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Three Green Parties from Latin America in Comparative Perspective with Europe.Competition with Left-Wing Parties and Demarcation Strategies
Hanry Knop, Diana ; Buben, Radek (advisor) ; Křížová, Markéta (referee) ; Gaxie, Daniel (referee)
Three Green Parties from Latin America in Comparative Perspective with Europe. Competition with Left-Wing Parties and Demarcation Strategies PhDr. Diana HANRY KNOP Abstract The Partido Verde from Brazil, the Partido Ecologista from Chile and the Proyecto Sur from Argentina are political parties belonging to the movement of green or ecologist parties. They represent, in each country, new political forces which aim at differentiating themselves through a particular identity, built on the focus on sustainable development and the strong will to do politics in a new fashion. Members of those three political parties believe they are apart from left-wing activists. Nevertheless, they do share similar ideas, regarding societal issues, as well as economic and social questions. These parties appeared in a particular context, influenced by democratic renewal, in connection with civil society activists. They continue to keep strong ties with associations, unions, and artistic movements. Their organisation is based on democratic principles such as pluralism, representativeness and territoriality. However, like their European counterparts, they have trouble applying these principles in actual fact. They also face the issue of monopolized power by party leaders. The Partido Verde, the Partido Ecologista and the Proyecto...
Democracy, Indigenous People and Pachamama: Analysis of the discourses of Rafael Correa and Lenín Moreno between 2007 and 2018
Pěkná, Adéla ; Buben, Radek (advisor) ; Vališková, Barbora (referee)
The objective of the thesis "Democracy, Indigenous People and Pachamama: Analysis of the discourses of Rafael Correa and Lenín Moreno between 2007 and 2021" is to study and analyze speeches by both presidents of the Republic of Ecuador to perform a comparative analysis, and find similarities and differences between the political discourse of both presidents, both substantive and rhetorical. The analyzed areas/fields are: conceptualization of democracy, role of the political opposition, role of the indigenous population and environmental discourse. In the case of Rafael Correa, the significant speeches in the period from 2007 to 2016 are analyzed; in the case of Lenín Moreno, his speeches between 2017 and 2021. The speeches are analyzed mainly from the rhetorical-argumentative point of view, especially the ideological characteristics of the speeches of both presidents between 2007 and 2021. In the practical part, discourse analysis is used and the analyzed excerpts from the speeches are interpreted. The attention is also paid to some key concepts and phenomena of the Ecuadorian politics and it is analyzed how the both presidents approach these concepts. Based on an analysis of the presidents ' speeches, it was concluded that Lenín Moreno was moving away from the politics and authoritarian style of...
Analysis of the Influence of Presence of Natural Resources on Civil Wars in Sub-Saharan Africa
Sniehotta, Michal ; Buben, Radek (advisor) ; Drahokoupil, Štěpán (referee)
The thesis analyzes the issue of the influence of presence of natural resources on civil wars in Sub-Saharan Africa. Its purpose is to analyze in detail the possible consequences of natural resources on these conflicts in the area in question. The thesis comprises three main parts. The first theoretical part starts with the introduction of the main theoretical concepts (the "theory" of the curse of natural resources and the concept of a rentier state), which presume the existence of a causal relation between the occurrence of natural resources and negative, mainly development-related, consequences in countries that are dependent on them. Subsequently it described selected economic, social, and institutional undesirable phenomena associated with the presence of natural resources. Professional literature, for instance, often mentions the possible connection between primary commodities and civil wars. In this respect the initial part of the thesis is concluded with a presentation of theoretical explanations of the relation between these two variables. It presents expert views of natural resources as a possible cause of civil wars, potential source of finances, and a factor influencing the duration, the way of waging, and other features of civil wars. It also includes an analysis of the influence of...
Transformation of the KSČ/M since 1989
Roleček, Hynek ; Bureš, Jan (advisor) ; Buben, Radek (referee)
The process of transformation of the Czechoslovak Communist Party (KSČ) and its successor the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (KSČM) since November 1989 is a unique example of incomplete transformation of the communist party into the non-communist party. The core of this process was the development of the KSČ and the KSČM in 1989-1996. The party following a change in the political system saves in the first free elections in 1990. The party searches possibilities of changes, which culminates into internal referendum in 1991- 1992, when the majority decides to keep the original labelling. The decisive point of the whole process is Congress in Prostějov in June 1993 when the winning faction prevents the radical change and preserves the party. Despite the strong party fission, which creates a lot of non-communist parties, the KSČM may rely on the solid core of voters in the elections of 1996. It is a signal for the party that the trend starting by KSČM consolidates positions, even offers other options for strengthening.
The Evolution of Jordanian Political Regime After 1989
Ducháčková, Michaela ; Buben, Radek (advisor) ; Koubek, Jiří (referee)
The aim of this master thesis is to analyze political regime of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and to find out some possible effects, which could have had an influence on its stability and survival in the last 25 years. The Jordanian political regime had gone through several crises in the examined years. Not only did it survive all of them but also became stronger. Which factors caused the survival of the regime? In the first part of the thesis we typologize the regime from three possible perspectives (institutional, formalistic and legitimation). The second part deals with an analysis of factors, which enable the survival of Jordanian political regime. The emphasis is given on the role of institutions.
Vietnamese Political Power, Authority and Legitimacy in the Context of Emulation Movements
Homutová, Lada ; Buben, Radek (advisor) ; Klimeš, Ondřej (referee) ; Strašáková, Mária (referee)
This dissertation thesis centres on the stability and instability of the Vietnamese communist regime, and how to understand this topic today. This problem was explored with the help of an imported political tool, which Vietnam adopted from the USSR, through China, in the late 1940s, and which experienced a revival in modern economically liberalised Vietnam: emulation movements. This thesis assumed that historic and current emulation movements were designed to control, but also to bring legitimacy or a 'legitimacy effect' (and the related stability), through their different functions. It asked how they succeeded in this task comparatively, in their historic and current incarnations. The framework of functions of emulation movements in Vietnam combined with the theoretical concepts of David Beetham, Max Weber and Robert Lamb served as basic theoretical tenets. The thesis concluded that emulation indeed helped create foundational regime legitimacy and offered possible links to a new communist doctrine. The thesis showed that a predominance of successful legitimization, combined with legitimacy effect and Ho Chi Minh's charisma, helped stabilize the DRV regime, especially until 1954. The analysis of present-day emulation movements, however, showed the weakness of the VCP as it struggles to fulfil the...
Walloon-Flemish aspect in the national conflict in the Belgian Kingdom
Policar, Martin ; Buben, Radek (advisor) ; Novotný, Oto (referee)
The text is a case study which deals with the theoretical and historical aspects in the dominant conflict in the Belgian kingdom which is the > linguistic cleavage between the Walloons and Flemish. The first part refers to the evolution and development of the Belgian state from the 1830, explicitely after the Second World War till nowadays. The changes of the social strucure such as "verzuilling" and formation of new political parties took place on the background of the linguistic conflicts, which lead into the transition to the so- called Belgian semi-federation. Political parties split into Flemish and Walloon wings and consequently stood in the elections separately. Gradually there was coming up to a decentralisation of power and transfer of power from center towards region. In the 70's and 80's the beginning of the state reforms took place leading towards the fédéralisation of Belgium. Independent executives and councils were set for the regions of Flanders, Walloonia and Brussels as well as for the Flemish, Walloon and German communities. The three-phased state reform was finished in 1992 with the so- called Accord de la St Michel on the full fédéralisation of the state. In the second part of the paper follows the analysis of the theory of consociational democracy by dutch political scientist Arend...
The Dynamics of Electoral Support: The Case of Norwegian Fremskrittspartiet
Krejčová, Eva ; Buben, Radek (advisor) ; Slačálek, Ondřej (referee)
This bachelor's thesis focuses on the dynamics of electoral support of Norwegian Fremskrittspartiet (FrP), classified here as 'functional equivalent' to the far right parties. It examines the puzzling decline in FrP's electoral support in the capital Oslo. The party's electoral support in Oslo was traditionally 30% higher than in the rest of Norway. However, since 2001, the trend has gone in the opposite direction and today, the party's electoral support in Oslo is 30% lower than in the country as a whole. I hypothesize, that this turnover was provoked by shifts in party's ideology. FrP has moved toward centre in the economic dimension and, more importantly, it has undertaken a significant authoritarian move in the cultural dimension. After analyzing the influence of both demand-side and supply-side factors on the FrP electoral support, I compare the changes in FrP's ideology with the development of Norwegian electorate's policy preferences. While not underestimating the demand-side factors and the institutional and political setting, I conclude that the party's internal development could be of crucial importance in order to understand the dynamics of its electoral support.
The problems of process of democratization in the Arab world. A case study of Egypt
Škorpilová, Adéla ; Buben, Radek (advisor) ; Barša, Pavel (referee)
The aim of presented final thesis is to analyse problems of democratic process in Arab world, particularly in current Egypt. The introduction of this work is pointed to the historical context and begins with the state conception and democracy in the Arab region in general. The next chapters deal with the democratic waves and theory of transitions to democracy, especially the one of Dankwart Rustow and his need of national unity as a basic condition for successful democratization. Third chapter is devoted to Egypt during each presidential era with an emphasis on Hosni Mubarak. Next part describes the political situation in current Egypt and its party system, where we can find several specific features. Follows short part about human rights issue in Egyptian society and activity of civic society with increasing number of NGOs working in this area. Under the emergency state and with the antiterrorism policy abusing of human rights is the part of daily routine. Last part focuses on Islamism in Egypt and in some respect on activity of Muslim Brotherhood, which is the largest and most successful opposition group in current Egyptian politics. To conclude the thesis, the aim of last chapter was to analyse current political situation in context of upcoming presidential elections and to outline possibilities of...
Two pathways into the tunnel : comparison of contemporary political development in Czech and Greece
Běhal, Filip ; Buben, Radek (advisor) ; Slačálek, Ondřej (referee)
(in English): The diploma thesis compares (mal)functioning of the state during contemporary political development in Czech Republic and Greece. Firstly it explaines the theoretical understanding of the notion of state and varieties of its mulfunctioning such as clientelism, patronage and exploitation. Secondly it analyzes path-dependent historical changes of state and its mulfunctioning, since Ottoman supremacy in case of Greece and since democratic Czechoslovakia in case of Czech Republic. Subsequently the thesis deals with the impact that the economic crisis of 2008 had on political development and quality of democracy in these countries in the context of their mulfunctioning states.

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