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Temperature Influence over Vibration Sensors
Kadubec, Petr ; Vdoleček, František (referee) ; Zuth, Daniel (advisor)
This graduation thesis deals with temperature influence on vibration sensors. Vibration sensors are situated on facilities which heat up temperatures during its activity or are situated on a place where another resources of a heat are. Affected vibration sensors can markedly influent result of the diagnostic facilities.
Liquid Flow Measurement
Bilý, Michal ; Zuth, Daniel (referee) ; Vdoleček, František (advisor)
This thesis deals with the liquid flow measurement. It briefly describes basic terms related to the measurement of liquid flow and the principles of selected flowmeters. Then it focuses on design and assembly of the measuring apparatus, which approximates practical flow measurement.
Accuracy limits of high pressure natural gas density measurement.
Žalčík, Petr ; Vdoleček, František (referee) ; Koška, Petr (advisor)
This master`s thesis summarizes methods of measurement of natural gas density used in natural gas flow measuring system during transport and distribution of the gas. Concretely the direct measurement of natural gas density by gas density transducer and methods of determining natural gas density using pTZ methods. Experimental part is focused on effect of ambient temperature on value of measurement by gas density transducer.
Non-contact Temperature Measurement
Lata, Miroslav ; Janečka, Jan (referee) ; Vdoleček, František (advisor)
The object of this bachelor thesis was to create a study of development non-contact temperature measurement and show methods of measurement in infra-red radiation area. The beginning of this work is focused on major notions and definitions necessary to introduce non-contact temperature measurement topic. Other interest of this work was to mention possible error rate of measurement, it’s reasons then name some ways of calibration of a measuring equipment with it’s reasons too. Last part of this thesis was focused on a practical using of these measuring devices.
Comparison of contact and contactless temperature measurement methods
Šváchová, Mariana ; Vojáček, Zdeněk (referee) ; Vdoleček, František (advisor)
This work is focused on the description of contact and contactless temperature measurement methods. The first part of the thesis contains theoretical introduction to the problem and then describes in details contact and contactless thermometers, their use, advantages and disadvantages. The content of the second part of the thesis is practical experiment on selected examples, which are subsequently evaluated.
Evaluation System of Thermal Condition Environment and his Measurement Uncertainties Analyze
Košíková, Jana ; Němeček, Pavel (referee) ; Kureková, Eva (referee) ; Vdoleček, František (advisor)
The Ph.D. thesis deals with the evaluation of indoor thermal environment in which people are located. A great attention is paid to the thermal comfort. If a person in a given environment does not feel well, then makes mistakes. Thermal comfort is created many parameters that can be monitored and managed. These parameters include not only temperature but also other parameters such as the mean radiant temperature, operative temperature, humidity and air velocity and the draft. All these parameters can be measured. The standard ČSN EN ISO 7726 is written how and what the parameters are measured. Furthermore, this standard provides requirements for measuring equipment. There are many professional measuring devices. Unfortunately, these devices are very expensive. Therefore are within the project GACR 101/09/H050 - Research on energy- saving equipment to achieve the quality of the indoor environment at our faculty developed sensors for thermal comfort, which have showed comparable accuracy measurements as a professional , but it will be cheaper than professional. Knowledge of real parameters of the developed sensor thermal comfort environment is important, as with any other measurement devices, and also need to verified whether it has the required accuracy. In order to objectively sensors testing were developed two chambers - the testing and calibration chamber. The developed sensors were tested both in the open laboratory, and also in the test chamber. Then uncertainties measurement were calculated from the results of measurements This work deals with the evaluation of thermal comfort, the measurement of parameters of thermal environment, the evaluating the results of measurements and determining the measurement uncertainty of the sensors. In this thesis, based on these results, were recommended suitable sensors for measuring various parameters environment.
Present-day Accelerometers Properties
Střelec, Zbyněk ; Vdoleček, František (referee) ; Zuth, Daniel (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis is interested in a modern microchip accelerometers and their usability in a technical diagnostics. A comparison of lesser-known but nowadays very used accelerometer MMA 7260Q from the company Freescale with a common piezoelectric accelerometer is carried out in this thesis.
Program Equipment for Computer Support of Measurement
Krontorád, Jakub ; Janečka, Jan (referee) ; Vdoleček, František (advisor)
This Bachelor thesis is concerned with the program equipment for computer support of measurement. It treats of the software support of measurement as one of the useful methods of the automatization of measurement and also discusses the date computing as same as the information processing. The Bachelor thesis labours some chosen and more important programs used for the engineering practice and mentions some others opportunities of measurement which are possible and available. At the close of this work there is summary of advantages of computer measurements and you can also find there a comparison of some programs depending on demands on hardware and application.
Methodology for calibration of containers and tanks
Vrátil, Šimon ; Brno, Miroslava Benková, ČMI OI (referee) ; Vdoleček, František (advisor)
This diplomathesis work is dealing with a concept of volumetric calibration of vessels using the volumetric method. The analysis considers current regulations together with influence of uncertainties in measurements. The principal part of the thesis is analysis of metrological uncertainties resulting from application of various volumetric methods during the calibration process. A practical outcome from this research is development of metrological process for calibration of vessels that could be used by the accredited laboratories.
Inovation of PUSH-PACK Machine
Šimeček, Jiří ; Vdoleček, František (referee) ; Věchet, Stanislav (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the modernization of the single push-pack machine. Modernization consists in exchanging pneumatic linear motors which are controlled by electromagnetic valves, selection of appropriate treatment of air and the design of control unit. Bachelor's thesis is divided into three parts. The first section describes the properties of compressed air and its regulation. The second part describs the original pneumatic system solutions. New solution was designed in the third part. That is used in the calculations of linear motors and air consumption,the selection of valve terminal and control system. The thesis is accompanied by pneumatic diagram.

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