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Dopady čínských investic na úroveň demokracie ve vybraných státech Afriky
Boček, Pavel
Bachelor thesis elaborates the theme of Chinese foreign direct investment flowing into African developing countries and democracy rates in those countries as a determining factor for these investments. The thesis is divided into two major parts and that is theoretical and empirical part. Theoretical part consist of literature review of authors who already addressed this topic and summarizes their findings. Empirical part examines correlation between Chinese capital and level of democracy in African countries. The result will be examined in case studies to analyze the context of this problematics. The conclus summarizes the findings and implicates them for other countries in Africa.
Procházková, Dana ; Lášek, Jan Blahoslav (advisor) ; Boček, Pavel (referee) ; Weis, Martin (referee)
Baroque piety has been the centre of research of some historians, who tried to describe the main and unique features of this time. They studied some sources to find out that this time`s piety was emotional, Christocentric and using some violent means. The present study tries to find typical virtues of holy people in the Baroque era and so describe the piety and name the character qualities which Jesuit scholars wanted to input and influence so that Czech people follow them. I used structural analysis to separate stories of the lives of saints and find the desired virtues. I found out that most important virtues were taken from the Gospel of Matthew, i.e. mercy, fasting and prayer. The sources tended to describe quite normal people so that there appeared to be some tendency to democratize sanctity. These findings help us to understand features of Baroque piety as well as its influence into the modern times.
The historical and archaeological importance of travel accounts made by Russian pilgrims to the Near East from the 12th to 19th centuries.
Ježek, Václav ; Tumis, Stanislav (advisor) ; Boček, Pavel (referee) ; Nykl, Hanuš (referee)
This work deals with a theme, which is increasingly becoming popular amongst scholars. It is a theme dealing with Russian pilgrims and travellers, who visited the areas of the Middle East, especially those places, such as Constantinople, the Holy Land, Mt. Athos and others. Under the designation Russian pilgrims we do not mean individuals belonging to a specific ethnic group, but individuals who were related to Russia understood as a political formation and state. The contacts between the south and Russia, have important consequences for the development of Russia itself, its culture, identity and history. This is also the case for the Middle East, where the contacts with Russia determined to a large extent the development and character of this area. The Russian contacts with the south should be primarily viewed in terms of the Byzantine-Russian context. These were based on cultural influences and on a shared faith and identity. The cultural and religious contacts were enabled by travelling individuals, who travelled without and with a specific goal. In the context of these journeys the prime motivation was a religious one, when a pilgrimage to such areas as Constantinople, Mt. Athos, the Holy Land, helped to build a religious identity in Russia, since before the fall of Constantinople, religion...
Social and Charity Work of The Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem
Patová, Kateřina ; Veverková, Kamila (advisor) ; Boček, Pavel (referee)
Rigorous work with the title "Social and Charity Work of the Military and hospital order of saint Lazarus of Jerusalem" introduces the reader in the opening chapters into the development of charity and social work, with the historic background of the orders origin, possible dates of creation, his gradual evolution to this day and closer geographical look on their activities in Europe and outside of Europe. Special chapter is focusing on the historical evolution of the order in Bohemia. In the fourth part is the organization and the structure of the order described, where is closer specified, what was the order focusing on and its goal, its patrons, heraldry, clothes and hierarchy. The last part of the work is informing the reader about the activities of the order connected mostly with social and charity work.
The phenomenon of pilgrimage at the dawn of the Czech reformation
Mrázek, Aleš ; Lášek, Jan Blahoslav (advisor) ; Boček, Pavel (referee) ; Weis, Martin (referee)
The phenomenon of pilgrimage at the dawn of the Czech reformation Mgr. Aleš Mrázek Dissertation examines the phenomenon of pilgrimage in the Czech lands in the Middle Ages, in particular during the reign of Charles IV from the House of Luxembourg and his son Wenceslas IV. The issue is researched in a broad theological, ideological and political context, putting all findings into general context of religious life of the period. Even though the examined period is continuous in terms of time, it poses an era of certain historic turn. Because of that it was possible to explore the issue of pilgrimage in connection with fundamental social and religious changes and gradually rising ideological conflicts. Boom of religious life forms was distinctive to the era of reign of Charles IV. Spectacular religious ceremonials were an integral part of his monarchical representation. Pilgrimage also had a crucial role in this ideological concept.
Iconoclastic Controversies of VIII-IX Centuries in Light of the Philosophical and Theological Perspectives
Luptáková, Marina ; Lášek, Jan Blahoslav (advisor) ; Boček, Pavel (referee) ; Ventura, Václav (referee)
Ikonoborecké spory VIII. století v historické a teologické perspektivě Иконоборческие споры VIII -IX столетий в философской и богословской перспективе PhD. Marina Luptáková Tento dizertáční projekt předkládá problématiku ikonoboreckých sporů VIII - IX století ve filosofické a teologické perspektivě, přičemž samotný spor je interpretován jako spor především dogmatický. Sledované jsou origenistské kořeny ikonoborectví, role smyslového vnímání v kontemplativním poznání a také metódy a prostředky ikonomalby jako vyjádření teologie ikony, která právě byla rozpracována v důsledků ikonoborecké polemiky.
Funereal ritesw of eastern Slavs on the turn of the Christianity and the paganism. The issue of the conception of death and uncompleted Christianisation.
Ryšavý, Michal ; Lášek, Jan Blahoslav (advisor) ; Boček, Pavel (referee) ; Ventura, Václav (referee)
Michal Ryšavý Pohřební rituály východních Slovanů mezi křesťanstvím a pohanstvím. K problematice pojetí smrti a nedokonané christianizace. Funereal rites of eastern Slavs on the turn of the Christianity and thepaganism. The issue of the conception of death and uncompleted Christianisation. Understanding of death or adoption of the idea of the death is conditio sine qua non of worthful and real life in every culture. Possibility and realization of this understanding is not only a culture phenomenon, but it is also simply an anthropological constant. To help to this grasp, it can to learn about manners, in which the people in history reacted to it. This work offers a sight on the reactions (not only old) culteres of the Slavic ethnicity to the mentioned fact, of their aproach to it, on the quest for practical, spiritual and cultural conception of it, and on the evident attempt on humanization of it. The original and basic thesis of the dissertation is supposition, that center and meaning of funereal rite don't change in the course of the time, which is constantly demonstrated from start to finish of this essay.
Johannes de Ragussio personality and its replica to recese under both in the light of unpublishod archival sources
Steinová, Šárka ; Lášek, Jan Blahoslav (advisor) ; Boček, Pavel (referee) ; Kučera, Zdeněk (referee)
Šárka Steinová Osobnost Johannese de Ragussio a jeho replika proti přijímání pod obojí ve světle nepublikovaných archivních pramenů Johannes De Ragussio personality and int replica to recese under both in the light of unpublished archival sources Thanks are living out the fate of Johannes de Ragusio can understand his very negative attitude to the Hussites, culminating in his performance at the Basel Council. After hearing the four-Czech speakers advocating the Articles of the individual, gave his reply. To better understand the body of the reply is in the dissertation is divided into separate subsections, on the one hand, his sixteen hermeneutic rules of evidence need only receive under one species of the New and Old Testament quotations from church fathers and councils. Then follows the argument against communion in both kinds, divided into five basic points and the interpretation of the Church.
Pius II. and utraquism
Šimek, Milan ; Lášek, Jan Blahoslav (advisor) ; Weis, Martin (referee) ; Boček, Pavel (referee)
Milan Šimek Pius II. a utrakvismus Pius II. and utraquism Based on sources work - out, the thesis aims the description and analysis of the attitude alternation of Enea Sylvio Piccolomini - Pius II to the utraquism. The conclusions stress the postulate that Pius II. did not change that attitude, but just did not succed in quelling the utraquist movement. In the sense of political background that finally led to fatal dissention among both leaders, king Jiří of Poděbrady and pope Pius II.
Utraquism and Orthodoxy
Jukl, Jakub ; Wernisch, Martin (advisor) ; Lášek, Jan Blahoslav (referee) ; Boček, Pavel (referee)
In our dissertation we will examine the relationships between the Czech Hussites and Utraquists on the one hand and the Orthodox Church on the other. First we will present a representative survey of opinions, according to which Hus and the Hussites continued the tradition of Orthodoxy established in our land by Cyril and Methodius. We will see whether this theory can be justified. We will further ascertain whether Jan Hus and Jerome of Prague can be considered as Orthodox. At the same time we will try to answer the question of whether it is possible to consider these two "martyrs of Constance" as Orthodox saints. We will also ascertain to what extent the Orthodox practice of administering the Eucharist under both kinds played a role in the introduction of the chalice for the laity by Jakoubek of Stříbro. Similarly, we will consider the same issue in relation to administering the Eucharist to children. We will also devote attention to the veneration of SS. Cyril and Methodius by the Hussites. We will analyse Hussite ecclesiology, especially those parts of it which might throw light on the relationship of the Hussites to the Orthodox Church. And we will look at how this relationship manifested itself in practice - for example in an interest in the Eastern Church or the ordination of priests by Orthodox...

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