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Legal Regulation of eGovernment in the Czech Republic
Nešpor, Jan ; Rajchl, Jiří (referee)
1 Abstract Legal Regulation of eGovernment in the Czech Republic The diploma thesis deals with the legal regulation of the Czech eGovernment, i.e. with the regulation of the selected public administration services provided while using information and communication technologies and with the regulation of digitalization of public administration. In addition to the Czech legal regulation, the focus is also on the legal regulation in selected European countries and the "supranational" approach of the European Union towards digitalization. The thesis aims to introduce the phenomenon of eGovernment briefly and to analyse the legal regulations that form the legal framework of eGovernment in the Czech Republic and abroad. On this basis, I examine the hypothesis confirming the existence of eGovernment law as a specific branch of law. Using the method of doctrinal and qualitative analysis, I examine individual eGovernment- related legislation in the Czech Republic in Chapter two and in the selected European countries and the European Union in Chapter three. In the same chapter, I then compare the individual legal regulations based on predefined criteria. The obtained information is then synthesized in Chapter fourth into a unified whole, which from my point of view, confirms the hypothesis. With the help of the...
Protection against Inaction of Administrative Authorities
Zvoníčková, Jana ; Adamec, Martin (advisor) ; Rajchl, Jiří (referee)
1 Protection against Inaction of Administrative Authorities Abtract This thesis focuses on the issue of protection against inactivity of administrative authorities within the Czech legal system. The inactivity of administrative authorities in administrative proceedings remains a relevant phenomenon, which is, however, capable of fundamentally affecting the rights and legitimate interests of the participants involved. Therefore, it is important to devote adequate attention to this issue. This thesis provides a comprehensive overview of the protection mechanisms against administrative inactivity provided by the Czech legal order and proposes possible de lege ferenda adjustments to enhance its effectiveness. It proceeds logically, starting with the constitutional and international legal foundations of these protective measures. The analysis extends to delays occurring in ongoing administrative procedures, with a particular focus on defining and interpreting the notion of a reasonable timeframe as stipulated in Paragraph 6(1) of the Administrative Procedure Code. Additionally, it examines the prompt issuance of decisions, in accordance with Paragraph 71(1) of the Administrative Procedure Code, taking into account precedents from Czech courts and the European Court of Human Rights. It also discusses the absolute...
The time limitation of liability for administrative delicts Summary
Bělous, Matěj ; Prášková, Helena (advisor) ; Rajchl, Jiří (referee)
The time limitation of liability for administrative delicts Summary This master thesis focuses on the regulation of Act No. 250/2016 Coll., the Act on Liability for Offences and Proceedings thereon (Misdemeanour act), as well as special laws that regulate the extinction of liability, the statute of limitations and the regulation of the establishment and interruption of the statute of limitations of offences. The aim of this work is to evaluate and, if necessary, to find a more appropriate regulation in the matter of extinction of liability, the determination of the length of the limitation period, the limitation period, its establishment, and interruption. In the first chapter, the thesis deals with the theoretical interpretation of time and its anchoring in the legal system. It explains terms such as the construction and interruption of time limits, limitation, and prescription. It also evaluates the different meaning of the term limitation in the private and public law spheres. In a follow-up chapter, the thesis focuses on the extinction of liability for administrative offences and the regulation of the extinction of liability in the Misdemeanour Act. This chapter also includes the question of extinction of liability as a substantive law institute. The third chapter deals with the regulation of the...
Gambling licence
Hubálková, Zuzana ; Rajchl, Jiří (advisor) ; Staša, Josef (referee)
PERMISSION TO THE OPERATION OF GAMBLING - ABSTRACT This diploma thesis deals with the legal regulation of the obtainment of a permission to the operation of gambling in the Czech Republic. Gambling and the conditions for their operation are currently regulated by the Act No. 186/2016 Coll., on gambling, which was significantly amended with effect from 1 January 2024. The most fundamental changes include the introduction of an initial licence, simplification of the blocking of unauthorised online games and the introduction of other measures for responsible gaming. The introductory part of this diploma thesis deals with gambling operators, individual gambling types, their operation via the Internet, as well as the general legal requirements that gambling operators must fulfil for the legal operation of gambling. The permission to the operation of gambling and the procedures of its obtainment are examined in more detail in the next part of this diploma thesis. In the Gambling Act, the licencing procedure is used in particular, while for some gambling types, the notification procedure is used; none of that applies to the raffle with the game receipts not exceeding CZK 200 000. In order to obtain a permission to the operation of a lottery, an odds bet, a totalizator game, bingo, a technical game and a live game,...
Disciplinary liability of a lawyer
Slabý, Václav ; Adamec, Martin (advisor) ; Rajchl, Jiří (referee)
Disciplinary liability of a lawyer Abstract This diploma thesis deals with the institution of disciplinary liability of an attorney at law. In the nine chapters, including the introduction and conclusion, the individual key institutes and concepts are being examined and the boundaries of the relevant legal regulations are being outlined. The first chapter of this thesis is concluded with a treatise about the Czech Bar Association and following description of its organizational structure. The second chapter presents the reader the issue of the liability as a whole and its specifics in the relation to the topic of this thesis, i.e., the problem of attorney's liability in the public law context, but for the sake of completeness, the due attention is being paid to the liability in the private law context. The legal-philosophical third chapter about ethics, ethical conduct and its concept in the context of advocacy and the practice of legal services of attorneys aims to give a closer look at the reason of ethical norms in professional environment. Furthermore, given the undeniable influence of compensation on the work of legal professionals, it is the compensation that is the subject to quite extensive criticism in this chapter about ethics. In the fourth chapter on the disciplinary misconduct the reader is...
Current issues of legal regulation of audiovisual media services
Prokopová, Gabriela ; Rajchl, Jiří (referee)
Current Issues of Legal Regulation of Audiovisual Media Services Abstract The dissertation thesis deals with the issue of legal regulation of audiovisual media services in the Czech Republic, with regard to challenges topically facing the legal regulation that concurrently should be addressed, as well as with regard to effects that such legal regulation itself has on audiovisual media services. The topic is looked at from an administrative law perspective. Following a historical-legal excursus and an excursus about means of receiving television broadcasts and other technological aspects, the dissertation thesis primarily addresses the current regulation. It contains a definition of the concept of audiovisual media services, including distinction between television broadcasting (linear services) and audiovisual media services on demand (non-linear services) and comparison thereof with video-sharing platform services. The thesis deals with administrative authorisation to provide audiovisual media services (with emphasis on concession principle), with the Czech television and the broadcast system in the Czech Republic, with financing of audiovisual media services, with obligations on audiovisual media services providers and with responsibility for the content of audiovisual media services. The author...
Legal regulation of weaponis and ammunitio--
Hodan, Jiří ; Rajchl, Jiří (advisor) ; Staša, Josef (referee)
2 Legal regulation of weapons and ammunition Abstract The topic of the presented thesis is the legal regulation of weapons and ammunition analyzed in the context of two legal systems, namely the legislation of the Czech Republic, contained mainly in the provisions of the Weapons Act, which is the subject of the first chapter of this thesis, and the legislation of the United States of America, especially on at the level of federal regulations, including the Second Amendment to the Constitution, but with the necessary overlap into the regulation of the individual states of the federation, which are contained in Chapter Two. Structurally, the chapters are further divided into sub-chapters, and within them the reader is introduced not only to the legal provisions of the relevant regulations, which the author of the work prepared, and in the case of those in foreign languages, also translated, but also to the related jurisprudence and the context of this complex issue, which is further mediated thanks to foreign language and domestic literature, from which the work is also based. After a thorough description and analysis of all relevant provisions, a comparison of the acquired knowledge occurs in the third and last chapter, which is a synthesis and comparison of selected aspects that were chosen to appropriately...
Monument care: Duties and their violation in our law
Janeček, Lukáš ; Handrlica, Jakub (advisor) ; Rajchl, Jiří (referee)
Monument care: Duties and their violation in our law Abstract The Czech Republic is a area where almost any small village is a home to a cultural monument. We indeed possess one of the richest cultural heritages in the world. However, it is important and necessary to protect them so that knowledge and experience can be drawn from them by future generations as well. Such protection is associated with a series of duties that various entities must fulfill. This master's thesis specifically deals with these duties. Its goal is to describe and evaluate the state of legal regulation of monument care in relation to these duties and their violations. The focus is primarily on owners of cultural monuments and other obligated entities who are authorized to conduct archaeological research or restore cultural monuments. Therefore, due to the current relevance of the entire topic, this work has been created. Moreover, it could, at least partly, serve as a form of enlightenment, even for the general public. To a large extent, it engages with the Act on State Monument Care, commentary literature, and case law. Simultaneously, problematic sections are illustrated through practical examples derived precisely from judicial decisions. Also, critical attention is given to problematic areas that are nearly ubiquitous in the...
Legal regulation of matchfixing
Michňa, Ivan ; Rajchl, Jiří (advisor) ; Sharp, Vladimír (referee)
Legal regulation of matchfixing - abstract in English This master's thesis focuses on the legal regulation of the phenomenon known as match- fixing, which is the deliberate manipulation of the outcomes of sporting events for the purpose of financial gain or other advantages. The thesis analyses and evaluates the current legal framework in the areas of administrative law, criminal law, and, last but not least, the essentially parallel structure provided by internal regulations issued by sports associations. The work describes sports betting in a broader context and explores ways in which sporting events can be manipulated. It also discusses the possibilities and methods of investigating match-fixing, both conventional and unconventional, which are specific to match-fixing cases. Furthermore, the thesis analyses the legal regulations provided by the Czech legal system and compares them with regulations abroad, particularly in the Federal Republic of Germany. Within the analysis of the Czech legal framework, a comparison is made between the standards of criminal law and administrative law, addressing the extent to which they are interconnected and how this interconnection could be beneficial if rigorously applied. The problem is primarily seen in the underutilization of the legal framework provided by gambling...
Other central administrative authorities
Seidel, Antonín ; Rajchl, Jiří (advisor) ; Svoboda, Petr (referee)
Other central administrative authorities Abstract The Diploma thesis focuses on some administrative authorities of the Czech Republic which do not have a superior administrative body, and which are not led by a member of the government as in the case of ministries. These authorities are defined by the Act on the competence of central authorities as "other central administrative authorities". In the introduction to the thesis, these bodies are defined in more detail and the establishment of some of them is linked to the requirement for the independent exercise of their functions. This is followed by a chapter focusing on their history from the proclamation of an independent Czechoslovakia, covering the period after the communist takeover in 1948 to the present day. The thesis than focuses on the sources of the aforementioned requirement for independent functioning and, in this context, also on the international overview of the existence of these bodies and, above all, on the consistency of their status with the constitutional framework of the Czech Republic and with the principle of democracy in general. Some of these bodies are deliberately excluded from being bound to the government decisions, and their position "outside the hierarchical structure of public administration" creates a separation of powers...

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