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The disciplinary penalty of members of the security forces.
Hrdinka, Karel ; Adamec, Martin (advisor) ; Prášková, Helena (referee)
The subject of this thesis is the disciplinary penalty of members of the security forces. Besides the introduction and conclusion the content is divided into a total of five chapters. The first chapter, in addition to the terminological definition of security forces, deals with the duties of their members and the legal sources from which these duties derive. The second chapter focuses on the disciplinary offence, which in the case of members of the security forces is referred to by law as a disciplinary offence. In this part of the thesis is this institute explained in theoretical perspective including its special form called 'conduct having the characteristics of an offence'. The thesis continues with an analysis of disciplinary penalties in the third chapter, where the purpose and different types of the penalties are described. The content of chapter four consists of a comparison of the disciplinary law of members of the security forces with the disciplinary law of persons subject to military disciplinary jurisdiction. The main subject of the comparison is the different types of penalty. The thesis is concluded by the chapter five consisting of de lege ferenda considerations for which the main source was the results of the comparison in the previous chapter. The main subject of consideration is...
Protection against Inaction of Administrative Authorities
Zvoníčková, Jana ; Adamec, Martin (advisor) ; Rajchl, Jiří (referee)
1 Protection against Inaction of Administrative Authorities Abtract This thesis focuses on the issue of protection against inactivity of administrative authorities within the Czech legal system. The inactivity of administrative authorities in administrative proceedings remains a relevant phenomenon, which is, however, capable of fundamentally affecting the rights and legitimate interests of the participants involved. Therefore, it is important to devote adequate attention to this issue. This thesis provides a comprehensive overview of the protection mechanisms against administrative inactivity provided by the Czech legal order and proposes possible de lege ferenda adjustments to enhance its effectiveness. It proceeds logically, starting with the constitutional and international legal foundations of these protective measures. The analysis extends to delays occurring in ongoing administrative procedures, with a particular focus on defining and interpreting the notion of a reasonable timeframe as stipulated in Paragraph 6(1) of the Administrative Procedure Code. Additionally, it examines the prompt issuance of decisions, in accordance with Paragraph 71(1) of the Administrative Procedure Code, taking into account precedents from Czech courts and the European Court of Human Rights. It also discusses the absolute...
Coordination and cooperation of intelligence services in the Czech Republic
Levová, Jessica ; Adamec, Martin (advisor) ; Pítrová, Lenka (referee)
4 Coordination and cooperation of intelligence services in the Czech Republic Summary and key words This diploma thesis focuses on the legal framework of the status, scope, coordination of activities and mutual cooperation of the intelligence services of the Czech Republic. These are the Security Information Service, the Office for Foreign Relations and Information and the Military Intelligence. In the individual chapters the author first describes the definition of the individual intelligence services of the Czech Republic, their definition and their further division. Next, the structure of the intelligence system is described, with emphasis on the position of the Government of the Czech Republic. Then, the structure of the individual intelligence services of the Czech Republic, their specific divisions and management methods are defined in more detail. The thesis analyses the position of the intelligence services within the system of state administration, further focusing on the specifics of their statutory remit. Subsequently, some legal problems of the current intelligence system are presented. Interviews with current and former members of the various intelligence services are a central part of this thesis, focusing in particular on the topic of coordination and cooperation between intelligence...
Administrative penalties and protective measures
Zeman, Jan ; Prášková, Helena (advisor) ; Adamec, Martin (referee)
Administrative penalties and protective measures Summary The thesis deals with the topic of administrative penalties and protective measures in the Czech legal system. The aim is to comprehensively summarize the subject matter and to propose solutions for the shortcomings found. The information on their goal and function, the applicable legislation, the principles that govern them, the shortcomings in their application in practice and other aspects of the issue at hand were obtained mainly by studying and analyzing the legislation, the relevant professional literature as well as the applicable case law of the Constitutional Court as well as the Supreme Administrative Court. The first chapter of the thesis is dedicated to the principles of administrative punishment, focusing on those which, in according to the authors opinion, have the greatest influence on the content, relations and system of the types of administrative punishments and protective measures themselves. The second chapter is devoted to administrative punishments in general, their features, some differences between them and other legal consequences of unlawful conduct, and their other attributes. In the third chapter, the subchapters discuss the types of administrative punishments, the legal regulation of which can be found in Sections 45 to 50...
Quality and competition.
Adamec, Martin ; Toul, Jiří (referee) ; Fiala, Alois (advisor)
The present bachelor thesis deals with quality and it´s influence on competitiveness. This thesis consists of two parts- first part is focused on history and nowadays quality management both in the Czech Republic and word wide and it also explains the related basic terms. The main emphasis is given on the proper attitude to these issues and on the comparison of different cultures. The second part is devoted competitiveness and how to reach it by means of quality factor. Quality is divided into two sections – the inner quality of the company which can be achieved bythe system of quality (ISO standard, Kaizen, Lean production) and for the quality which the company must ensure to attract the customer, the so- called external quality (transport, design, marketing). A special subsection of the second part is a description of the company which has managed to successfully apply the system of quality into practice i.e the Japanese company Toyota.
Expressing uncertainty of measurement
Adamec, Martin ; Vdoleček, František (referee) ; Koška, Petr (advisor)
Master´s thesis is focused on measurement uncertainty problems, particularly on the uncertainty determination and then on the practical application. The thesis is divided into three parts. A theoretical part deals with issues concerning uncertainties on the theoretical level, transition from the measurement error to the measurement uncertainty. This part also clarifies the basic terms concerning this issues based on “ČSN ISO 5168” standard and another legislative materials. The other part is focused on temperature regulations by thermostatic heads and valves. This part also handles thermostatic heads and valves history, division, generally use and legislative background represented by standard „EN 215“. Practical part follows previous sections. I am determining the measure uncertainty of thermostatic heads and valves flow characteristic determining device. All the results and knowledge obtained are given in the conclusion of the thesis.
Problem of Object Observation in Traffic Mirror
Adamec, Martin ; Bradáč, Albert (referee) ; Semela, Marek (advisor)
The thesis is written up within the master degree in field Expert engineering in transport. It follows up Problem of Object Observation in Traffic Mirror. Thesis describes the device of traffic mirror, physical principal, legislation and types of traffic mirrors in detail. There are measurements associated with this issue in practical part, which are evaluated in detail. At the conclusion there are suggested changes and recommendations associated with this issue.
Reporting of the Selected Firm
Adamec, Martin ; Drobilík, Štěpán (referee) ; Hanušová, Helena (advisor)
The aim of the thesis is to describe the patterns and application of the theoretical aspects of business financial reporting in industrial building. The introduction corresponds with main idea of reporting which contributes to the business development. The practical level is focused on control and management processes in small and middle size of construction companies.
Design of energetic unit pipeline
Adamec, Martin ; Gottvald, Jakub (referee) ; Nekvasil, Richard (advisor)
This diploma work is aimed at a proposal and an overall controll of the pipeline net. There is a preliminary calculation performed (by the analytical method) in this diploma work. There is also a comparison with the numerical computing to find out whether the pipe branch does or does not comply.

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