretical part defines the concept of communication, internal communication of companies and communication styles of key generations of the late 20th century. The practical part includes questionnaire form with both open and closed questions and survey took place in selected organizations, operating in the Czech Republic.
The Rise of China and the new multipolar World from the perspective of the major development trends of the international monetary system
Rudenko, Kyryl ; Campbell, Jan (advisor) ; Šikýř, Martin (referee)
The work focuses on the area of international economic relations and is oriented on comparison of major development trends in China and global economies in terms of development and transformation of the International monetary system. The work deals with the development trends of the International monetary system. The aim is to assess the current situation and forecast future developments in view of the conclusions reached.
Economic Security: Modern Transformation Processes and Their Impact on Society (Case of Russia)
Tarasov, Vadim ; Campbell, Jan (advisor) ; Štěrbová, Ludmila (referee)
The modern globalizing world is being shaped by transformational processes that permeate through all the spheres of society life. The struggle for limited resources have never been removed from the agenda of the leading economic powers. At the same time, their methods have been taking a different shape: the times of military confrontations have yielded to the era informational, geopolitical and geoeconomic wars. These phenomena determine the trends of world economy development and actualize the problem of protecting national economic interests. This study was conducted in order to analyze modern transformational processes and strategic mechanisms of providing national economic security aimed at sustainable development of society. It was shown that the processes occurring in society should be analyzed through a "civilizational prism". From that perspective culture is seen as the holding element of the informational matrix, representing a medium through which a society can be governed. The paper reconsiders the idea of economic security from conceptual viewpoint, based on reproduction approach, theory of conflicts management and modeling methods of game theory. Besides, in order to achieve compatibility of various economic security indicators, novel mathematical models were used, allowing for a comprehensive analysis. The results of applying the mathematical models in regard to the economic security of Russia demonstrated, that despite some particular positive shifts (mainly in financial sphere), the country is still facing many internal and external threats. A new Russian strategy of long-term socio-economic development is intended to improve the situation. It is aimed to solve three crucial problems, which are the creation of equal opportunities for people, encouraging innovative behavior and a considerable enhancement of economy efficiency.
Business Solution for a Food Service Company Based on a Modern Nutrition Concept (case of Russia)
Tarasov, Stanislav ; Campbell, Jan (advisor) ; Štěrbová, Ludmila (referee)
Increasing level of public concerns about ageing and obesity problems accompanied by the advent of more and more health conscious consumers have put a priority on the health and wellness industry development which has started transformation from a niche category towards the mainstream. As a human being is an individual with unique known characteristics (like age, gender, health state, lifestyle) and less known characteristics like a genetic predisposition, the nutrition plan should be designed around these characteristics. Being aware of genetic predisposition of an individual allows to develop the appropriate health strategy for the particular individual. A systematization of these individual programs would support the development of a new generation of health practitioners. Russia is experiencing serious demographic problems with decreasing population and low life expectancy; high mortality rate from heart diseases and quite high obesity rates. It is expected that nutrigenomics concepts can be successfully developed in Russia due to its solid scientific base, relatively high level of medicine and the ever increasing awareness of the need for a healthy quality life especially within young generation. The goal of the thesis therefore is to analyze the key trends in the global and Russian food industries and develop a business idea of commercializing the personalized nutrition concept in the Russian food service market.
Analýza oděvního a textilního průmyslu a předpověď nových trendů a modelů pro více udržitelný, ekologický a etický výrobní proces.
Hoang Vinh, Hien ; Halík, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Campbell, Jan (referee)
The increase of trading has created many environmental, ecological, social and ethical problems. The main concern across all industries is to create more sustainable, eco-friendly and ethical manufacturing processes. Only by influence consumer's purchasing behavior there might be the demand for eco-green products. The fashion and textile industry as one of the main contributor to the world's economy is one of the main environmental polluter (e.g.: soil, lakes, river and air). Recently, many young fashion designers started to offer eco-green fashion to the market. This new phenomenon might change the course of the world fashion industry. The goal of this research is to find out the real demand for eco-green products and its impacts on the traditional methods of fashion manufacturing. Three geographical areas where chosen to represent consumption side (US and EU (UK)) and manufacturing side (China). The specific fashion garment was chosen to demonstrate detailed analysis of the manufacturing processes and its new eco-green formula -- the denim jeans. The primary and secondary research approaches were chosen to cover the whole industrial view on this phenomenon. The outcome of the research showed that the major impact was on the general consumer's purchasing behavior and their life style. It is a new trend and concept that is reshaping the traditional fashion business models. Denim jeans industry leaders such as Levi's Strauss are in process of implementing eco-green, ethical and fair-trade factors into their long-term strategy.
Recruitment and selection of Sales Representatives in the company in the FMCG sector focusing on the methods of Assessment Centre
Hrdinová, Šárka ; Stříteský, Marek (advisor) ; Campbell, Jan (referee)
The aim of this Bachelor`s Thesis is to design the competency model of the method Assessment Centre in the company in the FMCG sector. The questionnaire of Sales Representatives and Area Sales Managers is used for screening of their competence. The second aim of this thesis is to design a few model situations, which show behaviour, skills, knowledge, experience and other compentence of Sales Representatives. The theoretical part is included in the first and the second chapter of the Bachelor`s Thesis. It describes the method of Assessment Centre and its efficient use. There are chapters which introduce the FMCG company, the analysis of position, the process of designing competency model and three model situations - role plays.
The components of a successful company
Sokolova, Anna ; Campbell, Jan (advisor) ; Šikýř, Martin (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focused on the importance such components as appropriate motivation, development and employee education for company's success. The theoretical part contains approaches to motivation, its criterions and principles, also cycles, functions of education and educational planning. The content of the practical-analytical part is identification of essences, principles and methods of education and employee motivation, exploring applied technologies and employee care standards on the example of global energy company "Gazprom". Practical part consists of information gained from official web-site of the company and personal conversation with an employee from Gazprom Corporation.
Analysis of care of employees in company Teplárna Otrokovice plc.
Hrabalová, Martina ; Campbell, Jan (advisor) ; Stříteský, Marek (referee)
The subject of the bachelor's thesis is an analysis of care of employees in a company Teplárna Otrokovice, plc. First part is theoretical, using literature and than its application in the practical part. The introduction of the practical part is focused on the comparison of care of employees in Teplárna Otrokovice plc. with the care of employees at the Tomas Bata company. This company I chose due to the regional specific. The analysis was made on the basis of collective agreements, organizational directives, personal visit and interviews with employees. It focuses on working conditions, development and education, motivation and reward, care services in the workplace and occupational health services. The final section summarizes the results of the analysis based on critical thinking with proposal solution to identified discrepancy between the interests of employees and employers.
Analysis of System of Development and Training of Employees in USS Košice, s.r.o .
Lesňák, Martin ; Campbell, Jan (advisor) ; Rohlíková, Petra (referee)
The bachelor thesis is aimed to describe the system of development and education of employees in the company U.S.Steel, s. r. o., its weaknesses and to propose system rationalization and optimalization. The bachelor thesis is divided into two chapters -- theoretical and practical one. The theoretical part provides a complex insight onto various approaches for the human factor to be developed. The practical part provides quantitative and qualitative insight. All facts and data were acquired by interviews and discussions with the employees as well as by going through company' s documents and data.The outcomes of the analysis are listed in the analytical part along with proposals to be applied to the system of development and education within the company.
Employees´ benefit in enterprise
Maňurová, Marcela ; Campbell, Jan (advisor) ; Stříteský, Marek (referee)
This work defines employees' benefits as the main factor ensuring company's motivational mission, which with no doubt significantly press towards employees' satisfaction. Within analysis held in specific enterprise I would like to prove employees' aspirations for obliteration of the edge between private and working life. In theoretical part there is an extensive list of employees' benefits based on actual best practices at international field, which I personally find as necessary fundaments to complex understanding of this issue. Its content form especially theoretical definitions and means from which I later shall start to create practical part and upon which there are based my own analysis and surveys. In practical part I aim for my own monitoring and survey which shall answer on a question whether worker are or are not satisfied with presented amount of benefits. To achieve this goal, I chose the survey method. I added references, experience and theory. On base of the results I would propose my own solution for present situation of the enterprise and possible improvements.

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