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Zpracování průzkumných prací ve zvolené lokalitě jako podklad pro komplexní pozemkovou úpravu
BENEŠ, Michal
The bachelor thesis is focused on the preparation of exploration works in the cadastral area of Skopytce. The aim was to prepare documents that can be used for comprehensive land consolidation. In the first part of the thesis, the individual characteristics of concepts and important aspects are presented to familiarize with land consolidation and detailed field survey. The second part describes the area under study, the stated objective and the methodology of the work according to which the results were evaluated.The last part of the thesis characterizes the natural conditions and agricultural use. Last but not least, the evaluation of the data obtained from the detailed field survey and the proposal of recommended measures.
Process Order Management in a Production Organization
Beneš, Michal ; Tesař, Rostislav (referee) ; Jurová, Marie (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis is focused on the design of management of the contract process with the creation of added value in terms of delivery dates and costs in the production company ALST-Jan Stejskal. The work is divided into three parts. The first part mentions terms needed to understand the work. The second part is focused on the analysis of the current state of the company and the third part contains overtures leading to streamlining the contract process.
Nanofiber membranes as carriers of drugs 1. Chitosan, polyamide 6, polyurethane.
Beneš, Michal ; Doležal, Pavel (advisor) ; Vachek, Josef (referee)
9. Abstract The theoretical part deals, in the introduction, with the questions of the transdermal administration of medicines and also with the current overview of the transdermal preparations registered by the FDA Agency (U.S. Food and Drug Administration). The basic principles of the non-woven fabric production technology focused on the electrospinning method, which is used in the production of nanofiber membranes and evaluated further in the experiment, are described. The next part is dedicated to the characteristics and production of polymers which compose the tested membranes. Some physical tests which were used for the continued characterization of the nanofiber membranes are shown. The first chapter of the experimental part gives the results of the three physical and technical characteristics of the nanofiber membranes produced by electrospinning, from chitosan, polyamide 6 and polyurethane. A piece of the samples from these polymeric non-woven nanomembranes was radiosterilized. From the tensile strength point of view the nanofiber membrane made of polyurethane fibres was the most stable. The radiation sterilization process caused the lessening of the strength of the nanomembrane made of chitosan, of the other two membranes the sterilization process had no significant influence. The membranes made...
Nanofiber Membranes as Drug Carriers 5.
Beneš, Michal ; Doležal, Pavel (advisor) ; Vachek, Josef (referee)
M. Beneš Abstract The theoretical part of this work deals with chitosan polymer and its derivates. A polymer molecule is described in more detail, its solubility and chemical modifications are described separately. In the next part biocompatibility and biodegradability of chitosan are dealt with. Parameters of the electrospinning of chitosan end this chapter. The experimental part is first dedicated to the determination of aquosity in the samples of 3 different nanofiber membranes and to their gravimetric changes by keeping in the desiccator. The samples of membranes absorb water at the most up to 1,5% (m/m) and there is not a big difference among them. The second part quantifies changes in the composition of the saturated excipients which were used for the impregnation of the samples of nanomembranes. The highest amount of caffeine was absorbed by the membrane 3, namely in case of both saturating media. The evaluation of the amount of caffeine which the tested membranes are able to release from their surface in vitro follows. In case of the saturation of membranes by the aqueous solution of caffeine and by the caffeine suspension is the maximum of the subsequent liberation into the acceptor phase reached from the 120th minute. In case of the ethanolic and chloroform saturated solution is the maximal...
Technological aspects of solid solution formulations
Beneš, Michal ; Doležal, Pavel (advisor) ; Bělohlav, Zdeněk (referee) ; Dohnal, Jiří (referee)
Charles University, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové Department of Pharmaceutical Technology Candidate PharmDr. Michal Beneš Supervisor Doc. RNDr. Pavel Doležal, CSc. Title of Doctoral Thesis Technological aspects of solid solution formulations Solid solutions are two- or multicomponent, single phase mixtures of solids, typically consisting of a polymeric carrier and an active substance (API) in amorphous state. The main advantage of solid solutions is the potential to increase the solubility of the API contained. The utilization of solid solutions is however complicated by many factors, which prevents its wider application. These include among other things the difficulty to determine solubility of the API in a polymeric carrier, poor predictability of physical stability as well as the complexity of appropriate selection of manufacturing process and its scalability. The experimental part is divided in three sections all associated with the technology of solid solutions. In the first of them, polymer films containing the API (dabigatran etexilate) were applied on glass plates and evaluated by spectral imaging techniques (infrared and Raman microspectrometry). Samples containing Kollidon VA64, Povidone K30 and Soluplus as polymer carriers, each loaded with 10, 25, 50 and 75 % (w/w) of the API...

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