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Mapuche in the 21st century
Nešpůrková, Anna Marie ; Buben, Radek (advisor) ; Kouba, Karel (referee)
The thesis analyses the issue of Mapuche ethnic identity in the context of the Chilean constitutional process. It analyses the discursive strategies used by selected representatives on Twitter/X using David Snow and Robert Benford's framing concept. The theoretical framework focuses on the definition of ethnic identity, an introduction to the concept of framing and a brief historical and political context. The analytical part of the thesis examines how indigenous leaders and representatives of the right and left parties framed Mapuche ethnic identity during the creation of the new Chilean constitution. The period under study covers the period from 2021, when the first draft of the constitution was drafted, to 2023, when the second constitution-making process took place. The primary source of data is the twitter accounts of the officials under study. Using the concept of framing, the thesis seeks to uncover the key themes, arguments and discursive strategies used by different actors to promote particular understandings of Mapuche identity and rights in the context of constitutional reform.
Essays on political careers in the Czech Republic
Škvrňák, Michael ; Linek, Lukáš (advisor) ; Kouba, Karel (referee) ; Maškarinec, Pavel (referee)
This dissertation focuses on political careers in the Czech Republic. The in- troductory part of the dissertation presents several approaches for describing and explaining the development of political careers, ranging from the theory of rational choice through biographical approaches to an institutional view of the careers. After the theoretical introduction, four empirical chapters fol- low. They focus on particular aspects related to political careers. The first describes the candidate selection process in the Czech Pirate Party before the 2020 regional election and the 2021 parliamentary election and explains the success of individual nominees by their position within the party, personal at- tributes and political experience. This chapter uses the supply and demand model of candidate selection. The second empirical chapter focuses on local politics, specifically on the incumbency advantage. It shows that if a munici- pality publishes a municipal newsletter, incumbents, especially mayors, benefit from it. The following chapter focuses on coalition formation in Czech munici- palities, which is a process that determines which party will fill a mayor's office. The chapter shows that besides standard aspects of coalition formation, social capital of elected deputies plays a role in the process. In particular,...
Lima - The Problems of Metropolitan Growth
Rataj, Martin ; Janský, Bohumír (advisor) ; Ouředníček, Martin (referee) ; Kouba, Karel (referee)
The dissertation deals with the situation of the suburban settlements (barriadas or pueblos jóvenes) on the periphery of the Peruvian capital Lima in context with the growth of the metropolis, accompanied by a number of chronic problems including a high crime rate, unsatisfactory conditions of living and weak public administration. By means of a sociological survey, the dissertation seeks answers to the questions related to individual aspects of the life in barriadas, and subsequently interprets them with regard to the development in the recent decades and the available relevant literature. It tries to seek points of intersection between various phenomena and find their common context by bridging the specific viewpoints of sociology, urbanism, history and ecology. At the same time, it ponders - also with regard to the experience from other cities in the region - about the future prospects.
Public procurements : institutional analysis of the competitive proceeding in government procurements
Soudek, Jan ; Kouba, Karel (advisor) ; Vacek, Pavel (referee)
This thesis focuses on institute of the public procurement from the economic point of view. Especially it is trying to analyze institutional factors affecting process of public competition. First part defines economic term "public procurement" and shows, how important is this institution for the economy. Than describes the Public procurement law and others formal rules. Second part is focused on economical aspects of public procurements, namely on transaction costs, economic model of submitter, competition mechanism and determinants of its effectiveness. End of theoretical part is trying to implement the theoretical framework of the rent-seeking on public procurements. Last Chapter is empirical analyze of the randomly chosen set of 278 public procurements in civil engineering works, which were realized in Czech Republic since 2005 till 2007. Mainly it tries to approve the hypothesis about effect of explicit competition on the final price (as a percentage of the approval price) and shows the positive effect of use the most transparent proceeding on this price-ratio.
The Activity Analysis of Rescue of Královehradecký kraj, station Trutnov 2006-2009
Kouba, Karel ; Fiala, Miloš (advisor) ; Vilášek, Josef (referee)
Thesis's Topic: The Activity Analysis of Rescue of Královehradecký kraj, station Trutnov 2006-2009 Aim of the thesis: To analyze the operation of the Emergeny Medical Service in Trutnov. Method: Research of available sources, data collection and the cooperation of the members of the Emergency Medical Service coming to the patient. Results: All here listed statistics data are base on intervetion documentation of Trutnov center. Therefore the presented results can't be taken, generalled to other centers and assumed that will be comparable. Keywords: Integrated Emergency Services, Emergency Medical Service, rapid response vehicle, advanced life support vehicle, calls for the crew of the Emergency Medical Service.
Institutional framework and development in selected emerging markets
Khamet, Khafiz ; Kouba, Karel (advisor) ; Benáček, Vladimír (referee)
Master thesis analyses the institutional framework in twelve transition economies (Baltic republics, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and the Slovak Republic as new EU member states, plus Belarus, Russian Federation and Ukraine) on the Worldwide Governance Indicators (WGI) data from 1998 to 2008. The results show good position of new EU member states (except for Bulgaria and Romania) in four indicators, namely Voice and Accountability, Political Stability, Government Effectiveness and Regulatory Quality. In our terminology, it can be viewed as completed second stage of transition. On the other side, all countries have insufficient position in case of Rule of Law and Control of Corruption indicators, or in other words still ongoing third stage of transition. Panel data analysis suggests similar conclusions, moreover the relevance of institutional quality on economic growth become less significant over time, which can be translated as overall quality of institutional framework become sufficiently high for properly working market economy. However, our analysis shows the stagnation of institutional framework in all countries, where over last decade only little improvement was made and business environment in the Czech Republic, Poland, Russian Federation and Ukraine is very rigid mainly...
Four Essays in political economy
Roháč, Dalibor ; Kouba, Karel (advisor) ; Mlčoch, Lubomír (referee)
This thesis is a collection of four papers approaching different issues of political economy from the perspective of the Virginia school. The first paper is an analysis of the liberum veto, the unanimity voting rule used in Polish-Lithuanian Republic. It claims that unanimity was an answer to the religious heterogeneity of the Republic and to the fact that rights of the minorities were not protected by credible constitutional provisions. The second paper discusses the failure to democratise and the demise of the Austro- Hungarian Empire. Contrary to the popular wisdom which emphasises the military defeat of the Empire, it argues that the nationality question played an important role in its fall. The failure of the monarchy to decentralise was the main reason which induced ethnic minorities to seek remedies which brought about the collapse of the dual monarchy. The third paper seeks parallels between the political thought of Frank Knight and Jürgen Habermas. We argue that in several important respects, Habermas behaved as a Knightian and can be considered as being very close to the Knight-Buchanan-Rawls line in normative political economy. The fourth paper is a discussion of transparency in modern economics. The central argument of the paper is that the incentive structure of economics can induce...

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