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Mundane Self-Legitimizations of Power: Distribution of the Sensible in the Israeli Settlements in the West Bank
Záhora, Jakub ; Ditrych, Ondřej (advisor) ; Barša, Pavel (referee) ; Yacobi, Haim (referee)
Bibliographic Record ZÁHORA, JAKUB. Mundane Self-Legitimizations of Power: Distribution of the Sensible in the Israeli Settlements in the West Bank. Prague, 2017. 277 p. Doctoral dissertation (Ph.D.) Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Social Sciences, Institute of Political Studies. Thesis supervisor: PhDr. Ondřej Ditrych, MPhil., Ph.D. Abstract: In this doctoral thesis I am looking into mechanisms, practices and political technologies that work to depoliticize contested and potentially disturbing realities. To make sense of these processes, I am utilizing the theoretical and conceptual apparatus derived from Foucault's and Rancière's respective works. Following Rancière, I conceptualize depolitization as a "distribution of the sensible", a particular ordering of what is presented to the senses and thus made intelligible, "obvious" and "natural". Understanding such arrangements in terms of a governmental programme, I focus mostly on material and visual elements of the dispositif that promotes this depoliticizing rationality. Empirically, I am investigating the case of the Israeli so-called non-ideological settlements in the West Bank. Despite some popular misconceptions, these communities attract Israelis by offering cheap public services and housing rather than for their religious-nationalistic...
Soft Power in the Struggle for Hegemony: The Case of China
Cvachovcová, Pavla ; Barša, Pavel (advisor) ; Slačálek, Ondřej (referee)
The goal of the bachelor thesis is to analyse the role of soft power in international environment from the point of view of the Power Transition Theory. The main issue is the position of soft power in the conflict emerging during the period of changing global dominance. Hypothesis assumes the challenger state in 21st century prefers to use soft power means rather than traditional military conflict for the purpose of changing status quo and reaching dominance in international environment. The case for application this proposition will be foreign policy of People's Republic of China, which seems like a potential challenger to present dominating United States in medium-term horizon.
Communism in Guatemala? Eisenhower's "New Look" and policy of rolling-back
Gregor, Patrik ; Fiala, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Barša, Pavel (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the causes, progress and consequences of the overthrow of the democratically elected and reform president of Guatemala - Jacobo Árbenz Guzmán in 1954 - the coup d'état of the "National Liberation Army" under the leadership of Carlos Castillo Armas and his "secret" US allies. The main reasons for the overthrow of the Árbenz's regime in Guatemala were the potential threat of "leaking of international communism" in the US sphere of influence, i.e. Western Hemisphere and threat of US economic interests in Guatemala which are interrelated with the agrarian reform declared by president Árbenz. The aim of this diploma thesis is to answer key questions related to the overthrow of president Árbenz in 1954. Keywords: Guatemala, USA, Jacobo Árbenz Guzmán, Carlos Castillo Armas, Dwight D. Eisenhower
American think tanks
Abu Eid, Ramzi ; Barša, Pavel (advisor)
This study deals with the phenomenon of think tanks in the United States. These organizations are broadly defined as public policy research institutes and are part of the non-profit, non-governmental organizations sector. However, this is to a great extend only theory. As this study brings to light, the field o f think tanks is not only vast in their number but as well in number and variety of subjects of their interests, the way how they approach them and the biases and influences that affect them on this way. The purpose o f the whole study was to put theoretical research o f think tanks, which is covered in its first part, together with a practical and concrete deep analysis o f a single institution o f this kind, covered in the case study on the Washington Institute for the Near East Policy (WINEP). This W ashington D.C. based think tank was chosen as a subject of the case study for several significant reasons. These included that it is a single­ issue and single-region oriented think tank with a potential big impact on American foreign policy-making in the chosen field o f its research. Additionally, the whole research o f the WINEP deals with the Near East, which is itself a very attractive as well as divisive region. Anyhow, it offers a broad range of important issues which may be approached in...
Immigration Policies of George W. Bush and Barack Obama
Salzerová, Lívia ; Barša, Pavel (advisor) ; Slačálek, Ondřej (referee)
The presented diploma thesis deals with the issue of American immigration policy, with emphasis on the immigration policies of the two former US presidents - George W. Bush and Barack Obama, and their comparison. The main purpose of this thesis is to answer the question, why their comprehensive immigration reform plans failed. KEYWORDS US; Immigration; Immigration Policies; George W. Bush; Barack Obama
The Clash of Identities. Zionism and Palestinian Nationalism
Havelková, Lenka ; Barša, Pavel (advisor) ; Hesová, Zora (referee)
and key words This thesis examines the origins and development of two national movements: zionism and palestinian nationalism. The thesis aims at answering these questions: Has there existed any parallels of origins and development of these movements? What has been the major incentive for the formation of the new national identities? What function has had the religion in the persisting israeli-palestinian conflict? For the purpose of answearing these questions this thesis follows the historical development in interwar Palestine and the causes of increase of zionistic movement in the afterwar period. The thesis also focuses on the development and character of israeli policies and formation of palestinian identity within the years 1948-1967. Key words: Palestine, Israel, zionism, nationalism, identity, conflict
Ideology and psychoanalysis in the context of post-structurally oriented political thought
Katsaros, Denis ; Bíba, Jan (advisor) ; Barša, Pavel (referee)
The first aim of the thesis is to demonstrate the structural congruence between the discourse theory, as is formulated in the work of political philospoher Ernesto Laclau, and the Lacanian psychoanalytical discouse. Moreover, we claim that any potential attempt to remove or omit the theoretical connection with Lacanian thinking from Laclauan work is illegitimate and thwart a coherence of this work. Through this demonstration we want to reach our second aim, which is to reconstruct a theory of discourse and ideology in particular which can consistently draw upon theories of both Jacques Lacan and Ernesto Laclau. To reinforce our argumentation in context of this second aim, it turned out to be very fruitful to introduce another contemporary thinker, Slavoj Žižek, to our theoretical exposition. Joining these two aims made possible a delineation of post-structurally and at the same time psychoanalytically oriented critical political theory of ideology and society.
Transformations of World Order and Humanitarianism
Kárník, Jan ; Barša, Pavel (advisor) ; Slačálek, Ondřej (referee)
The master thesis deals with the historical development of humanitarian aid against the backdrop of transformations of the world order. Firstly, the thesis scrutinizes the differences between the classical humanitarianism of the Red Cross and the so-called new humanitarianism, which emerged during the Nigerian civil war (1967-1970). Secondly, the thesis demonstrates that although the new humanitarianism tends to be presented in an opposition to and as a more historically advanced form of the classic humanitarianism, when examined in a more detailed manner, the two humanitarian approaches face similar dilemmas in relation to political power. The overcoming of the "end of history" era, which gave rise and prominence to the new humanitarianism, opened discussion about the alternatives to the future of the world order. This shift allows us to formulate the main argument of the thesis - the evolution of the humanitarianism should not be seen as teleological and linear but as a continuous process in which both the classic and the new humanitarianism need to balance between strict legalism which can lead to moral failure and exaggerated moralism which can have consequences contradicting the basic principles of humanitarian action. Keywords: classical humanitarianism, new humanitarianism, human rights,...
The problematics of social cohesion
Havran, Mikuláš ; Hrubec, Marek (advisor) ; Barša, Pavel (referee) ; Jüptner, Jan (referee)
S U M M A R Y This submitted dissertation thesis deals with the problematics of social cohesion through effects analysis of cultural values on the development of social and political relations in a society as such. The efforts of the thesis are not only directed towards articulation of Rawls's principals of justice, but they also reveal the desire to connect with the topic of the basic human rights from which questions of a suitable concept of societies derive. It actually means that the suitable concept in which it would be possible to achieve, from the point of view of intersubjective relations, a sufficient level of social cohesion and that way to strengthen an important factor for sustainability of social relations in societies as such. From the point of view of methodology, these thesis are for sufficient review as well as easier orientation in the whole work divided into 4 parts, which split further into 5 chapters. Before the four parts, the INTRODUCTION comes and it tries to be not only practical, but also academic in style to provide an introductory beginning of my work. Then, it is possible to say that every part of the four in my thesis deals with a research area of social sciences that is related to politological research as such. Nevertheless, my intention is to persuade readers that there is a...

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