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Mikhail Gorelov, his work and trace in Czechoslovakia
Tesařová, Kateřina ; Nykl, Hanuš (advisor) ; Hašková, Dana (referee)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the life and work of a Russian journalist and writer in exile Mikhail Mikhailovich Gorelov, which has not yet been the subject of a single scientific work in our environment. The thesis focuses on Gorelov's residing in Czechoslovakia, where he was to receive financial support within the program of Russian aid action. The year after Gorelov died in France, his only dystopian novel called Anno Diaboli was published in a newspaper Národní listy in Prague. The research is based on printed and archival sources that are available in the Czech Republic. Keywords: Mikhail Mikhailovich Gorelov (Gakkebusch), Russian aid action, russian emigration in Czechoslovakia, Anno Diaboli, russian exile literature, russian journalism
Prosaic works of Evgeny Nikolayevich Chirikov
Slepko, Khrystyna ; Nykl, Hanuš (advisor) ; Jančárková, Julie (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the exile work of Yevgeny Nikolayevich Chirikov, an important Russian writer, playwright and publicist of the late 19th and early 20th century and a migrant in interwar Czechoslovakia. In the first part we will focus on Chirikov's literary activity in Russia, his publications in magazines and the reasons that forced him to leave Russia. The second part focuses on his life in Czechoslovakia, where his works reflect on serious themes such as revolution, civil war and Bolshevism. His work has been translated into many other languages, including Czech. The thesis aims to create a comprehensive overview of the writer's life and work in exile.
Spirituality in the works of Viktor Pelevin and Boris Grebenshchikov
Chalupník, Jan ; Nykl, Hanuš (advisor) ; Kosáková, Hana (referee)
The aim of this theses is to describe motives, which appear in novels by Viktor Pelevin and in lyrics written by Boris Grebenshchikov. The focus will be placed especially on the religious and mythological elements contained in the works of both authors. The thesis will point out what themes both writers draw on, in what areas we can find parallels between their works and in what ways they differ. It will be based mainly on Pelevin's novels Generation P and Chapayev and the Void and on Boris Grebenshchikov's song lyrics.
Concept of individuality and the State in Andrey Platonov's prose "Kotlovan"
Geints, Alexandra ; Kosáková, Hana (advisor) ; Nykl, Hanuš (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the topic of the relationship between an individual and the totalitarian state in Andrey Platonov's work, based on his novel "The Foundation Pit". This work will offer a perspective on historical context. The aim of this work is to pinpoint the type of the characters' identity based on their relationship with ideology and society, their motivations and actions.
Types of the Roerich movement in Russia and abroad
Vasilevskaia, Anastasiia ; Nykl, Hanuš (advisor) ; Ante, Kristine (referee)
The bachelor's thesis is devoted to the Roerich movement, which originated in the 20s of the 20th century and soon spread to a number of movements and groups around the world. The main attention is paid to the current state of the Roerich movement on the example of its three organizations, namely in Russia, Latvia and the USA. The study is based on available literature and sources, but primarily on interviews with leading representatives of the two Roerich organizations, through a comparative analysis, their common features and differences are described. Powered by TCPDF (
The development of the motif of love in prosaic works of Leo Tolstoy
Chrenková, Viktória ; Nykl, Hanuš (advisor) ; Kosáková, Hana (referee)
This bachelor's thesis is dealing with the development and changes in the attitude of Leo Tolstoy towards love, marriage, partnerships and sexuality. The changes are demonstrated on particular examples from his key prosaic works which are Family Happiness, Anna Karenina and Resurrection. The writer's attitude towards love and marriage was not influenced merely by his own self-reflective thinking and a process of finding himself, but also social questions and philosophical influences of the period. As a methodological basis, we have chosen work of Canadian psychologist John Alan Lee Colours of Love: Exploration of the Ways of Loving, which in detail explores six types of love which can also be found in Tolstoy's works. Key words L. N. Tolstoy, love, marriage, sexuality, Russian literature, types of love
Educational space of the Russian diaspora: based on the material of the magazine Russkaia shkola za rubezhom (Prague, 1923-1931)
Osinovskaia, Anna ; Nykl, Hanuš (advisor) ; Andrejs, René (referee)
This paper examines the specifics the specifics of the functioning of part of the educational space of the Russian diaspora of the first wave of emigration. An analysis of the essays published in the journal «Russian School Abroad» gives a general idea of Russian schools abroad during the first wave of emigration, their organization and teaching features, as well as options for solving various problems that arise in the course of educational institutions. About 40 essays on schools in Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Germany, Poland, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Turkey, Bessarabia, Finland, Tunisia and even the USA and Manchuria were published in 34 issues of the magazine. Articles by such emigrant teachers as D.M.Sokoltsov, A.I. Tyminsky, A.T. Pavlov, and others made it possible to create a more holistic view of education abroad, to identify common problems of teaching and upbringing of students.
Polygamy Amongst Muslims in the Russian Federation
Drozdová, Nikola ; Tumis, Stanislav (advisor) ; Nykl, Hanuš (referee)
(in English): This bachelor thesis deals with the increasingly widespread topic of polygamy among Muslims in the Russian Federation. It focuses on the areas of its practice, the development of its legalization and presents its greatest adherents and opponents, the facts for and against. It compares its position under Russian law and Sharia law. It provides information about the legalization process on the territory of Russia.
The Phenomenon of Cosmopolitan Baku: From Russian Empire to Independent Azerbaijan
Svetlova, Yuliya ; Košťálová, Petra (advisor) ; Nykl, Hanuš (referee)
The purpose of this work is a detailed study of the four largest ethnic groups that made up the main population of Baku at the turn of 19th and 20th centuries: Azerbaijanis, Russians, Jews and Armenians. The paper examines the characteristics of each ethnic group on the example of the brightest representatives, its influence on the city and interaction with other ethnic groups. In the context of non- autochthonous ethnic groups, special attention is paid to the history of their emergence and consolidation as a significant ethnic minority among the urban population, as well as the accompanying prerequisites and the ensuing consequences. The work aims to reveal the phenomenon of Baku cosmopolitanism in the context of the non-intrusive policy of the Russian Empire in the South Caucasus and its position at the time of the collapse of the empire and the formation of an independent state. Key words: Baku, cosmopolitanism, Azerbaijan, ethnic minorities, South Caucasus, Russian Empire, Armenians, Jews, history.
Imaginism in the work of Sergei Yesenin
Buianova, Ekaterina ; Kosáková, Hana (advisor) ; Nykl, Hanuš (referee)
In my bachelor's thesis I will explain what imaginism is, its history and elements, mention representatives of the Imaginist Movement like Sergei Yesenin. I will analyse his works and identify the elements of imaginism by analysing his poems related to the Imaginist Movement and figure out why he later stepped back from this literature movement and make conclusion about imaginism influence on his later works.

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