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Triangular trade
This work focuses on the legal regulation of triangular trade. It examines breaches of the terms of these transactions, mainly in relation to value added tax, and how effective the enforcement of sanctions is under the European Union rules and if this type of trade is sufficiently legally treated from the point of view of the European Union law and within two Member States, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Furthermore, the work shows how the triangular trade is reflected in the accounting of individual stakeholders and in the financial statements it examines what effect it has on the company - whether it pays to conduct a triangular trade or not. The results are obtained through example a fictional companies that deals with this type of trade. And finally how trade between the European Union and Great Britain developed after Brexit.
Advance evaluation of fatigue resistance of selected construction materials
Benešová, Anna ; Květoň, Josef (referee) ; Seitl, Stanislav (advisor)
This thesis deals with the analysis of S–N curves of models according to Basquin, Kohout and Věchet and Castilla–Canteli using Weibull and Gumbel solution. These curves are interpolated by measured data of cyclically loaded civil engineering materials like concrete and steel. For each material, the accuracies of individual models are determined and in the conclusion, the suitability or unsuitability of individual models for selected materials is compared and evaluated.
Myth and Literature: The Werewolf
Benešová, Anna ; Ébert-Zeminová, Catherine (advisor) ; Šuman, Záviš (referee)
anglicky: Title of the thesis: Myth and Literature: The Werewolf Keywords: myth, literature, mythology, mythodology, mythanalysis, mythocriticism, werewolf Abstract: This thesis deals with the relation between literature and myth. Literature transcribes the myth from a language of symbols to the language of literature. This process limits the multiplicity of meaning and the variety of renderings of a myth but at the same time makes it possible to preserve the elemental message and make it comprehensible for the socio-cultural reality of the author and subsequently for the reader. The objective of this thesis is to show on the example of the werewolf how a myth works in literature. After researching into the domain of mythology and mythocriticism, Gilbert Durand's method, called mythodology, was chosen as the principal route to approach the subject of this thesis. Mythodology comprises of two phases: mythanalysis and mythocriticism. The method is used for the study of the myth of the werewolf in four literary works from the different periods and of the different genres. In the final part are studied and analysed some socio-cultural consequences of the psychological nature of myth and its transcription into literature.
Legal acts aimed at the termination of employment
Benešová, Anna ; Hůrka, Petr (advisor) ; Pichrt, Jan (referee)
Legal acts aimed at the termination of employment Abstract The aim of this thesis is to provide a comprehensive picture of the current and future new regulations on legal acts leading to the termination of employment. The thesis consists of seven chapters, each of them dealing with different issues. The first chapter is devoted to legal acts in general, to the employment relationship and its termination. It specifies what a legal act is and defines its requisites. The definition of the employment relationship and its termination are dealt with in its two subchapters. The second chapter concentrates on one of the legal acts leading to the termination of employment - the mutual termination agreement. This chapter consists of two subchapters, the first one specifying the requisites of the mutual termination agreement, the second one containing a concluding interpretation of this kind of agreement. The third chapter is devoted to the notice of termination of employment, the unilateral legal act resulting in the termination of the employment relationship. This chapter contains five subchapters. The first one deals with the notice period, mainly with its length, its course and its regulation in the conceptual amendment to the Czech Labour Code. The second subchapter concentrates on the notice of termination of...
Membrane vesicles in bacteria and their role in antibiotic resistance
Benešová, Anna ; Konopásek, Ivo (advisor) ; Pospíšil, Jiří (referee)
Membrane vesicles are produced by both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. Mechanism of their formation differs between these two groups of bacteria. It is caused by the different structure of their cell envelope. Gram-negative bacteria contain outer membrane and membrane vesicles can originate from this membrane. Membrane vesicles of Gram-positive bacteria are derived from the cytoplasmic membrane. They have to cross the barrier of the thick layer of peptidoglycan. Membrane vesicles contain cellular components whose properties enable vesicles to fulfil various functions. Antibiotic resistance can be counted as one of these functions. This thesis discusses three ways used by the membrane vesicles to protect the cells from antibiotics: transport of enzymes that degrade antibiotics, removal of antibiotics from cell's surroundings and role of membrane vesicles in horizontal gene transfer.
Professional psychohygiene of teacher in a nursery school - case study
Benešová, Anna ; Zvírotský, Michal (advisor) ; Mojžíšová, Jarmila (referee)
The theoretical part of this diploma thesis focuses on defining psychohygiene. The principles of psychohygiene are presented, such as efficient use of time, healthy diet, sufficient exercise, etc. Furthermore, the term stress is defined and explained in more detail by stressors that can burden teachers in a kindergarten. The position of a teacher in a kindergarten, his personality and competences are scrutinized here. The practical part is focused on a qualitative research. Using the case study defined here, the workplace of a private kindergarten is examined in detail using an observation method. Another method in the research is a questionnaire for pedagogical staff in two branches of kindergartens and nurseries. Based on the findings, a conclusion is drawn regarding the psychohygiene of teachers. The aim of the work is to reveal the positives and negatives that affect teachers in this kindergarten and to find out how aware they are about psychohygiene. The research shows that the kindergarten supports employees in healthy eating, exercise, effectively planned working hours and in constantly possible communication with parents. One of the biggest stressors resulting from the questionnaire is, above all, excessive noise and voice strain as well as communication with parents. The biggest stressor...
The optimization of the wood polymer composite composition regarding its utilization in building structures
Benešová, Anna ; Pospíšil,, Ladislav (referee) ; Ďurica,, Tibor (referee) ; Bodnárová, Lenka (referee) ; Vaněrek, Jan (advisor)
Wood-polymer composite is a relatively new type of material that combines shattered wood mass and a thermoplastic polymer. This material is utilized especially as an alternative to hard wood in the area of non-bearing exterior elements, as it reaches better properties in terms of the basic durability and low maintenance. Raw material composition and processing of the composite enable to provide a significant modification with further matters leading to an improvement of the end-product properties. Research and development in this field focuses predominantly on the utilization of such modifying additives that either enhance the resistance to weathering or are of the recycled nature, as a significant part of the raw material mixture comprises the constituent obtained from non-renewable resources. The aim of the thesis is the evaluation of the influence of the wood-polymer composite modification separately at two levels. First of them is the modification to matrix by using a recycled polymer, the second one comprises the modification of the wood flour with a secondary spherical filler. Both types of modified composites have been assessed in terms pf the prime characteristics and the resistance to adverse ambient.
Pracovní stůl pro výtvarnou činnost
Benešová, Anna
The aim of this work is to design and create a working prototype of work desk for the artist, designer, and illustrator. As an inspiration is used a traditional craft in conjunction with an industrial style. The leading idea was to create an efficient workspace for unconventionally-minded creator of the Arts, who appreciate the original concept of the furniture in connection with an ingeniously conceived practicality.The theoretical part provides a brief survey of the development of table furniture, requirements and standards important when designing office desks, general typing of a table furniture and other guidance that you need to know before the start of designing the desk. The practical part uses the summarized information to create the draft itself. The whole production process is described, and all this is accompanied by pictorial documentation that helps readers understanding and orientation in the topic. The final version is presented in the form of drawings, 3D model and prototype in scale 1: 1.

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